Sales Resume Writing Service 

As a salesperson, you know the importance of making the product shine. Our sales resume writing service is designed to do the same, with your resume! We’ll pair you with a writer who will take advantage of your distinct expertise to create a resume that gets positive attention from potential employers. 

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Why your sales resume is in the right hands

Our sales resume writers are also industry experts that know what it takes to close the deal on your next great sales job. They are trained in creating visually appealing, personalized resumes that spotlight your skills and get you noticed in the job market. They do this by:

  • Enhancing your document for resume scanners and ATS

  • Creating a key-word rich list of your top achievements 

  • Optimizing your resume to rise above the rest with Category Ranking

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How do we do it?

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1. Match-making

First, we partner you with a sales resume writer best-suited to your specific needs.

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2. Goal-defining

Together, you discuss what aims you want your document to fulfill. 

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3. Resume-perfecting

Success! Your optimized resume will be written, proofed, and sent to you.

What will I get? 

Whether you’re an Account Executive, Chief Sales Officer, or just starting out in the world of sales, our sales resume writers will help you perfect your brand in one flawlessly crafted document. 

They’ve got you covered when it comes to the details of crafting an impressive sales resume – from grammar checks, organization, and keyword and ATS optimization, to adding desirable sales skills like business development, competitive analysis, lead generation, market penetration, and sales forecasting. 

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Frequently asked questions

How is a sales resume different from a standard resume?

  1. Sales resumes emphasize quantifiable results—what sales targets you’ve met, client relationships you’ve built, and revenue you’ve helped generate.

  2. Sales resumes focus on your communication skills, negotiation abilities, prospecting techniques, and any software and tools you have experience with. 

  3. Sales resumes prioritize your ability to nurture sales leads—employers want to know how you can create and maintain client relationships.

  4. Sales resumes beat automated resume scanners and ATS by using industry-specific keywords.

  5. Sales resumes use KPIs to provide concrete evidence of your sales expertise.

  1. First, you tell us about your professional history and goals.

  2. With this information, we find your ideal IT resume writer.

  3. Then, you fill out a detailed form to give them additional information.

  4. The writer begins crafting your resume.

  5. The two of you review your resume to ensure it aligns with your goals.

  6. Your resume is professionally polished and ready to be shared with hiring managers.

We meticulously recruit and vet our extensive network of over 1,000 writers to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence. Our diverse team comprises certified career coaches, former and current hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters, and seasoned industry professionals. You're matched with a writer based on your work history and experience, ensuring a successful collaboration that propels you toward success.

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Visually-appealing, professionally-written resumes lead to 2-3X more interviews.

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Great resumes get great results–we’re talking 3X more job offers!