The best time to send your resume

The best time to send your resume

Best Possible Time and Day to Send your Resume – ZipJob

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A successful job search today takes a bit of hustle and a strategic approach. There are approximately 250 resumes sent for a single opening so you want to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

With your resume facing tons of competition for each position, even a slight edge could help you land that interview. It’s a question we hear very often – What is the best day and time to send in your resume and cover letter?

Surprisingly, submitting your job application at a certain day and time could help your chances of landing the interview. You don’t want to catch the hiring manager or recruiter when they’re swamped with emails or after they’ve reviewed many other candidates.

We’ve got you covered. We’ll show you the best possible time to submit your resume to get a response as well as some other tips to stand out from the crowd.

What day of the week should you submit your resume?

The best day of the week to submit your resume is Tuesday to Thursday.

Best day of the week to send your resume

You skip the pile of emails that have amassed over the weekend and ensure you don’t send it when they’re wrapping up last minute tasks before the weekend.

Here is a bit more detail:

Mondays: A hiring manager or recruiter is usually swamped with emails on a Monday. As they catch up on all the weekend emails and try to clear out their inbox, you would have a hard time catching their attention. You also should consider the “Monday blues”. Yes, most people aren’t the happiest or most productive at the start of the work week.

Friday & Weekends: You also don’t want to send your email on Friday as they finish last minute tasks and prepare for the weekend. You don’t want your resume to end up in that dreaded pile of weekend emails.  Weekends are a no go due to all the reasons above laid out. You also don’t want to come off as inconsiderate sending your email on their day off.

Sending your resume from Tuesday to Thursday has been found to have the highest open rates.

There has also been a ton of research done to back this up.

Hubspot analyzed over 20 million emails for 10 months and here is what they found:

Best time to submit a resume for a response

(Source: Hubspot)

So as you see, Tuesday to Thursday is the optimal time to send your email. This gets your email past the Monday pile and gives the recruiter or hiring manager time to analyze your resume and handle your application.

Best time of day to send your resume? 

The best time to send send your resume is after 9 PM or in the early morning.

This ensures that the resume is seen by the employer when they first check their emails. Sending it really early in the morning (before 9 AM) could be effective as it portrays determination. The hiring manager may take notice that you’re up early in the morning working on your job search.

Some have said that sending in your resume around noon is effective but here is why you’d want to avoid that. The bulk of emails are usually checked before lunch and the last thing you want to do  is to submit your resume after other qualified candidates. They may have already reviewed possible candidates and invited them for an interview.

Best time to send a resume

When to avoid sending your resume:

I’m pretty sure you’re considerate and respectful but we have to mention that sending in your resume during holidays or long weekends is not the best idea. Many have this downtime from work and use it for job search. Avoid this as it may annoy the hiring manager and that’s the last thing you want to do! Here are some more things that really annoy hiring managers.

When it doesn’t matter

This advice is really useful for when you email the hiring manager or recruiter directly. When you apply for a job online it usually goes through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). These automated resume scanners are used by most companies to filter out candidates that don’t match well with the job duties or requirements.

(By the way, you can see how your resume performs in an ATS with a free resume review.)

The candidates it feels are sent forward to the hiring manager so they can review the candidates manually. In this case it really doesn’t matter when you submit your resume.

Tip – Applying to jobs online is not as effective as reaching out the company or hiring manager directly. This is a lot more effective than just sending in your resume along with potentially hundreds of other candidates.

They also may save thousands of dollars by not paying recruiting companies fees for a referral. You should always look on company websites and reach out to the hiring managers in charge.

Sending your resume and cover letter at the optimal time is useful but you shouldn’t ignore other factors which are more important. Once that resume is in the hands of a recruiter, you want them to be impressed and invite you to an interview.

Here are some more tips for submitting your resume:

  1. ATS Friendly – Ensure your resume is optimized for automated resume screening. Most companies today use ATS to filter candidates. Many times an individual is qualified but there resume isn’t optimized and it gets rejected. You can read more here on getting your resume past an ATS.
  2. Tailored – Blasting your resume to tons of companies and recruiters will get you nowhere. They review tons of resumes and are quick to catch the ones that weren’t tailored. Take the time to mention the company in the email and your desire to work there and tailor your resume to what they’re looking for.
  3. Cover Letter – Send a cover letter with every resume submission. A well written cover letter has shown to improve your odds at an interview and ultimately landing the job. A cover letter adds some personality and a human touch to the application which should hook the hiring manager to analyze your resume in more detail. Check out our post on how to write an awesome cover letter.
  4. Personalize – When sending your resume directly to the company make an effort to find the name of the hiring manager. Simply using “dear hiring manager” or anything along those lines should be your last resort. If you can’t find their name online you can always send them an email asking who the hiring manager is and their contact information.Here is an example of an email you can send:


    My name is John Doe and I was looking to apply for the accounting position you have listed on your website. Would you please provide me the name of the person in charge of hiring so that I may contact them directly.

    Thank you,

    They will usually give you the contact information for the person in charge of hiring. This is really an effective way to stand out from the crowd and it shows a real desire to work there without seeming too desperate.
  5. Follow up – So you got the resume into the hands of an employer. Now what? You should always follow up on a resume submission. Reach out to the employer or directly to the hiring manager a week after you submit your resume. Reiterate your desire and qualifications briefly and ask if there is anything else they need from you.

Submitting your resume at the correct time and day is an important part of your job search but don’t forget the other (more important) factors. Keep track of the jobs you’ve applied for and follow up on time. Remember that a job search today requires a smart and strategic approach.

As always, good luck with your job search! We offer resume writing services which are guaranteed to land you more interviews. You can check our services page here.

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