Hybrid Resume Format

Hybrid Resume Format

Hybrid Resume | When You Need It and How to Write One (Examples)

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The most popular resume format today is the chronological. Its name comes from the way that it lists your previous work history – in chronological order. There are however other resume formats you can use depending on the situation you’re in. If you have employment gaps or are switching careers, a hybrid or functional resume format may be more suitable for you. We’ll discuss the hybrid resume format and when you should consider using one.


What is a Hybrid Resume Format?

A hybrid resume is a combination of a chronological and functional resume format. A functional resume highlights skills that are relevant to the position rather than listing the descriptions under each position you held. The positions you held along with the dates are listed at the bottom of the resume without any descriptions. This is most suitable for when you have large employment gaps or are changing careers.

A hybrid resume allows you to list relevant skills at the beginning of the resume and then your chronological work history along with some descriptions.

We will show you an example at the end of the article.

We also have a good article here on the different types of resume formats.


When Should You Use a Hybrid Resume Format?

A hybrid resume can be useful if you fall under any of these circumstances.

  • Career Change

A hybrid resume format can be very useful if you’re changing careers. It allows you to list relevant skills at the beginning of your resume rather than listing positions and experience that have nothing to do with your target position. Submitting a resume that has irrelevant information is not effective.

For example – A Hybrid resume would be perfect for someone targeting a position as a software developer where most of their experience is as a graphic designer. They could list technical skills and projects they have worked on that are relevant to the position they’re targeting.

You don’t need to include every job you have ever held on a resume – Try to include information that’s relevant to the position.

  • Entry Level Positions or Graduates

The Hybrid is also a good choice for someone just entering the workforce or new graduates. This allows you to focus on skills, projects or specific experience that is relevant to the position you’re targeting.

For example – A hybrid resume would be good for a new graduate who is targeting an entry level accounting position. They may have work experience but it’s not likely that it’s related to accounting. The candidate can include skills and some experience from an unrelated position that involved a skills useful in accounting. For example, the candidate could have used Excel in a sales job which is a very useful skill for accounting.

  • Experts

The hybrid could also be a great format for someone who is an expert at something. This allows you to list the most relevant and impressive skills/experience at the beginning of the resume instead of having them scattered throughout the resume. It allows a hiring manager or recruiter to quickly see what this person has to offer as opposed to a chronological resume that would have it spread out in different positions.


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