11 Best Resume Writing Services in Philadelphia

Mar 20, 2020

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Career Expert, ZipJob

An average of 250 resumes are sent for a single opening. See how Zipjob uses professional writers and technology to get your resume noticed.

The best resume writing services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will get your resume to stand out in a highly competitive job market. Top markets in the local area include Education, Health Services, Transportation, and Business Services. With a job market centered on highly-regulated industries requiring laser-focused skillsets and credentials, having a data-centric, keyword-optimized resume is critical to getting noticed in such a fast-paced marketplace.

In this article, our team of writers have compared and ranked the 11 best resume services that serve Philadelphia. We’ve researched the price, turnaround time, number of writers, and industry specialties for each of our top picks to help you find the best resume writing service in Philadelphia. Some resume writing services will meet with clients in person, or can provide services like interviews and professional photoshoots.

Resume writing services–like ours at Zipjob–generally operate fully online, but that isn’t always the case. As we mentioned in our post on the best resume writing services in the US and Canada, the most common reason to choose a local service over a national one is if you prefer to meet with your resume writer in person. This article is part of a series for people who want to find a resume writing service in their area or time zone.

Here are 11 services that stand apart as top resume writing services for job seekers in Philadelphia.


  1. Zipjob
  2. StandOut Resumes
  3. Resumes To Interviews
  4. Action Resume
  5. Monster
  6. LinkedIn ProFinder
  7. Career Pro Resume Center
  8. Fiverr
  9. About Jobs
  10. Thumbtack
  11. Capstone Resume Services

Best Resume Writing Services in Philadelphia

1. Zipjob

Best Resume Writers: ZipJob.
  • Pricing: $139 – $299
  • Turnaround: 3 to 6 days
  • Writers: 100+

Zipjob is the leading resume writing service in the US. With over 100 writers across the USA and Canada, you can get a professionally written resume for any industry with any level of experience. In addition to resume writing, Zipjob also offers custom cover letters and LinkedIn profile services. All Zipjob resumes are run through an in-house ATS system like most companies use to screen applicants, so you can be confident your new resume will get you noticed.  Zipjob has been featured in ForbesReader’s DigestMarketwatchGlassdoorThe Muse and other big-name media outlets.


Zipjob offers unlimited edits, meaning there are no time constraints or caps on the number of revisions. The service guarantees 2.5 more interviews after 60 days, or your resume will be rewritten for free by a senior resume writer. Zipjob’s professional writers can write resumes for every industry, including Business, Finance, IT, Healthcare, Sales, Entertainment, Marketing, and more.

2. Standout Resumes 

Standout Resumes
  • Pricing: $249 to $399+
  • Turnaround: 7 to 14 days
  • Writers: 5+

Headquartered in Philadelphia, StandOut Resumes provides services that aid anyone at any stage in their career. With three levels comprised of many services within each package, their product offerings are inclusive and have someone for everyone including students, Veterans/Active Service, and Executives in industries such as Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance, and more.

 When visiting their website, you can quickly process an intake form with basic contact and career information to request a free consultation. While reviewing their services online be sure to review their resume samples page. Another highlight to using this service is the comprehensive 100% money-back guarantee—they have reported a 95%+ success rate!

3. Resumes To Interviews

Resumes To Interviews








  • Pricing: $179 to $449+
  • Turnaround: 1 to 5 business days
  • Writers: 15+





With their office located in Philadelphia, the Resumes To Interviews team provides local professional resume writing services to surrounding areas such as Camden, Collingswood, Woodbury, Trenton, and Reading. Locally, they are recognized for creative resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, job search, and interview coaching services for all career levels and industries, including but not limited to, Sales, Nursing, Financial Services, Construction, Arts/Entertainment, Marketing, and Law Enforcement. They also service national and international client via Skype services.








Their customer processes are also simple and collaborative, delivering a concise 5-step process to get your resume on the right track. A great benefit to using their service is you can quickly schedule your own complimentary 15-minute consultation phone. You will be walked through a user-friendly appointment scheduling tool to easily select the best time for you based on Resume To Interviews’ consultation intake availability.




4. Action Resume Service




Action Resume Services





  • Pricing: $299 to $399+
  • Turnaround: 2 to 3 business days
  • Writers: 10+





With Pennsylvania offices in Lancaster, Exton, Allentown, Reading, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg, Action Resume Service has many local office locations for face-to-face career enhancement services. Action Resume Service has a free resume critique opportunity on their website to enable a quick jump start in the process of getting your resume reviewed, revamped, and fine-tuned by professionals who understand the Pennsylvania job markets specifically Sales, Marketing, Education/Teaching, Manufacturing, and Customer Service.








As the majority of the services spotlighted in this article are specifically writing services, customized for all industries and resume levels—Action Resumes is more than just a resume writing company. Their consultation, services, and outplacement packages are highly-rated and since 1990 they have helped thousands of professionals change their personal and professional lives by offering comprehensive career development solutions that include professionally written resumes, career counseling, resume distribution/marketing on your behalf, and interview counseling—offering rounded services to secure your dream job in no time.








5. Monster





  • Pricing: $129 to $34
  • Turnaround: 2 business days for the Premier package, 5 business days on all other packages
  • Writers: 50+





Monster offers three packages to manage your resume needs. Masters in resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover services, Monster utilizes top experts to render effective, affordable services no matter your career or package level. It also offers a 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee and will rewrite your documents should you be unsatisfied for any reason. By delivering custom-tailored career documents and web-presence via LinkedIn, Monster seeks to surpass the competition through stellar customer service. As a top-performing national service, Monster crafts resumes for all industries at all experience levels with a specialty in Sales, Marketing, IT, Healthcare, and Finance.








