Database Administrator Resume Example & Tips

Jun 8, 2020

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Career Expert, ZipJob

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Are you looking for a good database administrator resume example? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We put together a great sample and tips to ensure your resume stands out to a hiring manager.

According to Payscale:

A database administrator (DBA) is an IT professional who ensures that the software used to manage a database is properly maintained to allow rapid access when needed. Because constant access, searches, traffic are likely to have a damaging effect on any company database, the DBA works to maintain the efficiency of the servers. He or she also will typically work to ensure data security, coordinating with an IT security professional or team in larger companies to help maintain the integrity of sensitive business data.

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Database Administrator Resume Example:

(Text version below)

Database Administrator resume sample

Database administrator resume sample page 2

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Tips For Writing a Database Administrator Resume

1. Use a summary and mention some key accomplishments from a previous position, a bit about your background and why you’d make a good fit for the position. This field is pretty technical so try not to use language that’s too complex.

2. Utilize a core competencies section which allows you to input relevant skills and other keywords an ATS may be looking for. This field also requires many technical skills so it’s advised that you create a separate “technical skills” section.

Here are some possible skills to include in a database administrator resume:

  • Information Technology
  • Process Improvement
  • Database Security
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality Assurance

You can also refer to the core competencies section in our resume example for more ideas.

3. Use strong action verbs at the start of each discretion and try to use as many quantifiable achievements as possible. This is really effective in capturing the attention of a hiring manager.

Database Administrator Resume Sample (Text):

Database Administrator | Project Management | Database Analyst

Statistical Analysis – Business Requirements –  Solution Focused 


Personable, detail-oriented, bilingual/multilingual Database Administrator with a solid background in database management. High expertise in managing multiple servers in multi-instance environments, backups/restores, troubleshooting and proactive maintenance. Adept at delivering comprehensive application and operating systems’ support to diagnose and resolve unique, recurring problems. Outstanding ability to manage many projects at once while working within strict deadlines. Strong technical knowledge of database programming and architecture. Strong project management skills, with proven ability to direct and manage all aspects to ensure on-time and under-budget delivery. Proven ability to successfully streamline, optimize and maintain system functionality performance and recoverability. Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills. Skilled in providing leadership in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments.

Selected Highlights

Collaborated with the technical directors and site leads to ensure upgrades were scheduled at opportune times to minimize interruption to site activities.

Assessed business problems, and translated them into specific system requirements to find technology/automation solutions that were cost effective and met business needs.

Experienced in conducting analysis, designing, building, testing, and configuring system settings, and implementing business solutions using information technology in a large organization.

Served as a critical liaison between IT and business end-users.

Cooperated with business partners to analyze business processes, needs and challenges and determine how technology can best remediate concerns.

Directed all aspects of application configuration, implementations, integration, data analysis, and validation testing.

Core Competencies/Skills

  • Information Technology
  • Database Administration
  • Process Improvement
  • Design Specifications
  • Performance Development
  • Database Security
  • Conceptual Development
  • Performance Analysis
  • Enterprise-Wide Systems
  • Quality Assurance
  • Testing
  • Backups/Recovery
  • High Availability
  • Replication
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Analysis
  • Technical Integration
  • Project Scope

Professional Experience

Job Title
Company Name  City, State/Country  XXXX – Present

  • Set up and configure DB mail and create jobs to send out an email whenever any SQL jobs fails
  • Effectively manage numerous daily operations including database backups and restores, maintenance jobs and developers’ requests
  • Complete and/or resolve all elements in a timely manner while adhering to all company policies and procedures
  • Directly responsible for setting up and troubleshooting transactional replication, linked servers and database mirroring – able to quickly resolve problems and ensure minimal end user down time.
  • Deploy and maintain SSIS packages and maintain reports in SSRS for data analysts
  • Proactively design, document and promote security “best practices,” policies, standards and protocols for SQL environments which were adapted throughout the company
  • Suggest and implement backup strategies which greatly increased overall productivity
  • Schedule backups for databases and transaction log across different environments using SQL Server Management Studio
  • Consistently utilize well-developed analytical abilities in performance monitoring including the identification of Input/Output, memory bottle necks, blocking and deadlocks caused by complex queries using SQL Server Activity monitor/profiler and Dynamic Management Views (DMV)
  • Recognized by senior management for the successful implementation of an improved Query Execution plans for stored procedures
  • Play a key role in the creation and documentation of root cause analysis for timeouts and outages in websites and in-house applications
  • Provide exceptional technical support 24/7 to ensure optimal customer service
  • Create and maintain users in SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft Visual Source Safe
  • Effectively use third-party tools for troubleshooting issues and providing ad-hoc reports to complete complex tasks quickly.

Company Name  City, State/Country XXXX – XXXX

Job Title

  • Experienced planning for automation, load/performance and security testing.
  • Provided technical support to internal and external customers as needed.
  • Employed strong analytical and conflict resolution skills to identify, track, report and resolve critical issues in a timely manner.
  • Utilized strong problem solving and critical thinking skills to understand business needs and translate them into technology solutions.
  • Recommended changes in development, maintenance and system standards to senior management and key stakeholders.


Complete Degree Name 
Complete School Name, City, and State/Country:

Technical Skills

OS Platforms: Ubuntu Linux 14.04/12.04 LTS, OS X 10.9Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server 2012/2008 (R2)/2005

Cloud platforms: Cloud Foundry, Pivotal Web Services, Heroku, Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, Route 53, Auto Scaling, CloudFront, CloudWatch, SES), DigitalOcean, EngineYard

Web Stack: Nginx (server, proxy and frontend load balancer), Rack, Gunicorn, uWSGI

Backend Web Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Django, Jekyll, Flask, Cactus

Frontend Web Frameworks: Angular, Backbone

Deployment: Cloud Foundry, BOSH, BOSH Lite, Vagrant, Docker, Fabric, Cuisine, Salt, Boto, Rsync

Backend Languages: working knowledge of Ruby, Python, Java, NumPy, SciPy

Frontend Languages: working knowledge of HTML/Haml/Slim, CSS/Sass, Coffeescript, Javascript, jQuery

Test-driven Development: Rspec, Cucumber, Jasmine, Nose

Productivity tools: Vim, Git, Github, Sublime text editor, Notational Velocity

Networking: Twilio, firewalls, routers, switches, software switches (FreeSWITCH), VOIP configuration, desktop, Linux server support

An average of 250 resumes are sent for a single opening. See how Zipjob uses professional writers and technology to get your resume noticed.

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