Top 7 Warning Signs You’re Going to Be Fired (And What You Should Do)

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Have you ever lost a job and thought to yourself, “Gee, why didn’t I see that coming?” Well, the sad truth is that all the warning signs were probably staring you in the face. The problem is that you just didn’t notice them. In most instances, you should be able to sense that change is in the air – if you know what to look for. Fortunately, there are some key signs that can help you to recognize that your job may be less safe than you imagined. Here are 7 signs you’re going to be fired.

7 Warning Signs - Getting Fired

Am I getting fired or just paranoid?

Don't be to quick to  jump to conclusions but there are some signs to look out for.

#1 - Has Your Boss Stopped Asking You for Input?

One of the clearest of the 7 signs you’re going to be fired involves your interactions with your boss. If you have a boss who makes a habit of seeking employee input, and he stops asking for yours, that’s almost always a bad sign. It shows that he no longer values your thoughts. Moreover, it is typically a sign that he has already decided that your services are no longer valuable to him.

Keep in mind that this is not always dispositive. In some cases, your boss may simply be focused on other challenges. You might even be involved with another project, and she just doesn’t want to distract you from that. Nevertheless, if you see that your boss stops relying on you, it’s time to take action. Either directly address the situation with your employer or start updating your resume.

#2 - Are Your Co-Workers and Supervisors More Distant than Usual?

Sometimes, the dynamic within an office can change without warning. For instance, if you suddenly find that your peers and supervisors are distancing themselves from you, that can be a bad sign. Out of all the 7 signs you’re going to be fired, this one often causes the most frustration. Why? Because you’re likely to discover after your firing that everyone but you knew it was coming. So, take heed: if the office’s emotional temperature seems to be dropping, your job may be in peril.

#3 - Is Everyone Else Busier Than You?

Another of the 7 signs you’re going to be fired occurs when you see that everyone in the office is swamped with work – and you’re not. When that happens, it’s a clear indication that your position is in jeopardy.

Work that might have otherwise kept you busy and anxious about deadlines is no longer being sent your way. Instead, you find that your superiors are giving you less and less to do. The message: you’re on your way out.

#4 - Are You Convinced You’re Irreplaceable?

Sometimes, our own attitudes can signal that something bad is about to happen. For example, do you believe that you’re irreplaceable? Do you project that belief in the way that you conduct yourself at work?

If so, you will probably find yourself looking at a pink slip sooner rather than later. Why? It’s simple: no company wants employees who think that they’re indispensable. Most bosses understand that those types of employees tend to become more and more difficult to manage. To avoid those inevitable problems, they’ll just replace you with someone who’s a little less arrogant.

#5 - Does the Company Appear to Be Documenting Its Interactions with You?

When it comes to learning how to tell if you are about to get fired, written communications can be a key indicator. That’s why we include a sudden commitment to documenting interactions with you on our list of the 7 signs you’re going to be fired. If you’re accustomed to more casual encounters with bosses and supervisors, and they begin to document all interactions in writing, chances are that they’re building a case to fire you.

#6 - Is Your Boss Giving You Unobtainable Goals?

If you’re used to success and suddenly find that your boss is throwing seemingly impossible tasks at you, that’s a clear problem. Often, companies do this to ensure that they have legitimate reasons to terminate your employment.

So, if your deadlines seem to be shrinking or you’re being asked to accomplish herculean feats, break out your resume. You’re probably going to need it.

#7 - Are Your Duties Being Transferred to Co-Workers?

The last of our 7 signs you’re going to be fired relates to your workload and responsibilities. Is your role in the company being changed, without a clear new direction? Are your work duties being assigned to others? Worse, have you been asked to train someone else so that they can do your job? Those are all indications that the company is getting ready to replace you.

When it comes to knowing how to tell if you are getting fired, you need to be able to recognize the right kinds of signs. These 7 signs you’re going to be fired are a great place to start. Individually, any of these signs might be relatively meaningless. However, when you see several occurring at once, it may be time to accept that your position is about to end.

If you're pretty sure you're going to be fired -

A) Start networking to see what other opportunities may be available just in case you do loose your job.

B) Start updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. Remember that most companies now scan your resume with an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) so make sure you use a standard format and keyword optimize your resume.

You can see how your resume does here with this free ATS resume scan.

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