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Career advice featured in – Forbes, Glassdoor, Reader's Digest, MarketWatch, The CheatSheet
Career advice featured in Forbes, Glassdoor, MarketWatch, Reader's Digest, The CheatSheet

Are you a Food Safety Manager looking to take the next steps in your career? If so, it is critical that you have a standout resume that reflects your skills, expertise, and achievements. After all, future employers want to know that you understand the ins and outs of food safety. Your resume is your first opportunity to make a lasting impression, showcasing your qualifications and demonstrating why you're the perfect fit for the job.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of crafting a Food Safety Manager resume that grabs the attention of employers. We'll also share a real-life resume example, highlight key hard and soft skills, and some tips and tricks that will help you stand out from the crowd.

How to write a resume

A lot of people miss great opportunities because their resume is rejected by the application tracking systems (ATS), or they miss the boat because they don’t show employers what they bring to the table for a new role. We get it; writing a resume is a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be a straightforward task. Here are some steps to get you started:

1. Choose the right format

Creating a stand-out resume starts with selecting a resume format that suits your experience. There are three common formats that are widely accepted by hiring managers. They are chronological, functional, and combination (hybrid). For most Food Safety Managers, a chronological format is the best choice. This format lists your work history in reverse chronological order, making it easy for employers to see your career progression.

2. Start with a header

Your header should include your name, phone number, email address, and location. For the location, be sure to include your city, state, and zip code. Hiring managers can query the ATS to present resumes within a radius of a zip code. Leaving off the zip code ensures that your resume won’t be presented if this particular query is performed. Also, ensure that your email address looks professional. Meaning avoid cutesy email addresses like It’s better to use an email that reflects your name so that when prospective employers are searching through the countless applications they receive, they can easily find yours.

3. Craft a powerful profile summary

The opening section of your resume should grab the reader's attention. Use a brief summary to highlight your career goals and the achievements you had as a Food Safety Manager in previous positions. You should also include a good mix of hard and soft skills, leveraging keywords you find in the job description. 

4. Showcase your skills

Dedicate a section to your hard and soft skills. We'll give more information on this later in the article. 

5. List your work experience

Detail your work history, starting with your most recent position and working backward for approximately 10 years. Include the name of the company, your job title, dates of employment, and a list of your accomplishments. Use bullet points to make it easy to read, and add in numbers every chance you get. Including numbers isn’t as difficult as it seems. You can write about how many staff you managed or talk about how you increased audit scores. 

6. Highlight your education

List your educational qualifications, including the name of the institution you attended and the degree you earned. If you have relevant certifications, mention them here too.

7. Proofread and edit

Finally, proofread your resume carefully. The number of resumes received by hiring managers with simple errors is unfathomable. Never send out your resume before checking it for typos, grammatical errors, and formatting issues. You should also consider having a friend or family member review it as well. Fresh eyes can spot mistakes you miss because your brain will interpret what’s supposed to be on the page rather than what’s actually there.

Food Safety Manager Resume example 

Now that the basics of creating an interview-winning Food Safety Manager resume are taken care of, let's take a look at an example that puts the basics into practice. You’ll notice that this example showcases all of the elements, including quantifiable achievements. While the information in this sample may be different from your actual experience, you can use it as a guide to crafting your own resume.



City, State or Country if international

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A dynamic, results-oriented Food Safety Manager offering focused leadership to drive sales and profitability in highly competitive markets. Noted for outstanding communications skills, both with guests and staff; ability to resolve problems quickly and equitably to ensure satisfied customers and happy employees. Consistently achieve performance goals through enthusiasm, tenacity, and initiative. Manager with the ability to motivate staff members and turn under-producing teams into record-breaking units. Well organized with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, perseverance, and the creativity to achieve both personal and corporate goals.


  • Team Building

  • Staff Training

  • Customer Service

  • Food Safety Management

  • Guest Relations

  • Purchasing/ Inventory

  • Cost Containment/ Control

  • Quality Assurance

  • Policies/ Procedures

  • Facilities/Safety Management

  • P & L Management

  • Loss Prevention



COMPANY INC | CHICAGO, IL | 2015 to 2020


  • Oversaw ordering, pricing, marketing, and presentation of all fresh produce in the store (both from our own farm and vendors), including daily changes based on pricing/seasonality.

  • Instituted guidelines to reduce wasted food (and money) in produce dept.

  • Hired and trained new employees, planning schedules for 30-40 staff; updated training manuals; organized/updated all employee paperwork (w-4s, SERV safe certificates, injury log, etc.).

  • Coordinated daily operations of busy vegetarian restaurant and grocery store, promoting smooth workflow and accuracy of operations; addressed customer complaints; guided employees; identified and resolved issues as they arrived.

  • Created new menu items for smoothie bar and to-go case based on seasonal prices and surpluses; researched ingredients and introduced menu of 'tonics' designed to address specific health goals.

  • Certified CA food safety manager; achieved a 75% improvement in length of health inspection report.


