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Career advice featured in – Forbes, Glassdoor, Reader's Digest, MarketWatch, The CheatSheet
Career advice featured in Forbes, Glassdoor, MarketWatch, Reader's Digest, The CheatSheet

Calling all Scrum Masters! You’ve probably spent years perfecting your trade, or you’ve been in school learning everything from Agile practices to managing team productivity. Now it’s time to find a job or switch to a new position. You can’t do that until you have a compelling resume that extols your greatness as a Scrum Master. 

That’s where this “Scrum Master Resume Example, Tips and Tricks” guide can help. Use it to guide your resume writing and sprint toward winning those interviews. Keep reading to learn about the hard and soft skills you need to highlight and how ZipJob can help you if you get stuck.

How to write a resume

Before you sit in front of the computer with your cursor blinking on a blank Word document, there are some things you need to do. While Scrum Masters are highly sought after, there are a lot of folks vying for those positions. Considering that companies get hundreds of applications for single open positions, standing out from the crowd is a must. To do that, you should:

  • Highlight qualifications and expertise: Maintain a focus on the last 10-15 years of experience. Start with your current/most recent employment and work backward. Make a list of your skills, achievements, and accomplishments.

  • Showcase results: Hiring managers care about seeing tangible outcomes. Think about the projects you’ve worked on. Did you save money? Did you find a way to minimize timelines? Did you implement some process to mitigate project risks? 

  • Align your resume with the job requirements: The era of sending a single resume to all positions is over. No longer can you throw your resume at hundreds of jobs and hope something sticks. You have to tailor your resume to each job. That may seem overly time-consuming, but it’s better to spend 10 minutes customizing your resume and actually hear back than it is to spend that time sending out dozens of applications only to be ghosted. 

If you use the right structure for your resume, customizing it and calling out achievements shouldn’t be too difficult. You may be tempted to Google “resume template” and pick one of the creative resumes you find. But fight that urge. Hiring managers are more interested in the content, and those creative resumes aren’t ATS-friendly. 

Instead, you should opt for a traditional reverse-chronological resume format as it provides the cleanest layout that will get past the Applicant Tracking System and appeal to hiring managers. From there, including relevant information is as easy as typing out the section headers and filling in your experience. Here are the section headers you should have on your reverse-chronological resume:

  • Contact information

  • Title, branding statement, and profile paragraph

  • Core competencies

  • Professional experience

  • Education

  • Extras (e.g., research, public speaking, awards, professional affiliations)

The final step in composing an interview-winning resume is proofreading. You’d think this would go without saying, but the number of resumes sent to hiring managers with simple spelling errors is unimaginable. And that can be the one thing that will cause your resume to be dismissed. 

Scrum Master resume example 

We know that seeing something is sometimes better than being told how to do it. So, here’s an example Scrum Master resume that you can, hopefully, glean some keywords and details from:



City, State or Country if international

Phone | Email

LinkedIn URL


Dynamic, hands-on, bilingual Agile Scrum Master with experience managing large enterprise software development projects that meet demanding time restraints and exceed all expectations. Accomplished project manager highly regarded for orchestrating high-profile IT projects and programs for F100 industry leaders like Kaiser Permanente, Cisco, and Apple. Out-of-the-box thinker who champions innovative technical solutions to address complex client needs and related business problems, ensuring superior outcomes. Sought for cross-functional expertise in Big Data/Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Software-as-a-Service, AWS Cloud, and Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Management. Known as a superb communicator who builds productive stakeholder relationships while leading diverse teams to exceed all performance expectations.


  • Technical Project Management

  • Product Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Process Documentation

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • IT Strategy & Planning

  • Agile/Scrum/Waterfall Methodologies

  • Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Project Budgeting

  • Process Improvement

  • Automated/Manual Testing

  • Streamlining Efforts

  • Product Development

  • Cloud Computer

  • Project Status

  • Performance Testing


Agile Project Manager

Company, City, ST | Year-to-Year


  • Chosen to helm entire RFP selection process for a high-profile XXXX project to understand future technology needs to support business priorities and operations, effectively supporting up to $XXM in year-over-year revenues.

  • Spearheaded outstanding initiatives in the area of Data Curation, Data Virtualization and Big Data Analytics in the AWS Cloud Data Lake with an operating budget of $XX M, using innovative methodologies to optimize expenditures.

  • Sought for excellent communication and interpersonal acumen, exceed all expectations as primary contact for project kickoffs, development, testing, management of mission-critical issues and risks, and launch.

  • Partner directly with enterprise architecture/IS, InfoSec, and network teams while simultaneously coordinating with leadership to resolve time-sensitive issues to ensure successful delivery of projects, including XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX.

