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When it comes to cover letters, it’s easy to assume that you can get away with using a standard boilerplate template for just about any job. After all, it’s just a cover letter – right? Wrong! Cover letters need to be customized in much the same way you customize your resume, to ensure that you’re properly presenting yourself to any prospective employer. That’s especially true in the case of the internship cover letter, where you’re also likely to have little actual work experience to focus one.

How to write a cover letter for an Internship

Because of that lack of experience, your internship cover letter should be written to emphasize how you can benefit the organization rather than your achievements – while also sprinkling in any real-life experience that can help to demonstrate skills, competencies, or other personal attributes. The following tips can be essential for putting together the right kind of cover letter to help you

Begin with Your introduction

Your introduction should begin by explaining who you are, and identifying the position that you’re seeking. This is a good place to include your field of study, and your plans in that field.

If you’ve done your homework, you should also know enough about the organization to include some details about what you hope to accomplish with your internship – whether it’s a specific area of interest that the company is currently pursuing, or some special project that the organization is working on.

Focus on How You Can be an Asset

Obviously, internships aren’t just about the interns. They’re ultimately about the So, while it is acceptable to make at least some mention of how the internship can benefit you, it is wise to focus your attention on how you can prove to be an asset to the organization.

The best cover letters can seamlessly blend those two goals together – selling yourself as a potential asset to the organization while also defining how the internship fits into your broader career and life goals.

Skills and Competencies You Bring to the Table

If you’re looking for an internship, there’s a good chance that you don’t have direct experience in that industry. However, you almost certainly have skills or competencies that relate to that field, since your interest in the industry probably influenced your studies or hobbies.

List any personal or professional skills and areas of competency that could make you an attractive intern candidate.

List Any Experience that Might be Relevant

Even if you don’t direct experience in a given field, chances are that you have at least some real-world experience that can make you an asset.

If you’ve ever helped to organize an event or activity, participated in a fundraising drive, volunteered, or otherwise contributed to achieving an organized goal, then you have experience that could be relevant to the internship position.

Internship Cover Letter Example:

I am interested in applying for your organization’s summer internship position for a Public Relations Assistance that you listed through the Career Office at Morgan Media University.

As a communications major, my education has been focused on mass media messaging and public relations. Your company’s growth as a mass media enterprise has been a continual focus of attention at the university, and has been prominently featured in many of our coursework case studies.

After graduation, I hope to work with a firm like yours, specializing the same type of media communications that have made your company a leader in the industry.

I have worked with my high school and college newspapers, and have served as public spokesman for the latter for the last two years. I have also been involved in online media coordination, and have been formally trained in the use of the most commonly used communication technology and software.

I’m confident that I can be an asset to your organization, and would relish the opportunity to expand my communications skills and industry knowledge.

The Bottom Line

With the right approach and an emphasis on your value to the organization, your internship cover letter can be an attention-grabbing introduction to your resume. In the end, that could be the powerful tool you need to enhance your chances of getting that internship position you crave.

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