COMPANY INC | CHICAGO, IL | 2012 to 2015


  • Oversaw and managed all food safety, quality management systems, sanitation & regulatory adherence of a mid to large size USDA and FDA inspected food production and distribution company.

  • Company liaison and management representative between the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

  • Developed, implemented, and managed GFSI-BRC Food Safety Program including the successful completion of the company’s first audit with the score of “B” in 2013. Improved the score to an “A” in 2014.

  • Management representative for all association meetings and trade shows (NAMA, AAMP, and MeatAMI).

  • Company administrator for posting required documents and site maintenance on iCiX and Aspirago.

  • Developed and validated quality parameters and product specifications for products manufactured for the company and our customers under their private label brands.

  • Developed, implemented, and managed all aspects of sanitation for the production and warehouse facility.

  • Reported directly to the president of the company any new or improved food safety programs or technologies.

  • Successfully completed Food Safety Assessments conducted by EIAOs with no company interruption.


COMPANY INC | CHICAGO, IL | 2010 to 2013


  • Aggressively pursued new business by establishing relationships with local vendors of building products and deepening product assortments which led to an increase of over one million dollars in contractor sales in 2013.

  • Member of management team that was recognized as Store of the Year in 2010 for exceeding annual sales and margin budgets by 105%.

  • Properly managed all store costs to maximize store profitability and achieve margin budgets.

  • Responsible for cross-merchandising products which led to increased margins and sales of numerous product groups.

  • Created and implemented selling program for flooring sales specialists in 2007 which led to increases in overall department sales and drastically increased sales levels of installation services.

  • Consistently exceeded annual department sales and margin goals by implementing strategic product merchandising techniques and aggressively increasing inventory levels.



Complete School Name, City, St/Country: List Graduation Years If Within the Last Ten Years
Complete Degree Name (Candidate) – Major (GPA: List if over 3.3)

  • Relevant Coursework: List coursework taken (even include those you are planning on taking)

  • Awards/Honors: List any awards, honors or big achievements

  • Clubs/Activities: List clubs and activities in which you participated

  • Relevant Projects: List 2-3 projects you have worked on

Key hard & soft skills for Food Safety Manager

As a Food Safety Manager, your resume should emphasize both hard and soft skills. Hard and soft skills work together to demonstrate your qualifications and expertise as they align with what future employers want to see in new hires. When done properly, your skills list lays the foundation for ensuring that a hiring manager can see the value you’ll bring to their team.

Hard skills

Your hard skills are the technical competencies that directly relate to your role as a Food Safety Manager and are the foundation of your expertise in maintaining food safety standards. They include:

  • Food safety regulations: Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of food safety laws and regulations, including HACCP, FDA guidelines, and USDA standards, to demonstrate your competence in ensuring compliance.

  • Auditing and inspection: Highlight your experience in conducting food safety audits and inspections, explaining opportunities you’ve taken to make improvements or implement corrective actions to maintain safety standards.

  • Quality control: Showcase your ability to maintain high-quality standards in food production and distribution and that you have a track record of upholding those standards throughout your career.

  • Risk assessment: Mention your proficiency in identifying and mitigating potential food safety risks because employers want to know that you are capable of proactively addressing safety challenges.

  • Crisis management: Emphasize your skills in handling food safety incidents and recalls effectively.

Soft skills

In addition to your hard skills, soft skills play a pivotal role in your success as a Food Safety Manager. These interpersonal and cognitive skills complement your technical abilities and are equally valuable. In fact, when a hiring manager has two candidates who are seemingly equal, it’s often the soft skills that win the day. Here are some examples:

  • Leadership:  As a Food Safety Manager, you often lead teams responsible for implementing safety protocols. This provides you with a great opportunity to highlight your leadership skills and gives you a chance to emphasize your ability to motivate and guide your team in upholding food safety standards.

  • Communication: Being able to articulate sometimes complex food safety protocols is essential in ensuring that safety protocols are understood and followed by all team members. A great phrase you can use in your resume is that you "foster a culture of safety" by making sure your team has a clear understanding of processes, protocols, and regulations.

  • Attention to detail: Showcase your meticulousness in monitoring and documenting safety procedures. Employers value professionals who leave no room for error when it comes to food safety.

  • Problem-solving: Share examples of how you've resolved food safety issues in your previous roles by analyzing problems, identifying root causes, and implementing effective solutions in alignment with company policies and relevant regulations.

  • Adaptability: The food safety landscape is constantly changing with evolving regulations and industry trends, so it's important to show that you're adaptable by describing instances where you've adjusted to changes and ensured continued compliance.

Summary & Last Words

There is arguably no job more important than that of a Food Safety Manager. You are responsible for ensuring that the food everyone consumes is high-quality and won’t make people sick. Your resume should reflect this commitment to excellence. Now that you know what to do – from picking the right format to quantifying achievements and leveraging a strong mix of hard and soft skills – creating a resume that impresses future employers should be a breeze.

Key Takeaway

Key takeaways:

  • Pick the right format

  • Numbers matter

  • Balance hard and soft skills

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