10 Best College Grad Job Search Sites (Updated 2024)

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Every career has to start somewhere! For students and recent college grads who are job searching, that means landing that first post-education job. Unfortunately, many graduates struggle to find employment in their field in the years following college. Thankfully, those struggles can be minimized with the right job search strategy--including optimal use of internet resources. If you’re a recent college grad ready for your career, our list of the 10 best college grad job search sites can help.

Here is our list, followed by brief descriptions of each site.

  1. LinkedIn

  2. Indeed

  3. Glassdoor

  4. Simply Hired

  5. USAJobs

  6. College Recruiter

  7. Internships.com

  8. After College

  9. Idealist

  10. Alumni Central

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Best College Grad Job Websites for 2024

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn a top site for executives

LinkedIn is a vital resource for any job seeker and can be critically important for college grads too. It provides a host of networking and search tools, and can play a key role in helping to advance your career. In addition to being a job search site, LinkedIn is a great way to grow your professional network. Start by connecting with your classmates and professors!

Visit LinkedIn

2. Indeed

Indeed job search site

While Indeed is well-known for its searchable database of job listings, the site offers other benefits that every college grad can appreciate. For example, search results are well-organized, and job seekers can quickly research average salary and other important career details.

Visit Indeed

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor a top site for executives

Glassdoor has quickly become a go-to site for many job seekers – including college graduates. It offers unique employer insights, salary details, networking opportunities, and a rich database of job listings.

Visit Glassdoor

4. SimplyHired

SimplyHired a top site

SimplyHired enables job seekers to create or upload their resumes, and search from a huge collection of available open positions. As a result, it can be an important tool to help college graduates begin their post-college job search.

Visit SimplyHired

5. USAJobs


USAJobs is a great resource for college graduates who are interested in pursuing careers in federal government service. As the premier site for federal jobs, USAJobs offers job listings as well as information about educational and training requirements for those positions.

Visit USAJobs

6. College Recruiter

College Recruiter website

College Recruiter provides students and recent graduates with access to articles, job search advice, and job postings that often require little or no prior work experience. Users can search for jobs using a variety of search filters like location, college major, and more.

Visit College Recruiter

7. Internships.com

Internships.com by Chegg

If you’re a student or college grad seeking a role as an intern, Internships.com is one site you need to visit. It provides a wealth of information, networking opportunities, and other benefits that can help you in your search for a paid or unpaid intern position.

Visit Internships.com

8. Aftercollege.com

After College website

Aftercollege.com is a great site for recent college graduates who need entry-level positions or students interested in internships. Most of the available positions listed on the site require no work experience, and companies posting on the site are there to recruit recent graduates. In addition, site registration is free.

Visit Aftercollege.com

9. Idealist

Idealist website

Today’s socially-conscious youth often want to begin their careers with work in the non-profit or volunteer sector. Idealist can help you locate open positions devoted to causes you support.

Visit Idealist

10. Alumni Central

Alumni Central website

Alumni Central provides college grads with a full-range of job search assistance. The site includes resume building features and a way to upload resumes and portfolios. In addition, there’s a career advice library and instructional videos and podcasts. Most importantly, there’s a searchable database of more than 500,000 jobs and internships.

Visit Alumni Central

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As you can see, there are a lot of resources out there for college grads searching for jobs. Moreover, they’re not all restricted to entry-level positions either. As a result, you can dramatically enhance your career prospects by adding any of the 10 best college grad job search sites to your overall career strategy.

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