6. LinkedIn ProFinderLinkedIn ProFinder 6





  • Pricing: $100 to $1,000+
  • Turnaround: 3 to 14 days
  • Writers: 100+





Having 100+ writers on staff with backgrounds focused on executive, information technology, healthcare, supply chain, and more, LinkedIn ProFinder matches you with a professional that can provide customized services specific to your desires and career milestones. By answering a few initial questions defining what services you are seeking, you will be matched with the top 5 writers that meet your needs.








You would be contacted directly by the writers with proposals for each strategic match, giving you the freedom to “shop around” to find your perfect competitive advantage within the Philadelphia job market. Among top writers located in Philadelphia are Lauren Markom, Tracy Cooper, and Jessica Visek, CPRW, NCOPE








7. Career Pro Resume Center, Inc.




Career Pro Resume Center Inc.





  • Pricing: $175 to $400+
  • Turnaround: 48 Rush to 7 business days
  • Writers: 20+




Located in Wynnewood, PA, Career Pro Resume Center focus their packages around not only generalized services but services for specialized industries such as education, law enforcement, sales, healthcare, and legal services. Providing packages, A La Carte options, and discounts for highly-sought industries (Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters, Nurses, etc.), they have services for anyone at any phase in their career whether fresh out college, mid-senior looking for a new challenge, or a seasoned executive looking to step up the corporate ladder—no matter the goal, Career Pro Resume Center can craft a timely solution.




With an additional $100 fee, all packages can be worked with a 48 Rush Express Delivery. This service could be beneficial if you are trying to meet a quick application submission deadline or want a quick change in your career status. This service is also available via a partnership with Thumbtack, who are noted later in this list.








8. Fiverr









  • Pricing: $20 to $300+
  • Turnaround: 24 hours to 7 days
  • Writers: 100+





Fiverr is on the list as this service provides exceptional searchability and package offerings to meet your needs based on price, services offered, location (both face-to-face and remote), and even Pro Services vs. Freelance Services—providing you with inclusive options to make the best choice for your professional resume needs. Leveraging the inclusive platform, Fiverr specializes in writing resumes for all markets, levels, and trades. In fact, if you have a one-off trade specialty that requires detailed understanding and precise keyword optimization, Fiverr is a service you should definitely consider.








Another highlight of this service is they have a foundation of writers who provide documents in 60+ languages including Hebrew, Japanese, Punjabi, and Russian. If you are seeking to branch into international roles or globally headquartered companies, seeking a writer with a related background could push your resume to the next level by having it written by a professional who fully understands the job market in various demographics.








9. About Jobs




About Jobs





  • Pricing: $249 to $799
  • Turnaround: 1 to 14 days
  • Writers: 7+





About Jobs doesn’t use document templates, so it offers a highly personalized service with unique resume products for every client.








Each of About Jobs’ packages are complete with everything you need for your career stage–so the writer won’t push you to add on services. Every package includes an in-depth phone call with an expert in your career field. All writers are certified, and all resumes are optimized for ATS scans. This resume writing service is good for people in industries such as Non-Profit, Sales, Marketing, IT, Engineering, and Telecommunications, offering services focused within highly-regulated markets.








10. Thumbtack




Best Resume Writers: Thumbtack.





  • Pricing: $65 to $250+
  • Turnaround: 1 to 7 days
  • Writers: 50+





Thumbtack offers highly-customized searches that are sure to meet all your resume writing needs. With many add-on options such as cover letters, interview preparation, career advice, and web presence services, they have a vast selection of writers available to assist you in meeting all your resume goals. The average cost is $100 for services in Orlando and they cover all industries and career levels. Top companies available in Orlando/Kissimmee/Sanford via Thumbtack include Infinity Career Consulting, LifeWork, Evolution Coaching, LLC, and Career Pro Resume Center, Inc.








You can also select writers that offer only remote services, in-house consultations, and more simply by clicking which services/options are most important to you. You also have the option to quickly input your zip code to see all writers available within your areas regardless of experience or background to give you an inclusive search based on demographic preferences.








11. Capstone Resume Services




Capstone Resume Services





  • Pricing: $59 to $299
  • Turnaround:  2 to 3 days after the initial consultation
  • Writers: 6+





Capstone offers a variety of packages and services with all prices and service details available directly on their website, making them a perfect option if the transparency of cost factors is high on your service requirements! With writers owning experience and industry understanding including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, retail management, IT support and entertainment, they offer a service framework comprised of unique knowledge within meticulous, fast-paced corporate initiatives.








Capstone goes all-out for impactful service delivery driven by a consultative approach and makes communication a priority throughout all phases of the resume-building process. Servicing the Philadelphia area, they fully understand local job search challenges and pledge to improve your interpersonal and professional networking success through quality resume and cover letter content development.














Philadelphia has a competitive job market, so a professionally written resume will give you an advantage over the competition. Resume writers know the practices and expectations for resumes that will get noticed by American employers. Use this list to find the right service for you based on your experience and education.








Good luck with your job search!









An average of 250 resumes are sent for a single opening. See how Zipjob uses professional writers and technology to get your resume noticed.

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