7 Best Sales Resume Writing Services in 2021

Jan 3, 2021

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Career Expert, ZipJob

An average of 250 resumes are sent for a single opening. See how Zipjob uses professional writers and technology to get your resume noticed.

Raise your hand if you remember the line “Always Be Closing” from the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross.” This is the internet, so we can’t see if your hand is up, but if you’re in sales you know the line. Alec Baldwin was teaching some newbies a few tricks of the trade.

At Zipjob, our professional resume writers would like to teach you some resume writing tricks. In fact, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and found the 7 best resume writing services for sales professionals. Here is our list, followed by key details and a description of each service:

  1. Zipjob
  2. About Jobs
  3. Interview Me Orlando
  4. Mentor Happy
  5. Resume Phenom
  6. Thrive! Resumes
  7. Venturion Career Management
How it works Zipjob

Your Resume is a Tool Used to Close a Sale

When you search for a job, you’re trying to get a hiring manager to “buy” that you’re the best candidate for their job opening. The resume you present in response to that job opening must tell the right story in the right way. It has to sell the features and the benefits of you.

All of the professionals on this list can help you generate job offers with a professionally written resume.

Top Sales Resume Writing Services

1. Zipjob

Zipjob 1
  • Pricing: $139 to $299
  • Turnaround: 3 to 6 days
  • Writers: 100+

Zipjob serves all regions of the US and Canada from LA to NYC. The process is highly personalized so you and your professional resume writer can collaborate seamlessly. When you’re satisfied with the final version (no matter how many rounds of edits it takes), Zipjob sends your resume through an in-house ATS scan to ensure your new resume passes ATS filters.

Visit ZipJob or Get a free resume review

2. About Jobs

About Jobs
  • Pricing: $249 to $799
  • Turnaround: not advertised
  • Writers: 7+

About Jobs doesn’t use document templates, so it offers a highly personalized service with unique resume products for every client. Each of About Jobs’ packages are complete with everything you need for your career stage – so the writer won’t push you to add on services. Every package includes an in-depth phone call with an expert in your career field. All writers are certified, and all resumes are optimized for ATS scans.

Visit About Jobs

3. Interview Me Orlando

Interview Me Orlando
  • Pricing: $265 to $695
  • Turnaround: 3 days
  • Writers: 20+

Don’t let the name fool you, Interview Me Orlando helps clients nationwide with more than just interview preparation. Their goal is to provide you the personalized service you need to accelerate your job search. Interview Me Orlando doesn’t simply take your existing resume and polish it up. They start from scratch so that your sales resume really tells your career story.

Visit Interview Me Orlando

4. Mentor Happy

Mentor Happy
  • Pricing: $158 to $439+
  • Turnaround: 7 days
  • Writers: 1+

At Mentor Happy, you’ll work one-on-one with a Certified Professional Resume Writer to get a customized resume. Your new resume is keyword-rich and formulated to pass an ATS scan. Mentor Happy has a range of services that will fulfill all of your career readiness needs including resumes, LinkedIn, professional branding, interview preparation, job search coaching, and even salary negotiation.

Visit Mentor Happy

5. Resume Phenom

Resume Phenom
  • Pricing: $100 to $300+
  • Turnaround: 3 to 6 days
  • Writers: 1+

Brian Munger founded Resume Phenom in 2011. Since then, Brian has helped everyone from entry-level job seekers to senior executives land their dream jobs. Brian is a Certified Professional Resume Writer who consistently receives rave reviews from his clients. He’s also earned an A+ rating with the BBB.

Visit Resume Phenom

6. Thrive! Resumes

Thrive Resumes
  • Pricing: $500 to $900+
  • Turnaround: 5 days
  • Writers: 1

Founder and Chief Resume Strategist Joni Holderman started Thrive! Resumes to combine her talent for writing and passion for helping people find jobs. She also owns Thrive Write, LLC which is an editing service for documents other than resumes. Thrive! Resumes include packages with LinkedIn optimization, cover letters, and resumes. Thrive! Resume’s website includes not only samples of resumes, but also a note with the strategy behind each resume.

Visit Thrive! Resumes

7. Venturion Career Management

Venturion Career Management
  • Pricing: $299 to $399+
  • Turnaround: 2 to 3 days
  • Writers: 10+

Venturion Career Management is located in the heart of Texas and has helped job seekers from around the world gain entry into some top-notch companies. They have a dynamic approach to job hunting that provides faster results, is easier to manage, and is less confusing than their competitor’s approach. You can request a free career assessment by visiting their website.

Visit Venturion Career Management


A great salesperson can sell ice water in Alaska in the middle of winter. Can you do that? Sure, you can! You’re confident, you know your product, you can close the deal. Take the professionally written resume you get from one of these writing services and go close the deal on the next step of your career journey.

Good luck with your job search!

Best resume writing services 2021

Note: our team put together this list based on multiple factors including web traffic, industry reputation, and our career experts’ experiences. We don’t receive compensation for any services on this list beyond our own.

An average of 250 resumes are sent for a single opening. See how Zipjob uses professional writers and technology to get your resume noticed.

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