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Career advice featured in – Forbes, Glassdoor, Reader's Digest, MarketWatch, The CheatSheet
Career advice featured in Forbes, Glassdoor, MarketWatch, Reader's Digest, The CheatSheet

A Leasing Agent resume should list your interpersonal, efficiency, and organizational skills. Leasing Agents manage offices, administrative functions, and relationships while maintaining confidentiality and professionalism. If you're in the market for a new Leasing Agent role, your resume should convey these skills in a professional format, along with your work achievements, education, and additional acquired knowledge. 

Below, we share tips on how to write a resume to land interviews, along with a Leasing Agent resume example and more.

How to write a resume

Your resume needs to get past an employer's ATS software and into the hands of a recruiter or hiring manager. From there, it needs to wow the reader so they choose to offer you an interview. Here are some resume writing tips to bear in mind so you're able to meet these tasks.

Honesty is the best policy

Though you might be tempted to embellish or even lie on your resume, avoid this. For one, you don't want to get caught in a lie during the interview. If you do, it's sure to send you straight to the "no thank you" category. Also, if you do happen to get hired, and it's found out that you lied on your resume or application, there's a good chance you'll get fired before you get started. 

Being honest is the best approach when completing your resume. If you're concerned that you don't stand out enough or don't know how to explain the gaps in your resume, bounce ideas off of a friend to see how you can improve and best explain any concerns to an employer. Better yet, consider hiring a resume writing service to support you in crafting the best resume possible while ensuring you uphold your integrity. 

Simple and concise is best

When crafting your resume, keep it focused and to the point. Yes, you want to be sure your impressive accomplishments and achievements stand out, though you don’t want to be too wordy or confusing. As tempting as it might be, you don’t want to include every project completed or goal attained, as no one wants to wade through that much content. At the same time, you don’t want to be too vague. 

Here are some tips to get it just right:

  • When writing your resume summary, which goes below your contact information, use punchy and brief sentences highlighting your top skills and accomplishments. The summary should showcase the top competencies and achievements outlined in your resume. 

  • Though you may have more, only list your top 10 to 30 competencies that align with the job description. Your competencies list should fall just below your resume summary. 

  • In the work experience section, include the top 5 to 6 accomplishments for each position you list. Hit the high points of your career, and only offer as much information as necessary to make your point. To add value, start each bullet point with a power verb. Also, include as much quantifiable data as possible to show the hiring team your ability to succeed.

  • Keep your resume to one to two pages, max. In very rare instances should your resume ever go beyond two pages. 

Relevance is a must

Be sure only to include relevant information on your resume. You might be the best soccer parent on the planet, but if it has little to do with the Leasing Agent job you're applying for, don't mention your soccer parent know-how. Instead, only include the skills, knowledge, and work accomplishments relevant to the position, and avoid including unnecessary information. Focus your resume on your work history and skills that prove you're qualified for the job.

Say no to personal information

Personal details on your US resume will ensure you end up in the no pile. For one, employers don’t need this information. Secondly, this type of information can set employers up for discrimination claims and confidentiality concerns during the application stage. Birth, religion, marital status, gender, country of origin, and identification numbers, like social security numbers, have no place on a resume. 

Tailor to each position 

Tweak your resume to align with the job description and employer for each application you submit. It takes a bit of effort but can make or break whether or not you get an interview. 

Areas to tweak include your summary and competencies sections to start. From there, as you review each job description, adjust your work experience section accordingly. For example, if you think of an accomplishment that might be missing from your resume but meets what the company is looking for in the job description, add it to your resume. 

Think about the ATS

If you want your Leasing Agent resume to land in the hands of a human reader, then it must be ATS-friendly. An ATS, or applicant tracking system, is software employers use to streamline their recruiting and hiring processes. One job of the ATS is to scan the hundreds of resumes an employer receives for each job posting. 

Crafting an ATS-friendly resume requires standard formatting and language. A reverse chronological resume format tends to work best, as well as using common industry language and standard resume naming conventions. For example, don't be creative with section headings - use the traditional names of Work Experience, Education, Technical Skills, and so on. You can also run your resume through a free ATS resume scanner

For more tips on creating a resume that passes those often frustrating applicant tracking systems, refer to these posts:

Leasing Agent resume example 

Now you have some valid tips to create a resume you can feel good about. To help you out even further, use the following Leasing Agent resume example as a template to craft your own. 



City, State or Country if international

Phone | Email

LinkedIn URL


Dynamic, accomplished, results-oriented Leasing Agent highly regarded for demonstrating talented office administration with strengths in organization, time management, and ensuring a high level of confidentiality. Thrives in fast-paced environments integrating technical software into projects to ensure all customer expectations are met.  Experienced in creating an effective, organized environment for focusing time on client support and development.  Well-organized professional with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both personal and corporate goals.


