6 Tips to Stay Positive and Avoid Job Search Frustration

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When it comes to morale, there are few things more frustrating than meeting rejection during a job search. As with anything else in life, repeated rejection has a way of dragging down your enthusiasm. Eventually, that rejection can leave you disheartened, and may even tempt you into abandoning your search altogether. To be successful, you must stay positive during your job search! Follow these six tips to raise your own morale and maintain that motivation.

Why Is It So Important to Stay Positive During Your Job Search?

Your mental state often impacts the image that you present to the outside world. If that mindset is negative, it could affect the way others see you.

After all, negative thoughts are difficult for most people to hide. That’s especially true if you tend to wear your emotions on your sleeve!

You need to present an image that is calm, confident, and positive. That’s difficult to do if your morale is sapped by negativity. However, when you stay positive during your job search, that attitude will shine through in all your job search interactions.

You will make a better first impression, and improve your networking. More importantly, you will increase the chances of landing more interviews.

In this post we'll cover what it takes to be productive and stay motivated when searching for a job.

How do you manage job search frustration?

Unfortunately, many people struggle to maintain positivity during difficult times. If you’re one of those people, you may wonder: how can you stay positive during your job search? These six tips can provide you with the strategies you need to maintain the right mindset. Make them a part of your job search mindset, and watch your morale soar!

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#1 - Create a Routine that Turns Your Job Search into A Job

You can realize an immediate return on your morale improvement efforts just by organizing your job search. You want a job, right? Well, start by viewing your job search as a job! Instead of randomly responding to job ads, make a point of formalizing the search. Establish a job search schedule – perhaps one that mimics the traditional 8-4 or 9-5 job shifts. This can help to keep you in that employment mindset and raise your morale. You will also find that you’ll have an easier time avoiding job search stress. That scheduled routine will help you focus on other areas of your life during your “off” hours.

#2 - Improve Your Strategy

Are you sending out a ton of applications and not hearing anything back. Then it may be time to dig in and see what the issue may be.

You may need to improve your resume and cover letter. Most companies today use automated resume scanners (ATS systems) so you also need to ensure that you're resume is formatted to parse through these systems correctly.

Many resumes are rejected because they're not properly formatted and keyword optimized for these scans.

You can get a free resume ATS test here to see if your resume is compatible with these scans.

#3 - Set Short & Longer-Term Goals 

It’s difficult to stay positive during your job search when you feel like you’re having no success. To avoid that feeling, set specific goals that encompass short-term objectives. For example, commit to submitting a certain number of resumes each week.

Set a goal to visit a set number of businesses each month. These short term-goals can keep you motivated even when you’re not getting interviews.

Bolster those short-term, easily-achievable goals with longer-term goals like netting interviews. The goal is to focus your attention not only on the main goal of finding a job, but on more manageable goals as well.

That can allow you to feel as though you’re accomplishing something, and help you keep your morale up. Together with your short-term goals, these objectives can organize your job search and keep you moving forward in your efforts to land that job of your dreams.

#4 - Keep Moving

Don’t get tunnel vision during your search. Yes, that hiring manager seemed interested when you submitted your resume, but don’t sit around waiting for that to translate into an interview. Keep doing your job – identifying open positions and submitting resumes – until you have the job you need. That goes for interviews as well. Even after you’ve had a successful interview, don’t stop what you’re doing until you’ve been formally offered the position.

#5 - Let Go of Things Beyond Your Control

Sometimes it’s important to remember that you aren’t in control of everything around you. Yes, you can control the type of resume you send. You can control how you present yourself at an interview. And you can control your own efforts when it comes to networking, and putting your best foot forward. However, you cannot control hiring managers or their perceptions. Nor can you control when or if you’ll get called in for an interview or receive that formal job offer. If you accept that and keep your attention on the things you can control, you’ll avoid a great deal of negativity.

#6 - Commit to Being Positive

This one might seem easier said than done, but consider your mindset. If you allow yourself to be plagued by negative thoughts and worries, how positive can you really be? Instead of focusing on how bad things might seem right now, think about all you’ll accomplish once you do land that job.

Focus your attention on your positive attributes and the value that you can bring to any company lucky enough to hire you. Keep your thoughts trained squarely on your skills and past achievements. That will help to maintain your self-confidence, bolster your morale, and stay positive during your job search.

Above all else, resist the temptation to focus on negative thoughts. Make time for your family, walk your dog, or pursue a hobby. Try to surround yourself with positive people and pursuits. When you do that and implement these six tips into your job search routine, you’ll enjoy higher morale and a more positive outlook. And that will ultimately help to make your job search efforts more successful.

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