October 19, 2017
Lying about a GPA on a resume

Here Is What Happens When You Lie About Your GPA on a Resume

Lying about a GPA is one of the most common lies made on a resume. Many job seekers are tempted to inflate their GPA in order to stand out from the crowd. We’ll talk about what happens when you lie about […]
October 16, 2017
Stay positive during your job search

6 Tips to Stay Positive and Avoid Job Search Frustration | ZipJob

When it comes to morale, there are few things more frustrating than meeting rejection during a job search. As with anything else in life, repeated rejection has a way of dragging down your enthusiasm. Eventually, that rejection can leave you […]
October 11, 2017

Top 8 Free Job Search Apps In 2017 | Android and iPhone – ZipJob

Searching for jobs on a mobile browser could be a bit difficult which is why many job seekers turn to job search apps. Just do a quick search in the app store on either IOS or Android and you’ll see an […]
October 8, 2017
education resume

How To List Education On a Resume

A resume can and should look very different depending on the individual it is representing. Everyone has strong and weak points to address. Of course, the focal point of a veteran executive will be very different from that of a […]
October 4, 2017
how long does it take to hear back from a job application Add to list

How Long Does it Take To Hear Back After a Job Application?

Many job seekers ask "how long does it take to hear back from a job application?" When you'll hear back after submitting a resume depends on a few factors.