10 Best Legal Professional Job Search Sites

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Online resources have become an integral part of most legal professional’s job search efforts. However, if you’re a legal professional you might struggle to figure out which sites will maximize your opportunities to land a great position. Sadly, it might sometimes seem like the internet offers little by way of assistance. The good news is that we have the answers you need. To help you get the most out of your internet job search experience, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best legal professional job search sites.

Here’s our list, followed by a quick summary of each site from one of our experts:

  1. Find Law

  2. Law Crossing

  3. LawJobs.com

  4. LinkedIn

  5. Indeed

  6. Monster

  7. Career Builder

  8. USA Jobs

  9. Law Match

  10. Legal Staff

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Best Legal Job Websites for 2022

1. FindLaw.com

FindLaw for legal professionals

FindLaw is a comprehensive site for legal professionals. Additionally, its Law Career Center provides an array of job listings for attorneys and others in the industry. There’s also a library of resources covering legal news, case law, and invaluable information for professionals and legal students.

Visit FindLaw

2. LawCrossing

Lawcrossing.com legal jobs in Buffalo NY

LawCrossing’s job listings include more than 70,000 open legal positions from around the globe. The site lists jobs from about a quarter of a million legal employers, including law firms, governments, corporations, and more.

Visit LawCrossing

3. Lawjobs.com

Lawjobs.com start your job search here

This site bills itself as the premiere resource for legal jobs. In fact, Lawjobs.com provides users access to information about open positions for attorneys, legal aids, support staff, and others in the legal profession. It’s a great way to connect with legal industry employers across the country.

Visit Lawjobs.com

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn a top site for executives

LinkedIn is the world’s foremost social media site for professionals. In addition, it is a great resource for job listings. Its powerful search options can help you quickly find the right legal professional job in your area or anywhere in the country.

Visit LinkedIn

5. Indeed

Indeed legal counsel job search

As one of the largest job search sites in the world, Indeed is a natural resource for top legal professionals. Whether you’re an attorney, paralegal, or legal office staff, you’re almost certain to find a host of great open positions on Indeed.

Visit Indeed

6. Monster

Monster Legal job search

Monster lists jobs from almost every industry imaginable, which may be intimidating for some. However, its search features can help you quickly locate legal professional job openings. As an added bonus, the site can help you with career advice, resume tips, and resume posting too.

Visit Monster

7. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder a top site for executives

CareerBuilder is another giant in the online search industry, and for good reason. Its detailed search options can help you narrow your job seeking by filtering for industry, salary expectation, location, and other relevant details.

Visit CareerBuilder

8. USAJobs


If you’re an attorney or other legal professional looking for a career in government, then USAJobs is the site for you. In fact, it is the official site for employment within the federal government. USAJobs can help you locate lucrative job opportunities, upload your resume, and get started with the federal application process.

Visit USAJobs

9. Lawmatch

LawMatch website

Lawmatch advertises itself as a specialized service for the legal industry. It’s open to attorneys, students, and others in the legal sector. Moreover, it works with law firms, corporations, and law schools to help match law students and experienced legal professionals with the firms that need them.

Visit Lawmatch

10. Legal Staff

Association Career Network

Legal Staff is a great free option for locating key open positions in the legal field. The site’s search features are easy to use, and its dedicated focus on the legal industry ensures that you only see jobs that are relevant for your career.

Visit Legal Staff


The bottom line is clear: when you’re looking for the best employment opportunities in the legal industry, the 10 best legal professional job search sites can help you achieve that goal.

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