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Written by Traci

Trouble highlighting skills and career progression

  • John's experience is hidden in bullet points and tired formatting.

  • John's resume submission includes a lot of technical jargon and abbreviations.

  • John's resume summary was too short for his level of experience.

    Key Changes of How We’ve Helped
  • Modern, polished resume format. This expert-designed format quickly draws the eye to John's expertise and key accomplishments.

  • Traci incorporated more keywords that both employers and applicant tracking systems are looking for. These feature throughout the resume.

  • John’s initial resume had a summary statement, but Traci rewrote this key section to expand upon John’s qualifications and specific skill set.

  • The resume now targets John’s career goals with employer-focused language and accomplishment-based experience.


Group Product Manager resume submission before we optimized and upgraded the document

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