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Have you ever been on your smartphone and wished you had a current version of your resume at your fingertips?

There's a good chance you already have access to a recent version of your resume--but you might not realize it! LinkedIn has a little-known option to download up to four versions of your resume right from the mobile app.

LinkedIn already offers a few options to create or access a resume document. The most common way of downloading your resume from LinkedIn is to navigate to your profile and save it as a PDF.


However, there are three limitations here:

  1. You can only do this from a desktop computer.

  2. The PDF is likely going to be much longer than a resume should be. A resume should be one or two pages, while a comprehensive LinkedIn profile can easily be four or five pages.

  3. You can't edit the PDF, which is a key part to finding a job fast.

You also can't download a featured resume from your LinkedIn. You can view it or take a screenshot, but you can't download, edit, or export your resume from LinkedIn this way.

How to get your resume from LinkedIn to your phone

If you can't download your LinkedIn profile OR save your featured resume from a mobile device, what are you supposed to do? The answer is related to LinkedIn's Easy Apply feature.

Whether you're applying for jobs from your desktop or mobile device, you've likely used LinkedIn's Easy Apply option. After all, you can apply for a job with just a few clicks.

(Warning: this is not the best job search strategy...but it can't hurt if it's part of a balanced job hunt.)

It doesn't matter if you apply from your phone or your computer: LinkedIn will automatically save your most recent resume submissions. With a little know-how, you can quickly download your resume from LinkedIn's mobile app. This guide will walk you through it.

Step 1: access your Easy Apply resume submissions

Once you've applied for a job using LinkedIn's Easy Apply, you'll automatically be able to access the resume you uploaded to LinkedIn next time.

To access your recent resumes from the LinkedIn app, find a job on LinkedIn with the Easy Apply option.

LinkedIn Easy Apply job search

Tap on the Easy Apply button like you're going to apply to the job. Sometimes you have to hit "Next" to get to the screen with your resumes.

Your four most recent resumes will appear with the dates you last used them.

Step 2: save your resume to your phone

Tap on the resume file you want to save. It should open on your phone.

Now, tap on your phone's share icon. The picture and location will vary by phone type, but here are some common icons to look for:

Source: Fast Company

You'll have several options here, including saving your resume, emailing it, sending it as a text, and so on. If you have a word processor on your phone (like Google Docs or Microsoft Word) you should also be able to send it there.

What can you do with a resume once it's on your phone?

1. Send your resume as a direct message

You probably wanted to access your resume so you could send it to an employer or someone in your network while you're away from your computer. Now you can send your resume directly as an email or a text attachment.

2. Apply for jobs from your phone

You can also use your resume across other popular job searching apps without opening your laptop. Just save your resume to your phone and upload it to any job board.

Pro tip: tailor your resume from your phone

At Zipjob, we recommend you use a Word doc to apply for jobs online as opposed to a PDF. Here are the two main reasons why:

  1. A .doc or .docx file is compatible with more Applicant Tracking Systems

  2. Hiring managers tend to prefer simple resume formats over "creative" formats

Now, there's a third reason:

  1. When you download your resume from LinkedIn, you can edit it from your favorite word processor app!

This is best for quick edits, like switching some keywords on your resume to better align with a job description or updating your resume professional summary. The better your job aligns with a job description, the better your chances of earning a call back.

3. Check your resume for ATS compatibility

Want to know if your resume sets you up for success? Zipjob has a free resume review tool that shows you how an Applicant Tracking System will parse your resume. Unlike automated tools, our review also offers actionable advice from our resume experts, delivered to your inbox within 48 hours.

Check it out:

ATS Scan


Now you have a simple way to download your resume from LinkedIn to your phone! Since so many job search activities happen on mobile devices, this trick can come in handy in a variety of situations.

Good luck with your job search!

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