The Best Job Search Apps

The Best Job Search Apps

Top 8 Free Job Search Apps In 2019 | Android and iPhone – ZipJob

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Searching for jobs on a mobile browser could be a bit difficult which is why many job seekers turn to job search apps. Just do a quick search in the app store on either IOS or Android and you’ll see an endless list of apps available for job search.

Whether you’re job hunting in stealth mode at work or simply don’t have access to a computer – there are some great apps out there.

We’ve done the dirty work and found the best job search sites available for download on both IOS and Android.

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The Best Job Search Apps


1. Indeed

The Best Job Search Apps - Indeed


You would of course expect the worlds largest job search site to have an app – and they do. The Indeed app is available for download on both Android and IOS. It’s also compatible with the Ipad. Indeed is the worlds largest job aggregator which means you’ll be able to browse job listings from many of the major job boards all in one place.

The Indeed app also allows you to upload your resume easily and apply for jobs with just a few clicks.

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– Indeed Job Search App Link: Android | iOS


2. Ziprecruiter 

The Best Job Search Apps - Ziprecruiter

Ziprecruiter comes in second for the best job search app. Ziprecruiter is a popular job posting tool for recruiters but has also been advertising their own job board which has gained a lot of popularity lately. Ziprecruiter is also a job board aggregator so you could find listings from other popular job boards as well.

The app also allows you to upload your resume and easily apply for jobs with one click.

– Ziprecruiter Job Search App Link: Android and iOS


3. LinkedIn Job Search

The Best Job Search Apps - LinkedIn


We don’t think we need to explain LinkedIn – but we will tell you that they have one of the best job search apps out there. There are many listings which could only be found on LinkedIn so make sure you search there. If you already have a LinkedIn profile you could use the same information to log in.

The LinkedIn app also allows you to easily apply for positions using your LinkedIn profile.

– LinkedIn Job Search App Link: Android iOS


4. Monster

The Best Job Search Apps - Monster


Monster is one of the biggest job search sites out there and of course has their own app. The Monster app also allows you to upload your resume to apply for jobs with a single swipe. Consider it the tinder for job search.

Just a word of caution on swiping – even though every job may seem attractive (pun intended), make sure you take the time out to see if it’s actually a position you’d want and are qualified for. Many end up swiping right for nearly every job only to receive tons of responses they really wouldn’t even consider. Swipe with caution!

– Monster Job Search App Link: Android iOS


5. Glassdoor

The Best Job Search Apps - Glassdoor


Glassdoor is useful for both finding jobs and looking up company reviews. Their app makes it easy to both research companies and apply for jobs.

Even if you don’t use Glassdoor for jobs, this is an app every job seeker should have to research employer reviews, salaries and other useful information. You could even find pointers about how interviews are conducted for a particular employer. This is a must have app for your job search.

– Glassdoor Job Search App Link: Android and iOS


6. CareerBuilder

The Best Job Search Apps - CareerBuilder


Careerbuilder is also another popular job search site which has their own app. It also allows you to upload your resume and apply for jobs with just a few clicks.

If you’re already using the Monster or Indeed app, you may want to skip out on this one. Why? Because Indeed and Monster both include job postings from Careerbuilder in their results. You’ll find that many of the major job sites do that so you may want to only go with a couple of apps so you don’t waste time and come across duplicate listings.

– Ziprecruiter Job Search App Link: Android and iOS


7. SnagaJob 

The Best Job Search Apps - SnagaJob


SnagaJob is a job search site that caters to hourly employees. Some of the biggest companies use the SnagaJob platform to search for candidates.

The app allows you to easily browse different listings and easily apply for jobs on the go.

– SnagaJob Job Search App Link: Android | iOS


8. Dice

The Best Job Search Apps - Dice is a job search site that focuses on tech jobs.

If you haven’t made a career decision yet – getting into tech is a great option you should explore that comes with a generous salary. The Dice app makes it easy to search and apply for tech jobs at some of the most well known companies. Dice is considered to have one of the best job search apps for those in the tech field.

– Dice Job Search App Link: Android and iOS



Job search has changed drastically in the last few decades with the advance of technology. Using your mobile device while on the go allows to easily search and apply for jobs, and if you’re serious about landing a job fast – then you need to apply to as many as you’re willing to take and are qualified for.

We suggest that you stick to 2 or 3 apps and check them anytime you have a spare moment.

One drawback of using job search apps is the difficulty of tailoring your resume. You should try to tailor your resume to each position you apply as this gives you the best chances of securing that interview. You may find it nearly impossible to edit your resume easily on a mobile device so one solution is to simply save the jobs you’re interested in and apply to them later on from a computer.

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