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Job-seekers have more career tools at their disposal than at any time in history. From job search sites to social media, there are a host of innovative resources available. Take LinkedIn, for example. This social media platform has exploded in popularity in recent years – and employers have taken note.

Today, many hiring managers actively look to a candidate’s LinkedIn profile during their evaluation process. What you may not know, however, is that LinkedIn can also provide a way for recruiters and others to discover your talents. In fact, when you properly keyword optimize your LinkedIn profile, you can exponentially increase those discovery odds.

Why Keyword Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile?

If you’ve ever explored how search engines find the sites you want, then you already know a little bit about search engine optimization. Company websites, blogs, and other online forums rely on SEO to help users locate their sites.

Since there is no LinkedIn keyword tool - you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work on finding relevant keywords employers are searching for.

When you run a search using Google, Bing, or another engine, you’re provided with site suggestions based on the keywords you used. You can use that to your advantage and draw more attention to your LinkedIn page.

If you learn how to keyword optimize your LinkedIn profile page, you can help those search engines find you. When users enter the keywords that you’ve included within your profile content, search engines will include your page in the results.

That can provide an opportunity for job recruiters and headhunters to find your page. And that could translate into job offers that you might not otherwise receive.

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Techniques You Can Use to Keyword Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The good news is that you can keyword optimize your LinkedIn profile with little effort. We’ve compiled some of the best techniques you can use to ensure that your page has the SEO it needs.

For example:

Carefully Select the Best Keywords

Before you begin, take time to consider the type of keywords that you should be using. Imagine that you were looking for someone with your skills and experience.

What words would you type into a search engine to find that person? Chances are that those are the same words that others will be using to find you. Find those words, and you’ve found your keywords!

Naturally, you want to be selective about the keywords that you use, since keyword-stuffing can weaken your optimization efforts.

Identify the most likely words and phrases associated with your skill set or position, to ensure that your optimization is as targeted as possible. Then strategically place those keywords within your content.

Use the Keywords in Your Professional Headline

One key area where you should focus your attention is the professional headline. On LinkedIn, that headline is your best opportunity to brand yourself.

It’s also a perfect place to begin your effort to keyword optimize your LinkedIn profile. After all, this headline ranks highly in the site’s own indexing system. You can use up to 120 characters for your headline, so use some of those keywords to bolster your optimization.

Instead of using “Sales Manager for Dynamic Sales Inc” as your headline, try the following keyword-friendly approach.

Marketing Manager. Sales Strategy Leadership. Training Program Development. Advertising and Marketing Revenue Growth.

Include Keywords in the Summary

Your is another area of consideration. While it is not a main target for indexing, you should still include the main keywords. Be careful not to just copy your resume summary, though.

Your LinkedIn profile summary should be unique and stand on its own merits. Here’s an example:

In my role as a Marketing Director, I’ve been tasked with satisfying the needs of customers, stakeholders, and relevant team members. To do that, I have worked to create new marketing strategies that increased revenues by 31% in the last two years alone. That effort was bolstered by training program development, sales strategy leadership, and innovative mentoring and brand development programs that helped us to capture an additional 12% of our market.

Get Endorsements for Your Skills and Expertise

You should also use keywords in your Skills and Expertise area. However, to get the most impact out of these keywords, you will need endorsements. Without those endorsements, this section of your profile will be less influential. With them, however, you can get the most bang for your SEO effort.

You should actively seek endorsements for those skills and areas of expertise from your LinkedIn connections, to ensure maximum SEO benefit.

Don’t Forget Keywords in Your Job Title

If you’re used to listing your job title in the most direct manner possible, it’s time for a change. On LinkedIn, the index focuses on things like your job title. As a result, you should focus on using keywords in that job title area to ensure that you get the most benefit from that text.

As a rule, though, you want to leave the actual job title intact. Just add keywords to the text to help you keyword optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Let’s look at our marketing director example again. Ordinarily, most people would list that job title using only those words. You can bolster it with keywords, and help to make it more searchable for others”

Marketing Director - Advertising and Marketing Revenue Growth, Sales Strategy

The title can be up to 100 characters in length, providing plenty of space for you to squeeze a few relevant keywords into the mix.

Keyword Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile, and Enhance Your Job Prospects!

When you keyword optimize your LinkedIn profile, you do more than just make your profile easier for recruiters and others to find. You also add valuable content that better showcases your skill set and areas of expertise.

That can be a real benefit when hiring managers look at your page too. The fact is that keyword optimization of your profile can only help in your job search efforts.

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