5 Things Hiring Managers Look for in Your LinkedIn Profile

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If your think your social media profiles have nothing to do with your job search, think again. Today’s employers are increasingly checking candidates’ social media as part of their screening process. That’s especially true when it comes to a LinkedIn profile. In fact, you should just assume that hiring managers and recruiters are going to look at that profile page at some point in time.

As a result, it’s vital to understand what they’re looking for when they visit that page. After all, the employment environment is so competitive these days that you can’t afford to make any mistakes. To help you put your foot forward, here is what hiring managers generally say that they’re looking for on your LinkedIn profile page.

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A Professional, Complete LinkedIn Profile

Perhaps the most important thing that they’re looking for is completeness. Your effort to complete your LinkedIn page says a lot about your ability to finish tasks. Conversely, a lackluster profile that fails to include relevant details like experience, accomplishments, and education is likely to leave a poor impression.

Remember, hiring managers who view your LinkedIn profile are trying to determine your fitness for the job. Take the time to create a profile that let’s them know you’re someone who can get the job done.

Professionalism is important too.

Choose a professional-looking photo for your LinkedIn profile. Avoid unprofessional posts and try to focus on linking to industry news, or business-related articles you’ve created. In addition, delete anything that might be controversial – avoiding topics like religion, politics, or other social issues that can often spark strong emotions. LinkedIn is a social media platform, but it’s one that is best reserved for business matters.

Updated Information

How long has it been since you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile page? Before you begin any job search, it’s always important to take care of those easily-forgotten details.

Go in and make sure that your information is accurate and up-to-date. Compare names, dates, and other pertinent details with entries on your resume to ensure consistency. That can help you to avoid careless inconsistencies that might be viewed as intentional inaccuracies.

A Solid Network

Hiring managers will also review your network. A well-rounded and extensive network is generally seen as sign that you’re well-established in your industry.

It shows that you’re effective and experienced. Conversely, employers are generally not pleased with profiles that have few contacts. To ensure that your network is seen as a positive, you should work to build up several hundred LinkedIn contacts even before you begin your job search.

An Enticing Summary

Your LinkedIn profile may encompass more than just your summary, but few things are more important than that introduction. At the same time, however, you don’t want to include every detail in the summary.

The goal should be to create a brief message about yourself that extols your accomplishments, successes, and honors. It should be written with one thing in mind: convincing employers that you’re someone they might want to hire.

Clarity Matters

Finally, endeavor to make your as clear as possible. Make sure that you have a clear, keyword-rich headline, and well-written copy throughout your page. Use bullet points liberally – including in the summary – for ease of reading.

If you find yourself writing huge blocks of content, stop and break the text up into smaller, more manageable paragraphs and bullet lists.  Use easily-understood language and avoid jargon, cute phrases, or pithy statements. Remember, this page may be the last thing a hiring manager sees prior to interviewing you – so, keep it simple; keep it clear; and keep it professional!

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