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Aug 9, 2020

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Career Expert, ZipJob

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A Forklift Operator helps at construction sites, in stores, and other locations to move goods from one location to another. Below is a basic job description for a Forklift Operator:

A fork lift operator is tasked with distributing, transporting, and accounting for merchandise, material, and/or equipment in industrial settings. They work in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, construction, food services, and general storage. Using a reference to inventoried items (or as directed by a supervisor), the operator locates items to be gathered, moved, or distributed, and then does so. Although the basic purpose of the job is to move and place items from one location to another (i.e., primarily physical labor), the operator may also be required to sort or perform other processing tasks. The operator may also be required to perform general quality-assurance checks.


If you’re a Forklift Operator or looking to make a career change, look below to see a resume example!

Forklift Operator Resume Example

Forklift Operator Resume Example

Forklift Operator Resume Example (Text Version)


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Forklift Operator

Safety Protocols | Maintenance | Cross-Functional Collaboration

A dedicated, detail-oriented Forklift Operator highly regarded for knowledge about proper handling of heavy machinery, including pallet jacks, cherry pickers and forklifts. Out-of-the-box thinker who diligently addresses operational issues and ensure continued productivity. Known for superb work ethic, strong attention to detail, and the capacity to strictly enforce safety regulations and corporate policies. Recognized as well organized, demonstrating self-motivation, perseverance, and flexibility to ensure professional results exceed all expectations.


  • Merchandise Transporting
  • Distribution
  • Operation
  • Inventory Assessment
  • Physical Labor
  • Processing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Time Management
  • Documentation


Forklift Operator | ZipJob | New York City, NY                                                                                        Year – Present

  • Completed daily forklift safety checklists.
  • Operated [Number] to [Number]-pound forklifts to transport materials and equipment.
  • Moved pallets of merchandise using electric forklifts and electric pallets.
  • Monitored area for pedestrian and vehicular traffic while operating various types of equipment, including forklift, [Type] and [Type].
  • Ensured forklifts were operational through performance of preventative maintenance and effective troubleshooting of malfunctions.
  • Located proper slots on storage racks and set pallets in place with forklift.
  • Maneuvered forklift safely in congested and confined areas using [Skill] and [Technique].
  • Changed out forklift batteries and connected batteries to a battery charger.
  • Maintained a neat and clean working area at all times.
  • Unloaded cartons from pallets and filled storage racks with cartons.

Forklift Operator | ZipJob | New York City, NY                                                                                             Year – Year

  • Transported goods between warehouse locations according to shipment and storage needs.
  • Loaded the transfer truck with a front end loader.
  • Inspected product load for accuracy and safely transported it around the warehouse.
  • Completed [Number] checks of incoming freight in the staging area each day.
  • Loaded, transported and stacked materials.
  • Checked accuracy of merchandise signs.
  • Communicated with floor managers to determine merchandise placement.
  • Coordinated with other lift truck drivers and production personnel to process orders efficiently.
  • Updated [Software] tracking systems to document movements and determine proper area for storage.
  • Unloaded and stacked materials by raising and lowering lifting devices.


Bachelor of Science in Construction Management | New York University

Forklift Certification | Certification | Licensure

Bonus: free resume template

ZipJob now offers a resume template you can download. The template is set up with an easy to read layout like the example above: clear section headings, modern font, and follows a reverse-chronological resume format (preferred by both hiring managers and ATS scans).

How to write a Forklift Operator resume: 3 Tips

Have a clear career target

As you could see from the job description, there are many kinds of professionals in this field. When updating your own resume, you’ll want to make sure your experience is as relevant as possible. The best way to do this is to have a clear career target. Then, write your resume with that goal in mind.

ZipTip: Give every line a second look and think “would an employer care about this experience?” If the answer is no, take it off your resume!

Highlight your differentials

What makes you different? Are you a killer time saver? Do you slash costs through innovative means? Find what makes you different and highlight it on your resume!

Maximize your core competencies

Your core competencies, or key skills, are a powerful way to show an ATS scan that you’re a great applicant. This section should change slightly for almost every job you apply for. You want to keep it highly tailored to the job description. For example, if one of your core competencies is customer service but the job description is looking for client communication skills, swap out “customer service” for “client communication.”

To identify the best skills to highlight here, this list of 10 vital skills to put on your resume is a good starting point.


A Forklift Operator moves goods from one location to another. Forklift Operators should be skilled in logistics, forklift operation, scheduling, and efficiency in order to succeed. Make your resume stand out to catch a recruiter’s eye!

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An average of 250 resumes are sent for a single opening. See how Zipjob uses professional writers and technology to get your resume noticed.

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