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Whether you want to be a help desk specialist, chief technology officer, or are just getting your start in the world of information technology,  our team of IT resume writers is here to craft a document that will showcase your technical skills while remaining accessible for today’s hiring managers.

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Why your IT resume is in the right hands

Our IT resume writing service matches you with one of our talented writers. Like you, they are data driven–using every tool in their arsenal to make sure your document isn’t going into the discard pile. They do this by: 

  • Enhancing your document for ATS

  • Creating a key-word rich list of your top achievements 

  • Optimizing your resume to rise above the rest with Category Ranking

How do we do it?

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First, we match you with a master IT resume writer best-suited to your situation. 

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Together, you go over your specific needs and goals for this resume.

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Your writer will write, proofread, and optimize your resume, then send it to you.

What will I get? 

With our hands-on IT resume writing service, our writers will perform:

  • Grammar checks

  • Give notes on organization

  • Provide extensive re-writes

  • Utilize keyword + ATS optimization

They’ll even add the skills hiring managers are looking for–from troubleshooting and end-user support or sprint planning, to application development and project management.

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Visually-appealing, professionally-written resumes lead to 2-3X more interviews.

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Our 60-day guarantee: if you don’t get twice the interviews, your rewrite is free!

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Great resumes get great results–we’re talking 3X more job offers!

Frequently asked questions

How is an IT resume different from a standard resume?

  1. IT resumes showcase specific technical skills such as programming languages, software, hardware, and networking.

  2. IT resumes include information like relevant certifications and training programs to demonstrate expertise and dedication to staying up-to-date.

  3. IT resumes focus on technical achievements, innovations, and contributions to IT projects or systems.

  4. IT resumes use industry-specific keywords to pass ATS and show technical proficiency.

  1. First, you tell us about your professional history and goals.

  2. With this information, we find your ideal IT resume writer.

  3. Then, you fill out a detailed form to give them additional information.

  4. The writer begins crafting your resume.

  5. The two of you review your resume to ensure it aligns with your goals.

  6. Your resume is professionally polished and ready to be shared with hiring managers.

We meticulously recruit and vet our extensive network of over 1,000 writers to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence. Our diverse team comprises certified career coaches, former and current hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters, and seasoned industry professionals. You're matched with a writer based on your work history and experience, ensuring a successful collaboration that propels you toward success.

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