Never Say "References Available Upon Request"

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Resumes and references are both common requests when you're applying for jobs, but that doesn't mean you should put your references on your resume. Many job seekers omit this section in favor of the phrase "references available upon request." Don't be one of these people!

References Available Upon Request

Why shouldn't you put "references available upon request" resume?

Your resume is all about you: what you've done, what you're capable of, and how to contact you. It's not necessary (or advisable) to put information for someone else on your resume.

Adding references on a resume is outdated and unprofessional. An employer expects you to have references, but that comes into play later in the hiring process. Including your references upfront seems presumptuous. Employers will usually ask for references later in the interview stage or right before they make an offer. Keep your list of references ready; just keep it off your resume.

Another reason you shouldn't list references is because most companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS ) to scan your resume. Some ATS are programmed to email your references automatically and your application stays invalid until they respond. While this practice doesn't appear to be common, it's not a risk worth taking!

Even if your resume doesn't end up in ATS purgatory, the only contact information that belongs on your resume are the ways to reach you.

Check ATS compatibility

When should you include references on a resume?

You should never include references on a resume or a cover letter. Your professional references should be a separate template.

The only time you should include a reference page with your resume is if the listing specifically asks for one. You will find that most jobs don’t; however, always double-check the instructions as to what the employer wants you to submit. Usually if an employer is asking for references on a job application, you should submit the information as a separate document.

How should you list your references?

Your reference sheet should contain three to four professional references. You should always give your references a heads up before you hand in your reference sheet.

The last thing you want is for your references to be caught off guard or even give an old number or email address. Ensure that the contact number and email are up to date for each of your references.

Should you include references on a cover letter?

No, you should never include references in a cover letter. If the employer asks for references, include them on a separate reference page.

Will the employer call the references?

There is no way to know whether an employer will reach out to your references. Just be sure that your references are aware that they may be contacted. Figure that there is a 50/50 chance that the employer will actually call.

We wrote a good post here on exactly what employers ask your references when they do call.


So to sum it up: under no circumstance should you include references or “references available upon request” on a cover letter or resume. Instead, have a reference sheet ready if the employer asks for one and always give your references a heads up that they may receive a call.

Good luck with your job search!

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This post was originally written in 2016 and has been updated in 2020 accuracy and clarity

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