10 Best Executive Job Search Sites (2021)

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Executive level job candidates have a variety of options when they’re looking for their next career opportunity. Often times, recruiters and headhunters have them in their sights, and many leaders have well-developed networks that can help them identify lucrative opportunities.

However, if those are the only job search techniques you use, you could miss out on an ideal position if you’re not also utilizing online resources. We’ve compiled a list of the best executive job search sites to help you locate your perfect executive-level job.

Applying through job boards–as opposed to sending your resume directly to a hiring manager or getting a job referral–puts more pressure on your resume. This document will be your introduction. Make sure it communicates your unique value and leadership ability. If you have any doubts, look at the top executive resume writing companies for an update.

Here is our list of the top 10 sites for executive leaders. At the end of this post we have three tips for you before you use a job board to find your next job.

Top 10 Executive Job Search Sites

1. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder a top site for executives

For twenty-five years, CareerBuilder has been providing job seekers with access to executive-level career opportunities, market insights, career resources, and other career advancement tools. The site now boasts the largest U.S. market share for online employment platforms.

Visit CareerBuilder

2. SimplyHired

SimplyHired a top site for executives

SimplyHired offers executive-level job candidates a full array of comprehensive job search services. In addition to job listings from across the United States, the site also provides vital resume-building advice, interview preparation, salary estimate tools, and other invaluable career enhancement resources.

Visit SimplyHired

3. Hired.com

Hired a top site for executives

Hired.com provides an opportunity for executives to connect with pre-vetted companies in a stress-free, streamlined way. The site focuses on the technology industry, enabling tech executives to more easily narrow their job search. In addition, hired.com provides career counseling and transparent information about salary and other pertinent employer details.


4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor a top site for executives

Glassdoor is among the most commonly-used job search sites in the market today. For executives, it can be a tremendous resource for any job search effort, thanks to a packed database of available jobs and resources that include CEO ratings, salary information, and employee reviews.

Visit Glassdoor

5. Ladders

Ladders a top site for executives

Ladders can be a tremendous option for job seekers who are looking for high-paying management and executive-level decisions. This job search site was built especially those in the six-figure salary range ($100,000+). However, be advised that you will need to obtain at least a basic membership with the site to apply for any positions.

Visit Ladders

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn a top site for executives

By now, virtually every executive should be on LinkedIn. The site is the premier social media and networking website around the world. It’s also one of the top options for any executive job search, with rich search features, customizable profiles, and tremendous industry exposure.

Visit LinkedIn

7. Headhunter.com

Headhunter.com a top site for executives

Headhunter.com makes the list for its accessible interface, and its handy job alerts tool. As a division of CareerBuilder, this site is regularly updated with new executive-level positions. While you probably shouldn’t rely solely on headhunter.com, it has value as a supplementary tool during any serious job search.

Visit Headhunter.com

8. Indeed

Indeed a top site for executives

Indeed is one of the most user-friendly job search sites out there today, and is the most frequented job site in the U.S. It provides access to thousands of potential job offerings that can tremendously expand any executive’s job search efforts.

Visit Indeed

9. ExecuNet

ExecuNet a top site for executives

ExecuNet prides itself on helping executives create “transformative results” in their job search. The site offers early access to high-level executive positions, as well as access to a network of executive recruiters and ExecuNet’s unique VIP system that provides a full range of career advancement perks.

Visit ExecuNet

10. Lucas Group

Lucas Group

When it comes to executive job searches, Lucas Group is widely regarded as one of the best options available today. Unlike many of the other companies on this list, Lucas Group does most of the search work for you. Candidates simply submit resumes, and Lucas Group finds suitable job matches as part of its recruitment process.

Visit Lucas Group

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What you should know before you click apply

Applying for jobs online comes with some added risks. There are 3 main thing you should consider before you hit that apply button.

  1. Privacy

  2. The strength of your resume

  3. The ATS scan

To quickly address these concerns: you probably don’t want to post your resume to public job boards. Doing so advertises that you’re job searching, which is dicy if you are currently employed. It also makes your contact information more visible, even if only to recruiters and employers. Depending on your line of work and comfort, you may prefer to keep that information more private.

Second, make sure your resume is top-notch. When you’re applying for jobs through job boards, your resume is your calling card. It’s the first thing hiring teams will see to make an impression about you. Make the right first impression by using an updated executive resume template format and staying focused on your professional achievements.

Finally, be knowledgable about applicant tracking systems (ATS) scans. Many job seekers are surprised to learn that online applications go through a computer scan before making it to a person. Virtually all Fortune 500 companies use an ATS. An automated scan for key details can keep your resume from being read by an employer, making ATS scans a hurdle you have to learn to overcome.

For a rundown of how your resume performs on an ATS scan, try ZipJob’s free resume review. In 48 hours, you will have the results of how an ATS views your resume as well as feedback from a resume expert.

2 women looking at a laptop

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By incorporating one or more of the 10 best executive job search sites into your search effort, you can dramatically improve your chances of locating the best executive-level position for your career needs. These sites emphasize top executive positions like CEO jobs, VP jobs, Director jobs, and listings for the rest of the C-Suite: CFOCDOCMOCIOCTO, and COO.

Be sure to take advantage of these sites’ benefits as you implement your job search strategy.

Good luck with your job search!

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