  • Technical Software Expertise

  • Client Development

  • Account Management

  • Customer Service

  • Cold Calling

  • Business Development

  • Office Management

  • Crisis Management

  • Relationship Building

  • Project Management

  • Software Expertise

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Consulting

  • Communications


Leasing Agent

Company | Location | Year to Year


  • Improved customer service and leasing renewals by resolving resident complaints.

  • Developed relationships with potential and current tenants, asked difficult questions to ensure needs were met and increased retention, gained referrals and increased overall occupancy.

  • Read and analyzed incoming memos, submissions, and reports in order to determine their significance and plan their distribution.

  • Pickup, sort and distribute mail and misc. bank deliveries.

  • Open, sort and distribute incoming correspondence and faxes.

  • File and retrieve corporate documents, records, and reports.

  • Greet visitors/residents and provide assistance.

  • Answer all calls and transfer accordingly – multi-line phone system.

  • Prepare responses to correspondence containing routine inquiries.

  • Draft daily correspondence and prepare misc. forms/documentation.

New Home Sales Consultant

Company | Location | Year to Year


  • Present purchase offers to sellers for consideration.

  • Negotiate prices or other sales terms.

  • Act as an intermediary in negotiations between buyers and sellers, generally representing one or the other

  • Compare a property with similar properties that have recently sold to determine its competitive market price.

  • Advise clients on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters.

  • Promote sales of properties through advertisements, open houses, and participation in multiple listing services.

  • Develop content for sales presentations or other materials.

  • Accompany buyers during visits to and inspections of property, advising them on the suitability and value of the homes they are visiting.

  • Prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases.

  • Confer with escrow companies, lenders, home inspectors, and pest control operators to ensure that terms and conditions of purchase agreements are met before closing dates.

  • Coordinate property closings, overseeing signing of documents and disbursement of funds.

  • Solely responsible for self-generating business through outside sales, cold calling, referrals and networking.

  • Worked in a team and helped motivate each member to build a business through referrals and hard work.

Property Manager

Company | Location | Year to Year


  • Establish rental rate by surveying local rental rates; calculating overhead costs, depreciation, taxes, and profit goals.

  • Attract tenants by advertising vacancies; obtaining referrals from current tenants; explaining advantages of location and services; showing units.

  • Contract with tenants by negotiating leases; collecting security deposit.

  • Accomplish financial objectives by collecting rents; paying bills; forecasting requirements; preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective action.

  • Maintain property by investigating and resolving tenant complaints; enforcing rules of occupancy; inspecting vacant units and completing repairs; planning renovations; contracting with landscaping and snow removal services

  • Maintain building systems by contracting for maintenance services; supervising repairs.

  • Secure property by contracting with security patrol service; installing and maintaining security devices; establishing and enforcing precautionary policies and procedures; responding to emergencies.

  • Enforce occupancy policies and procedures by confronting violators.



Complete School Name, City, St/Country: List Graduation Years If Within the Last Ten Years
Complete Degree Name (Candidate) – Major (GPA: List if over 3.3)

  • Relevant Coursework: List coursework taken (even include those you are planning on taking)

  • Awards/Honors: List any awards, honors or big achievements

  • Clubs/Activities: List clubs and activities in which you participated

  • Relevant Projects: List 2-3 projects you have worked on

Key hard & soft skills for a Leasing Agent

Hard and soft skills are required to succeed in virtually any job. As a Leasing agent, you must have the technical know-how, or hard skills, to get the job done correctly. You must also possess various soft skills to work effectively and get along with coworkers. Below are some of the hard and soft skills you'll likely find on a Leasing Agent resume. 

Leasing Agent resume soft skills

Here are some top soft skills  commonly found on a Leasing Agent resume: 

  • Interpersonal

  • Communication

  • Analytical

  • Problem Solving

  • Detail-oriented

  • Collaboration

  • Time management

  • Organization

  • Teamwork

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence

Leasing Agent resume hard skills

Here are some of the necessary hard skills you commonly see on a Leasing Agent resume: 

  • Technical Software Expertise

  • Client Development

  • Account Management

  • Customer Service

  • Cold Calling

  • Business Development

  • Crisis Management

  • Project Management

  • Software Expertise

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Consulting

  • Communication Development

  • Rentals and Leases

  • Tenant Interactions

  • Financials and Budgeting

  • Property Oversight

  • Lease Regulations

  • Office Management

Summary & last words

Crafting a Leasing Agent resume isn't rocket science, though it does take time and thoughtful consideration. Be honest, concise, and to the point when writing your resume while avoiding adding personal information. Include only relevant details that align with the position, and be sure to tailor your resume for each job application you submit. Finally, use ATS-friendly resume writing best practices to ensure a human reader sees your resume. 

If you're still seeking expert advice to craft a Leasing Agent resume that lands you the job, consider hiring a resume writing service like the one ZipJob offers.

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