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What is Zipjob?

Zipjob is the largest platform connecting job applicants to hundreds of resume writers spanning across all industries. We use the latest trends in resume writing to help stay ahead of the competition. What really sets us apart is the quality of our writers and our easy to use website. We also pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of customer service.

How does it work? What happens after I place an order?

After purchasing a resume package, you're asked to fill out a simple questionnaire related to your career as well as positions you're targeting. We then ask you to upload your current resume or to give us the necessary information to write one from scratch.

We then match you to a professional writer, if its industry specific we will match to a writer in your industry. You will then have a dashboard where you can easily message your writer, upload information and download your resume when it's complete. All resumes are screened with the Applicant Tracking System(ATS) before they are completed to ensure your resume gets passed the scan

What is a resume scanner or ATS?

ATS is an acronym for Applicant Tracking System, a software most companies use to screen candidates. The way it works is when you apply, your resume is sent to a software which scans your resume to see if you meet the basic requirements for a job. If the system can't read your resume or if you're not using your keywords properly your resume is deleted from the system. The system deletes over 75% of resume due to these errors. Wrong formatting, fonts, colors and many other reasons could be the reason why the software cannot read your resume. Using the correct keywords in your resume is another important factor that can help get you past the ATS.

How is my privacy protected?

We never share your resume or information with ANYONE. We take privacy very seriously at Zipjob - Your email, resume and other information is securely protected and never shared or sold.

How well are your writers qualified?

All of our writer must have experience writing resumes and go through our strict quality assurance examination process. Our writers are also trained with the latest best practices on resume writing and ATS optimization techniques. We do not allow any writers from outside of North America and we never outsource work.

How can I communicate with my writer?

Once you purchase a package you will be matched with a writer within 24 hours. From there you will have a dashboard where you can easily message your writer.

Can I have a phone call with my writer?

Yes, if you want a writer who's available for an initial phone call - please reach out to us at team@zipjob.com after placing your order. We have both in-house and freelance writers we work with. Some freelance writers work full time jobs so a phone call is not feasible for them. The messaging system on our website allows easy communication with your writer anytime.

What is the 60 day employment guarantee?

At Zipjob we are very confident in our writer's abilities to craft you a job winning resume. To show how confident we are, if you are not hired in 60 days after we complete your resume we will rewrite your resume. This not only consists of a simple rewrite, but a comprehensive assessment of your job search and what the reason may be for not getting interview. We then make any appropriate changes or suggestions to improve the results. This happens rarely and more often is the result of a customer asking to target a certain position/industry and they end up applying others.

Why not a money back guarantee?

Although we're confident in our abilities to craft an effective resume, some things are out of our control. The market, job search strategy and industry may all have an effect on the time it takes to find a job. Resume writing services that offer a money back guarantee never keep their promise - It's just a way to hook you in.

What's included in the LinkedIn?

The writer will create a keyword optimized and effective bio for you. This is the most important part of a LinkedIn profile. If you have some great achievements for positions you held, you can briefly mention them in the professional experience section. Your writer will help you with that as well if needed.

How long will my resume take?

The turnaround time is listed on each of the packages on our services page. If we're really busy, it may take a few more days to get your resume. (Sorry!)

Do you use resume templates?

We do not use resume templates. Our writers are instructed to use a few different formats however. This is due to the fact that if your formatting is too out of line, the ATS might not be able to read it. We utilize formats which are preferred by both hiring managers and ATS software.

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