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Are you looking for a good software engineer cover letter example? Well look no further, here is an awesome software engineer cover letter sample along with some great tips to help you write your own.


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Software Engineer Cover Letter Example





Dear Sir/Madam (try and find out names before you send out to Sir/Madam),


I am writing to express my interest in the xxx  position at xxx company,  and have enclosed my resume and credentials for your consideration.  Review of my qualifications will confirm that I am a dynamic Software Development Engineer with a proven track record of excelling at learning new technologies and successfully applying them to develop clean and well-structured code.  I have experience developing in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, Java, Python  UML, C++, C, JSON and am known for composing clean code and concise documentation that fully details software development lifecycles from the development environment to production.


Other highlights of my career that would help me to exceed as your Job Title Here would be:

  • Exceptional academic qualifications including the pursuit of my Master of Science in Computer Science (2015) from XYZ University.
  • Recognized as a service-centric, process-driven leader and trouble-shooter, composing clean code and concise documentation that fully details software development lifecycles from the development environment to production.
  • Develop full life-cycle website applications, from designing database schema to implementing front and back-end components using xxxxxxx.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to both lead and work within a team environment to focus on client needs and ensure all projects milestones are met timely and work seamlessly.
  • High level of adaptability and flexibility gained through working in highly charged, fast paced environments.
  • Strong object orientated development skills with the ability to apply these concepts to improve application development.

In particular, the strong relationships I build with clients, team members, upper management, and the community has resulted in significant increases in the success and launch of numerous projects while gaining enormous respect within the industry.  My resume will provide additional details concerning my qualifications and accomplishments, and I would welcome the opportunity for an interview to discuss the performance you can expect from me.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.







Tips for Writing a Software Engineer Cover Letter


1. Mention Core Languages

You should mention the languages or frameworks you’re familiar with. If the position requires a specific language or framework, be sure to mention it. You always need to keep the information on your resume and cover letter relevant to the position you’re targeting. This usually requires minor edits and tweaks here and there but it’s well worth it.


2. Focus on Achievements

A common mistake job seekers make is simply listing out responsibilities on the resume and cover letter. The hiring manager isn’t looking to hire you based on what your duties or responsibilities were, they’re looking for specific contributions and achievements.


3. Utilize Keywords

You need to keyword optimize both your resume and cover letter to get past ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). ATS are used by most employers today to automatically screen resumes. One thing these ATS look for is relevant keywords that show you’re a good match for the position. The resumes the system feels are a good match are sent forward to the hiring manager – the rest are rejected. Be sure to use industry keywords as well as some from the job posting.


4. Tailor It

As we mentioned before, you need to tailor both your resume and cover letter to each position you apply to. This is not only to get past the ATS systems, but to show the hiring manager you put in the time and effort to tailor it. The last thing a hiring manager wants to see is a cookie cutter cover letter that you’ve been sending out to every position. Tailoring your cover letter also allows you to show the hiring manager more important and relevant information that shows you’re a good match for the position.


Writing a cover letter for a software engineer isn’t easy but hopefully our example and tips will make it easier for you. You could also check out other cover letter examples.




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