  • Oversee all phases of development to guarantee the best possible results, monitoring workflow and facilitating execution of Master Data Management-Product Master project that provides a centralized, accessible repository for the Bank’s product data and hierarchies; delivered essential contributions to improve data quality, support banks growth, ability to add new products and services, enable consistency and efficiency in reporting and analytics, and efficient use of an operating budget of $1M.Key projects:

    • Provided technical guidance and architectural design for a business wide project to streamline XXXX processes, affecting XX departments across XX countries.

    • Successfully delivered all project objectives within anticipated timelines and budgets.

    • Created an annual saving of $XXM in storage and infrastructure costs by migrating XX departments to a cloud solution.

Agile Scrum Master

Company, City, ST | Year-to-Year


  • Proficiently organize and facilitate daily scrum, sprint reviews, retrospectives, sprint and release planning.

  • Collaborate closely with product owner on backlog grooming to keep product backlog relevant and prioritized, ensuring acceptance criteria are agreed upon and stories are ready for sizing.

  • Effectively track team’s progress, including burn down, velocity and release forecasting.

  • Work with Scrum Masters across 4 sites to prepare for and facilitate potentially shippable increment planning sessions.

  • Expertly promote continuous improvement and help teams increase productivity and foster innovation.

Scrum Master

Company, City, ST | Year-to-Year


  • Utilize abilities and skills of individuals and foster a feedback culture to support team building and development.

  • Provide effective defect tracking and management to ensure highest quality software.

  • Design and implement test suites that exercise and validate product functionality in the most efficient way.

  • Provide test scenarios and feature files with detailed steps for automation to enhance testing efficiency.

  • Proactively collaborated with other Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches across the organization.



Complete School Name, City, St/Country: List Graduation Years If Within the Last Ten Years
Complete Degree Name (Candidate) – Major (GPA: List if over 3.3)

  • Relevant Coursework: List coursework taken (even include those you are planning on taking)

  • Awards/Honors: List any awards, honors or big achievements

  • Clubs/Activities: List clubs and activities in which you participated

  • Relevant Projects: List 2-3 projects you have worked on

Key hard & soft skills for Scrum Master

As you can see, there is a strong mix of hard and soft skills on this sample resume. Hard skills are things you know how to do because of education and experience. Soft skills are traits you possess that make you good at what you do. You don’t want your resume to turn into a dumping ground for skills, though. You have to utilize the ones that you actually have experience with. 

With that said, and in the spirit of being an achiever rather than a doer, only use skills that you can attach to concrete examples and achievements from your career. Leveraging your experience and accomplishments will help set you apart from other Scrum Master job candidates. 

To increase your odds of getting past the ATS and impressing a hiring manager, use keywords/phrases directly from the job description. Being able to attach what you know how to do with what the prospective company needs shows them that you have what it takes.

Here are the top hard skills you can include in your resume that should be attractive to most Scrum Master hiring managers:

  • Agile methodologies: Showcase your proficiency in various agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, or SAFe. Highlight your experience in implementing these methodologies and driving their successful adoption within teams.

  • Agile tools: Mention any specific agile project management tools you have used, such as Jira, Trello, or Azure DevOps. Highlight your proficiency in utilizing these tools to track progress, manage tasks, and facilitate collaboration among team members.

  • Scrum ceremonies: Emphasize your expertise in facilitating Scrum ceremonies, including Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Reviews, and Retrospectives. Discuss how you effectively lead these meetings to promote collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement.

  • Backlog management: Demonstrate your ability to effectively manage product backlogs, including user story prioritization, backlog grooming, and estimation techniques like story points or planning poker. Showcase your experience in ensuring a well-defined and manageable backlog for the development team.

Here are the top soft skills that hiring managers want Scrum Masters to possess:

  • Communication: Showcase your strong communication skills, both verbal and written. Discuss your ability to effectively convey information, facilitate discussions, and ensure clarity among team members, stakeholders, and product owners.

  • Facilitation: Highlight your expertise in facilitating meetings, workshops, and decision-making sessions. Emphasize your ability to encourage collaboration, foster a safe and open environment for discussions, and guide teams toward effective problem-solving.

  • Leadership: Demonstrate your leadership qualities in guiding and empowering agile teams. Highlight your experience in motivating team members, providing coaching and mentorship, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

  • Adaptability: Showcase your ability to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Discuss your experience in managing change, adapting to evolving requirements, and handling unexpected challenges that arise during the course of agile projects.

Summary & last words

As you embark on the quest of crafting your unique self-portrait on paper, remember that your resume is not just a list of roles and responsibilities; it is the vivid tapestry of your passion for teamwork, your dedication to continuous improvement, and your  commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration. Embrace the art of storytelling in your resume, for behind every impressive bullet point lies a compelling narrative of triumphs, challenges, and personal growth.

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