6 Best Nursing Resume Writing Services in 2022

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Everyone knows that you only get one chance to make a first impression. When you’re searching for a job, that first impression is made by your resume. Of course, it should be professional, well-written, and easy to read. It must also deliver your story in a compelling way that makes a hiring manager interested in speaking with you.

At ZipJob, we understand that a nursing resume must have certain specifics that resumes in other industries don’t require. In order to help you continue saving people’s lives, our healthcare resume experts pulled together and found the 6 best resume writing services for nursing.

In order to assist you with the daunting task of selling yourself through a resume, we suggest you use one of these writing services. The overall focus will be on telling your story in an aesthetic manner that’s optimized for ATS scans and will impress a hiring manager.

A nurse’s job search is a sales campaign

You’re probably thinking, “but I know nothing of sales.” Here’s a crash course. In order to successfully sell something, you need to speak to your audience, build up brand awareness, hook the customer, and close the deal.

You already know your audience: it’s the hospitals and doctor offices that are trying to fill nursing positions. Your resume is the thing that builds up brand awareness (you’re the brand) and hooks the customers (hiring managers are the customers). You know they’re on the hook and interested because they’ll call you for an interview. The interview is where you close the sale: getting the job offer!

That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? A nursing resume is one of the few resumes that must depict how your personality emphasizes practical experience. In other words, you need to be technically skilled and easy to work with. You have to show that you know how to thread an IV, for example, but do so compassionately. That is a fine line to walk when writing your resume. Considering the key important role your resume will play, we highly recommend a professional resume writing service.

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check out our list of the top job search sites for nurses!

Top Nursing Resume Writing Services

1. ZipJob 

Best Resume Writers: ZipJob.
  • Pricing: $139 – $299

  • Turnaround: 3 to 6 days

  • Writers: 100+

ZipJob is the leading resume writing service in the US. With over 100 writers, you can get a professionally written resume as well as custom cover letters and LinkedIn profile services. All ZipJob resumes are run through an in-house ATS system--this ensures your new resume will get noticed.

ZipJob guarantees you will get at least twice as many interviews after 60 days, or your resume will be rewritten for free. The professional resume writers can work with clients in all industries including Nursing.

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2. A Personal Scribe

A Personal Scribe 1

  • Pricing: $149 – $557

  • Turnaround: 3 to 8 days

  • Writers: 1

Rosie Bixel founded A Personal Scribe with the notion that your resume is one of the important things you can have to further your career. Rosie combines over 20 years’ experience writing resumes in a number of industries including medical, non-profit, legal, education, and management. Her expertise is evidenced by the fact that samples of her resumes have appeared in several resume writing books.

Visit A Personal Scribe

3. Engage Employment Solutions

Engage Employment 1

  • Pricing: $99 – $300

  • Turnaround: Not advertised

  • Writers: 1

Engage Employment Solutions is a one-stop-shop for your career, recruitment, and security services. Led by Pam Shwartz, a career coach, recruiter, and HR consultant with 25+ years of experience in recruitment and senior HR leadership. Serves clients in Michigan, Florida, and internationally. Industries specialized in: Public Sector, Healthcare, Retail, Tech, Trades, and Non-Profits.

Visit Engage Employment Solutions

4. Keep Austin Hired

Keep Austin Hired

  • Pricing: $100 – $325

  • Turnaround: Not advertised

  • Writers: 1

Keep Austin Hired is led by Earnest S. As the website reads: “Weird name. Serious business.” Earnest comes from a content-first approach to resume writing, honed over a 30+ year career in journalism, advertising, and resume writing services. Keep Austin Hired caters to professionals in the following industries: Sales, IT, Professional Services, Pharmaceuticals, Nursing, and others.

Visit Keep Austin Hired

5. Nurse Resume Writing Service

Nurse Resume Writing Service 1

  • Pricing: $335 – $1,445

  • Turnaround: 7 to 10 days

  • Writers: 3

Nurse Resume Writing Service has been built with the nursing industry in mind. Rosa Elizabeth Vargas and 2 Certified Assistant Writers partner with a Professional Proofreader to provide individualized service to nursing professionals whether you’re just coming out of school or you’re seeking an executive-level position. Rosa stands out among other resume writers in that she is 1 of only 28 Master Resume Writers (MRW) worldwide. With practical experience in the field of nursing and a number of awards and certifications under her belt, Rosa and the writers of Nurse Resume Writing Service will turn your mundane resume into a work of art.

Visit Nurse Resume Writing Service

6. Seattle Resumes

Seattle Resumes 1

  • Pricing: $325+

  • Turnaround: Not advertised

  • Writers: 3+

Seattle Resumes, an offshoot of larger Job Market Solutions LLC, has an in-house team for all resume writing and LinkedIn writing services. The small team is based out of Raleigh, NC but partners with Seattle-based job seekers. Past clients have interviewed with Amazon and Microsoft, and others very landed jobs with Boeing, UW, Bank of America, and more. The top industries Seattle Resume works with are Software, Information Technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Education, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Legal, and Other.

Visit Seattle Resumes


Nursing is an esteemed profession. You serve the community, you keep everyone healthy, and you do so in a caring way. Your resume should reflect all of what you do. Don’t let a subpar resume stand in the way of career greatness.

Good luck with your job search!

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The ZipJob team is made up of professional writers located across the USA and Canada with backgrounds in HR, recruiting, career coaching, job placement, and professional writing.

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