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The LinkedIn headline is one of the most important sections on your profile, yet it's also one that's most overlooked. It's usually the first thing someone looks at when viewing your profile. It also shows up under your name in the feed, suggested contacts and when someone searches for you.

The majority of people just use their current position or title for the headline and that's both boring and ineffective.

For example:

"Results-driven internet marketing expert"

"Sales Executive"

This is boring and not very effective.

Your LinkedIn headline should hook the reader so you need to get creative.

We'll show you exactly how to write a good LinkedIn headline that makes you stand out along with some great examples. After reading this - be sure to check out our post on writing the perfect LinkedIn summary.

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Headline

Just so we're on the same page - a LinkedIn headline is the short description right under your name.

what is a LinkedIn headline

Here are the 3 Steps to Writing the Perfect LinkedIn Headline 

Step # 1 - Include Relevant Keywords

You need to include keywords that pertain to your title or industry to ensure that you could be found by hiring managers, recruiters or anyone else doing a search.

Let's use John as an example for creating a LinkedIn headline.

John is a SEO and social media marketing specialist so he would want to include both "SEO" and "social media marketing" in his headline.

Step# 2 - The Hook

The next step is to answer the "who cares" question - You're in sales, marketing etc. Who cares? What separates you from everyone else? This is where you need to get creative as this will set you apart from the 95% of the other generic LinkedIn Headlines.

There is no cookie-cutter formula for this. It really depends on your industry and audience.

Here are some ideas:

  • A major accomplishment

  • Years of Experience

  • Prestigious clients or companies you've worked with

  • Major certifications

  • Awards

  • Results you've delivered to clients or companies

  • Publications

Step # 3 - Putting it Together

The last step is putting it all together. Let's go back to John who's a SEO and social media marketing expert.

John helped take a company from 0 to over 1 million visitors in less than a year through SEO and social media marketing and was also featured in a Forbes post.

That's a pretty impressive accomplishment that would be appealing for any person or company looking for SEO services.

Here's a good LinkedIn headline John could use:

SEO and Social Media Marketing | Featured In Forbes | Grew Startup traffic to 1 Million+ visitors in less than 1 year

Now if you were a hiring manager or a business owner that needed SEO services - this headline would be a lot more attractive vs. just "SEO and Social Media Expert".

Again, there is no cookie cutter template for writing a good LinkedIn headline. You need to be creative and try to understand what your audience wants to know. Try seeing some other headlines in your industry to get some ideas.

Here are some other great examples of LinkedIn Headlines.

 Good examples of LinkedIn headlines

Good LinkedIn Headline Example 1


LinkedIn Headline Example 2


Good LinkedIn Headline 3


Here is a LinkedIn headline for a recent graduate:

Good LinkedIn Headline 4


The LinkedIn headline is really important and often overlooked. Remember to write a headline that makes you stand out on LinkedIn to potential clients and employers. You also need to ensure that you use appropriate keywords related to your position or industry to ensure your profile is searchable.

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