25 Best Recruiting and Headhunting firms in NYC (2020 Update)

Feb 25, 2020

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Career Expert, ZipJob

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As a world leader in business, finance, technology, marketing, and healthcare innovation, New York City’s jobs market is dynamic and ever-changing.

The city is home to established large firms, startups, and everything in-between. In that type of competitive market, employers and job candidates need a reliable way to find one another, and the city’s top recruiting and headhunting firms provide that assistance.

Here’s our list of the top 25 recruiting and headhunting firms in NYC, categorized by the most common industry sectors:

  • General recruiting
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Executive
  • Sales
  • Finance

Top 5 General Recruiting Agencies

Premier Talent Partners

Premier Recruiting agency in NYC.

Premier Talent Partners believes in problem-solving – whether it’s fulfilling a client company’s staffing needs or helping a job candidate find the ideal position. It emphasizes matching talent to company culture, to ensure long-term success for employers and job-seekers. This staffing agency is a great place to look for a job if you’re in NYC.

Genuine Search Group

Genuine search group is a recruiting agency in NYC.

Genuine Search Group is a hiring agency in NYC focused on forging lasting relationships with its partner companies and talented job candidates. These relationships help to ensure that it provides all its clients with the quality matchmaking they deserve, delivered with a full-service approach to excellence.

ABS Staffing Solutions

ABS Staffing is a headhunting and recruiting agency in NYC.

From its headquarters in midtown Manhattan, ABC Staffing Solutions delivers quality recruiting and headhunting services to its business clients and reliable employment matching services for job candidates.

Bernard Nickels & Associates

BNA is a staffing company located in NYC

Bernard Nickels & Associates prides itself on being a trusted staffing and recruitment company that is willing to do what it takes to match great job candidates to equally great jobs. BNA offers placement services for both temporary and permanent positions.


Clarity recruiting agency in NYC.

The recruiting and headhunting professionals at Clarity have been matching companies with top talent for nearly twenty years and are committed to understanding each client and job candidate. It handles both individual hiring needs and larger-scale staffing efforts.

Tech & Engineering Recruiting Agencies

Clutch Talent

Clutch Recruiting firm in NYC

Clutch Talent is focused on helping its clients acquire the best software engineering talent New York City has to offer. Its experienced team of recruiting and headhunting experts offer technical recruiting, talent representation, and strategic consulting for employers and job seekers.

Bamboo Talent

Bamboo Talent is a recruiting and headhunting agency in New York

Bamboo Talent focuses on something it calls “Sustainable Recruitment” – which relies on building long-term relationships with its customers to help technology companies acquire the executive talent they need to succeed in a fast-changing industry.

Robert Half

Robert Half - recruiters in nyc.

Located in Midtown West, the Robert Half recruitment agency has spent the last 70 years helping to bring together companies and top talent.  The agency prides itself on its unparalleled industry insight, personalized approach, and innovative use of technology.

NIAH Recruiting

NIAH Recruiting is committed to matching its client companies to the top talent available from its powerful network of 50,000 candidates. The team at NIAH is equally committed to helping talented job-seekers locate the best position for their unique talents and needs.

Healthcare Recruiting Agencies

Atlantic Group

Atlantic Group is a recruiting agency for healthcare professionals located in NYC

The team at Atlantic Group brings more than 80 years of combined experience to its role as a top recruitment firm for New York City’s healthcare industry. The company prides itself on connecting the most talented area professionals with the best healthcare jobs in the city.

AMN Healthcare

AMN healthcare is a healthcare headhunting agency in New York.

AMN Healthcare helps match physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with the hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities that need them. It helps job candidates and client companies identify the best staffing solutions for their temporary, permanent, or contract needs.

NYC Healthcare Staffing

NYC healthcare staffing provides recruiting and headhunting services to healthcare professionals in New York.

