Top 7 Job Search Sites For Women

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Being a woman entering the workforce comes with many obstacles, especially when looking for a job with a safe and understanding environment. With more women graduating college than ever before, it is important to use the right tools to ensure a job that fits your individual needs.

Fortunately, there are many resources to ensure success in your career and finding the perfect job for you--to help navigate the workforce, we’ve listed the top 7 websites for women seeking jobs and other resources. 

Here is our list, followed by a summary of each site’s offers. 

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Best Job Search Websites For Women

1. FairyGodBoss

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FairyGodBoss is a well-organized website that allows you to easily search for jobs, network with other women in the workforce and find resources to successfully guide you in your career. The site offers a broad range of fields offering jobs for qualified women. 

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2. InHerSight

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InHerSight is a great resource for finding women-rated jobs in any field. The site collects data from tens of thousands of women’s experiences in the workforce, allowing an accurate picture of what your wide range of jobs have to offer. InHerSight suggests companies that other women have rated highly for values you care about like flexible work hours or the ability to telecommute.

3. Career Contessa

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Career Contessa is an extremely resourceful website offering women everything from jobs, interviews and podcasts. The site addresses the unique challenges women face in the workforce, and provides tools to find the perfect job. 

4. Women For Hire

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Women for Hire is a useful website for any woman looking for a job, inspiring speeches and seminars. Not only does it have a convenient job board, but it offers a wide range of services and allows you to connect with other women in all fields.   

5. Power To Fly

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Power to Fly provides a job board and other resources for finding both remote and onsite jobs. The site offers great daily virtual events to help women looking for jobs in any field.

6. PayScale

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PayScale provides salary research for jobs in all fields, and provides tools to find jobs, negotiate salaries and calculate the cost of living. This website is a great tool for women to ensure their success in any career. 

7. The Mom Project

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The Mom Project is committed to helping women remain active in the workforce throughout every stage, and provides resources that help overcome obstacles in the workplace. It provides opportunities that are compatible with work, community and family preferences. 


Using job search sites like these--ones that are committed to helping women--will provide you with resources to shorten your job search process and tools to find the perfect job. 

Good luck with your job search!

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