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ZipJob Teacher and Educator Resume Writing Services

Some would say that teachers and educators have the most important job in the world. They are responsible for educating young minds and empowering the youth of today to become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Everyone from in-class teachers to academic advisors to even the Vice Principal of a school has a role to play in one’s education. But one challenge all educators have is fighting for that next job. The education sector can be competitive. To stand out, one must have a resume that presents related skills such as child development, lesson plan development and even supportive counseling. Even if you have all these skills, if your resume doesn’t clearly communicate them, you won’t get that next job. That’s why you need ZipJob.

ZipJob has experts and services specific for teachers and educators. Whether you’re applying to be a Teaching Assistant or Principal of a school, ZipJob can help. We will match you with a professional resume writer who understands the teaching/education industry and provide you with re-writing services, structure recommendations and even scan your resume with ATS technology to ensure your resume will get through.

Ready to get that job in Education/Teaching? Get started today with ZipJob Teacher and Educator resume writing services.

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Pro Tip – Skills to Include

Most companies today use an ATS scanner to automatically screen your resume. Nearly 75% of resumes are rejected by ATS resume scanners.

Many times the candidates is qualified but their resume isn't optimized for these ATS scans. You should use a standard resume format and include hard skills which tell the ATS you're qualified for the position.

Here are some examples of hard skills to include when writing your resume:

  • Child Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Student Evaluation
  • Integration of Subjects
  • Lesson Plans