The team at NYC Healthcare Staffing relies on its curated database of top-level medical professionals to help client companies quickly fill vital staffing needs. Though it’s only been in operation since 2010, the agency has quickly developed a reputation for excellence in the recruiting and headhunting industry.

Tal Healthcare

Tal Healthcare is a healthcare recruiting agency in nyc.

Tal Healthcare is dedicated to growing and developing teams, to help client organizations succeed. The company focuses on locating top healthcare talent, with an eye toward matching job candidates to each client company’s unique corporate culture.

Recruiting Agencies: Executive Jobs

Accur Recruiting Services

Accur is an executive headhunting and recruiting agency in NYC.

As a top NYC executive recruiting and headhunting firm, Accur Recruiting Services offers its clients access to top executive and middle management talent from across the U.S. and around the globe, in fields ranging from digital technology to media, trade, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is a popular executive recruiting agency in NYC.

According to the Korn Ferry website, this recruiting and headhunting agency places an average of one job candidate every three minutes. Its national and global reach make it one of the top agencies for efficient, successful job placements in New York City.

Michael Page

Michael Page is a headhunting and recruiting company in New York.

Michael Page is a world-renowned professional recruitment agency that focused on providing clients with top-level executive talent for permanent or temporary positions, including interim roles during leadership transitions.

Stanton Chase

Stanton Chase is one of the top executive search firms

Stanton Chase prides itself on being one of the top executive recruiters in the City that Never Sleeps, and with good reason. Its global reach has provided the company with a deep network of talent to fulfill its client companies’ executive staffing needs.

Recruiting Agencies for Sales

KAS Placement

Kas Placement is a sales headhunting agency in NY

KAS Placement bills itself as a top recruiter for vital sales and marketing positions. The company works with more than 100 industries to match job seekers with the companies that need them.

Sam & Lori

Sam&Lori is a recruiting agency in NYC with a focus on marketing and sales.

Sam & Lori may not be the biggest recruiting and headhunting firm in New York City, but it’s definitely one of the best.  As a boutique agency, Sam & Lori focuses its efforts on marketing talent, helping to match top job-seekers to top-level companies like Disney, Apple, and Coca-Cola.


80 Twenty is a recruiting agency in NYC focused on Sales.

80Twenty is another boutique recruiting agency, focused on marketing, sales, and creative positions.  The company has worked with clients ranging from Facebook and Tesla to Kenneth Cole, Accenture, and other well-known brands.

Peak Sales Recruiting

Peaksales is a headhunting company focused on sales and marketing.

Peak Sales Recruiting bills itself as the leading sales and sales executive search firm that claims to reduce hiring time by 80% and help companies locate B2B talent from the top 10 percent of sales professionals.

Recruiting Agencies for Finance

Crawford Thomas Recruiting

Crawford Thomas is a staffing agency with a focus on finance.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting relies on its team of professional recruiters and database of more than 300,000 highly-qualified candidates to match top talent to client company staffing needs.

Egon Zehnder

EgonZehnder is a finance recruiting agency in NYC.

Egon Zehnder provides executive-level recruitment and placement consulting services for clients in the financial services and private equity. The New York City office is this company’s largest, with roughly 120 team members committed to matching talent to career opportunities.

Abacus Group

The Abacus Group is a headhunting agency in NYC focused on finance.

Abacus Group is a top-level recruiting agency that specializes in placement for accounting, financial services, and administrative support positions. It provides support for both permanent and temporary job placement needs.

Robert Walters Group

Robert Walters is a recruiting agency for those in fiance and accounting - based in NYC.

The team at Robert Walters Group has developed a substantial network of financial institution players that enable the company to expertly match top accounting and finance professionals with the companies that need them.


Our team put together this list based on multiple factors including web traffic, industry reputation, and our career experts’ experiences. Zipjob does not receive any compensation for the services on this list.

This is part of our series on recruiting and headhunting companies in big cities across the USA. Check out our complete list of cities:

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