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Of all life’s struggles, few are as frustrating as the job search process. Many job candidates spend months trying to land the interviews they need to get a great job. Sometimes, the struggle can be so overwhelming that those job seekers are open to any solution that might break the rejection cycle. Unfortunately, many of those solutions are anything but ideal. Worse, some ideas just won’t work at all. Take recruiters, for instance. Some job seekers try to hire recruiters to aid in their job search efforts. Here’s why you can’t hire a recruiter to find you a job.

What Do Recruiters Actually Do?

To understand why you can’t hire a recruiter to find you a job, it’s vital to understand what recruiters do. Recruiters generally work for companies, and get paid to find the best candidates to fill those clients’ open positions.

As a result, they are always searching for great job candidates that they can place with their client companies. That’s how they make their money, so that’s their only real focus.

Now, what does that mean for you as a job-seeker? Well, if that recruiter has a position that fits your skill set, it could mean that he puts your name in front of a client hiring manager.

The question is, though: is there a way to hire that recruiter to look for your next job? The answer is simple, but may not be what you want to hear. For while recruiters do exist to find job candidates for their clients, the good ones don’t act as surrogates for those candidates’ job search efforts.

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Three Reasons Why You Can’t Hire a Recruiter to Find You a Job

While there are many reasons why you can’t hire a recruiter to find you a job, we’ve compiled a list of just the top three. Once you’ve read them, you’ll understand why recruiters are not your best option for locating a new job. That understanding can help you to refocus your energies on job-search strategies that offer a better chance of success.

Recruiters Work for Companies, Not Job Candidates

The main reason why you can’t hire a recruiter to find you a job is obvious: that’s not what they do. Recruiters work for companies that need help. They don’t work for would-be employees who are struggling to find a job. Of course, you may occasionally run across a recruiter willing to take on that role, but you should think twice before taking him up on the offer. Chances are that you’ll get few benefits from the relationship.

Recruiters Are Not Focused on the Candidate’s Success

Because recruiters work for companies rather than job candidates, they have no real incentive to continue helping with your job search on a long-term basis. They might submit your resume to one company if you meet the position’s requirements, of course. If you don’t get that job, though, they will seldom bother to recommend you for another client.

Only 10% of Job Placements Occur Due to Recruiter Activity

Even if you do get a recruiter referral, the likelihood that it will result in a job is extremely low. Recruiters are responsible for only 10% of job placements. When compared to other types of referrals, that rate of success is almost negligible. For example, 20% of job hires are the result of activity that takes place on online job boards. About 70% occur due to personal interactions, employee recommendations, and social media activity. In other words, you need to proactively make new connections and leverage your existing network if you want to enjoy job search success!

The bottom line couldn’t be clearer: a recruiter simply isn’t your best job search option. There are clear reasons why you can’t hire a recruiter to find you a job, so it’s more efficient to focus on other job search tactics. Recommit to proactive networking and improve your chronological resume, and you’ll eventually land that job you so desperately desire.

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