Entry-Level Attorney Resume Example & 5 Tips

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Are you looking for a good entry-level attorney resume sample? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together an excellent entry-level attorney resume example along with some great tips to help you write your own.

Entry Level Attorney Resume Example

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5 Tips for Writing Your Entry Level Attorney Resume

Competition for employment as an entry-level attorney can be fierce. To land that first job, you’ll need more than just a by-the-numbers (read: bland) resume. Follow these 5 tips for writing your entry-level attorney resume, and maximize your chances of success.

1. Don’t make your entry-level attorney resume too long

All new job seekers struggle with just how long their resumes should be. There’s a natural inclination to include every potentially relevant piece of information you can think of. Resist that temptation.

Your resume needs to be as tight and tailored as possible. As a basic rule, you should try to keep your resume to two pages or fewer. The less relevant experience you have, the more succinct you should be.

2. Focus your entry-level attorney resume on skills and accomplishments

When it comes to your work experience, you may be concerned that you simply don’t have the experience you need. All entry-level workers suffer from that fear, but there are things that you can do to get around that deficiency.

If you lack work experience, you will need to emphasize your accomplishments and skill sets on your resume to impress the employer. Focus on the applicable skills you’ve from volunteer activities or organized endeavors in school, as well as achievements that you’re proud of.

3. Make sure your entry-level attorney resume is 100% accurate

Be honest, and emphasize accuracy. Don’t misrepresent educational level, standing in your class, awards won, participation in school groups, or grades on your resume. Employers have more ways to check on these claims than ever before, and that means that any lies or exaggerations are almost certain to be discovered.

Just represent yourself and your accomplishments in the most forthright manner possible and trust that you’ve laid the proper foundation needed to make yourself an attractive candidate for the job.

4. Keep your entry-level attorney resume organized

Be organized. Since you only have so much room available for a proper resume, plan your resume layout before you begin to write. Keep everything clear and concise, and use a traditional resume format to appeal to the widest possible audience. That means organizing information into the proper sections, and using clear black and white text in a traditional resume font. It’s also wise to have your document proofread by someone else--or several people--to ensure that it’s mistake-free.

5. Don’t lose focus!

Think through your experience and noteworthy skills before you start to list them all in your resume. Are they include the relevant experience listed on your resume that you’re seeking? Will the firm’s hiring personnel care about non-relevant everything that you’ve done? Chances are that you have accomplishments, hobbies or interests, and skills that have no bearing on the job you’re seeking. Don’t bother including them in the resume.

Instead, focus only on those skills, characteristics, and achievements that a good law firm will appreciate. Remember, you’re applying for a job in the legal profession. All those extracurricular interests might have been important for getting you into the school of your choice, but they are unlikely to help you land that first job as an attorney.

Entry Level Attorney Resume Sample (Text)

Attorney + Corporate Counsel + Legal Consulting

Case Management + Research + Analytical Skills

A highly accomplished, bilingual/multilingual attorney capable of analyzing complex research, data, and documentation to prepare and represent individuals in sensitive cases. Recognized as a leader with the ability to perform work both autonomously and as a member of a diverse legal team. Adept at fostering and sustaining strong professional relationships with clients, colleagues and law enforcement personnel to ensure success. Strong academic qualifications include a Degree from School Name. Bar Admission: State of XX.

Selected Highlights

  • Actively communicated with clients and claimants to discuss claim decisions, delays and denials.

  • Collaborated with Legislative Services to fine-tune the language of proposed rules and ensure compliance.

  • Researched and drafted revised state statutes and regulations for adoption.

  • Interviewed prospective clients, performed fact-checking investigations, monitored the status of rules and policies, and interpreted regulations and laws.

  • Prepared a policy and potential constitutional challenges memorandum on newly passed cyber-crime law for the Attorney General.

  • Briefed prosecutors and investigators on proposed legislation and coordination efforts to combat crime.

Core Competencies

  • Civil/Criminal Law

  • State/Federal Laws

  • Data Analysis

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Legal Document Preparation

  • Research

  • Litigation

  • Arbitration

  • Policies/Procedures

  • Persuasion

  • Public Speaking

  • Proceedings


Complete School Name, City, State/Country: List graduation year if within the last 10 years

Complete Degree Name (Candidate) – Major (GPA:  List if over 3.3)

Professional Experience

Company Name + City, State/Country + XXXX – Present

Job Title

  • Thoroughly reviewed new misdemeanor files from the intake while making appropriate offer recommendations on each file.

  • Effectively counseled clients on their legal issues, advising clients on their possible outcomes and options under the supervision of the lead attorney.

  • Responsible for assisting lead attorneys while making offers in court, arguing bail motions and assisting the defense counsel to ensure they obtained the correct offer.

  • Performed extensive legal research and drafted memorandums based on findings for other lead attorneys.

  • Proactively contacted victims to obtain information for upcoming hearings and motions preparation.

  • Successfully conducted a preliminary hearing and resolved a restitution hearing with the defense counsel.

Company Name + City, State/Country + XXXX – XXXX

Job Title

  • Provided comprehensive legal services to individuals, small businesses, start-ups, and non-profit organizations, with intellectual property and transactional matters.

  • Performed trademark and copyright registrations, searches, protection and counseling services, while advising on licensing opportunities and state, local, and federal rules and regulations governing businesses.

  • Conducted research on the application and development of simulation software in legal education with a focus on designing innovative solutions and embedded assessment tools.

  • Consulted with state departments on redrafting regulations.

  • Identified expiring and out-of-date regulations resulting in lost jobs and revenue to the state.

Company Name + City, State/Country + XXXX – XXXX

Job Title

Represented clients in unemployment compensation, Medicare and Health and Human Services appeals.

  • Successfully represented client seeking reinstatement of Medicare benefits.

  • Created and drafted detailed interview questions for both clients and witnesses.

  • Conducted in-depth client interviews to determine the legal issues in cases.

  • Properly drafted and filed complaints for clients before the Division of Labor standards enforcement.

  • Performed extensive legal research into client claims while creating detailed office memorandum based upon the research.

Additional Credentials

Technical Skills

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher) / LexisNexis / Westlaw / Logikcull / Clio / MyCase / Jarvis Legal / HoudiniESQ / AbacusLaw / CosmoLex

Professional Development

  • CELA (Certified Elder Law Attorney)

  • Legal Bankruptcy and Creditor's Rights Certification

  • Board Certified

  • Attorney Training Programs - Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc.


  • American Association for Justice (AAJ) – Member

  • American Bar Association – Vice President

  • National Lawyers Association – Treasurer


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Good luck with your job search!

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