12 Best Resume Builders For 2020 (All Industries)

Apr 16, 2020

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Career Expert, ZipJob

An average of 250 resumes are sent for a single opening. See how Zipjob uses professional writers and technology to get your resume noticed.

Are you wondering where to start writing a resume for today’s competitive job market? You’re not alone! The Zipjob team of career experts and hiring managers have compiled a list of online resume builders. We’ve included both free and premium options, along with an overview of each tools’ offers. This post includes examples of the templates from each resume builder’s website, along with our expert’s opinion of the resumes.

Expert picks: top 12 resume builders for US job seekers

Here is our list of the best resume builders for US job seekers in 2020. You can use the list to navigate down to each service or scroll through to help you make the right selection.

  1. Zety
  2. Resume Genius
  3. LiveCareer
  4. My Perfect Resume
  5. Resume.io
  6. Kickresume
  7. Resume-Now
  8. Novorésumé
  9. Resume Coach
  10. Resume.com
  11. Resumonk
  12. Standard Resume

What do I need to know before using an online resume builder?

A resume builder can be a useful tool for creating a resume if you’re starting from scratch or you haven’t updated your resume in many years. Here are the tips to get the most out of a resume builder.

1. You still need to do the work

A resume builder tool cannot write your resume for you. Some builders will suggest bullet points or skills for you, but you still need to use your own judgment to determine whether that content is valuable or true. If the suggestion is generic enough that anyone in your field could use it, it’s not going to help your resume at all!

2. Your resume has two audiences

Your resume needs to appeal to both a computer scan (the Applicant Tracking Software or ATS) and a human audience. At Zipjob, we focus on helping people create resumes that will appeal to both audiences but cater to the ATS scan first.

Resume builders, on the other hand, tend to focus on the visual elements first–which isn’t the most effective strategy. In fact, some elements of popular creative resumes will get your resume automatically rejected by the ATS scan! When using a resume builder, you need to balance design with content.

3. Research the resume builder before you commit

If you’re reading this list, you’re probably following this tip already! There are dozens of resume builders available today, all with slightly different features and strengths. Look at multiple resume builders, their reviews, and the experts’ opinions before you get started.

Many resume builder sites are free to use but charge a small fee for downloads. The most common complaint when it comes to resume builders is “I just spent hours building my resume, and now I have to enter my credit card to download it?” To avoid this frustration, make sure you know what to expect in terms of payment before you get started.

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Top 12 resume builder reviews and pricing

1. Zety

Zety resume builder

Zety is one of the most popular resume builders, aiming to help people fix their careers since 2016. Within the resume builder tool, Zety has a library of 18+ templates for “creative,” “professional,” “modern,” and “simple” resumes.

Zety resume templates

Many of the Zety templates have columns, odd shapes for bullet points, star or bar ratings for skill assessment, and other design flaws that could confuse an ATS scan. Further, the templates are not searchable depending on the industry, though there are corresponding resources on the Zety website. However, if you opt for a simple resume template, this tool is a good starting point.

💡ZipTip: refer to our guide on the Top 10 Tips to Get Your Resume Past ATS Scans.

Is Zety free?

No. After building your resume, you must pay to download it. Zety is a subscription-based service starting at $2.70 for a two-week full access trial, or $5.95 per month with an annual payment.

Visit Zety

2. Resume Genius

Resume Genius Free Resume Builder website

Resume Genius (operated by Resume Companion) has 17 resume templates to choose from. One nice feature is that you can choose a template based on your goals and background, such as “career changer” or “job hopper.”

Resume Genius resume template examples

The Classic, Professional, and Chicago templates are all great formats for online resumes. There are other basic & simple designs you can choose from, but avoid the many “creative” resumes with icons, graphics, and other elements that are not ATS-friendly.

The Resume Genius builder prompts you for lots of information that your resume should not include for jobs in the US, including graduation dates, your full address, and references.

Is Resume Genius free?

No. Despite the site advertising that the tool is free, you have to pay at least $1.95 to download your resume. After the trial period, you’ll be charged $39.95 monthly or $95.40 annually.

Visit Resume Genius

3. LiveCareer

LiveCareer Resume Builder website

LiveCareer has another popular resume builder tool. You start the process by selecting how long you’ve been in the workforce. LiveCareer will then suggest templates for you from their library of 20+ options. A standout feature of the LiveCareer resume builder is the access to a 700,000+ resume bank to help you shape your content.

LiveCareer resume templates

The resumes have a range of styles, so if you pick a minimal template you should pass ATS scans. Steer clear of the column-based formats for online submissions.

Please note: by using this service, your information will join their resume database. Your contact information will be removed, but names and dates of employment are accessible to anyone with internet access.

Is LiveCareer free?

With limitations, you can use this service for free. The resume you create is free to download only during a free trial. You can also gain access for 14 days for $1.95 or enroll in a monthly subscription for $7.95.

💡ZipTip: professional resume writers know how to organize your resume to appeal to hiring managers. Check out our guide to the best resume writing services to find your perfect fit!

Visit LiveCareer

4. My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume resume builder website

My Perfect Resume offers a few different templates for an inexpensive price. First, you can either upload an existing resume from PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, HTM, or RTF formats or you can start from scratch. The transfer feature isn’t perfect, so be sure to review every bit of information for clarity and accuracy.

My Perfect Resume resume template samples

This is a good resume tool for building a list of experience and skills, especially because it has prompts for bullet points people with your job title use. There are also prompts to remind you to add metrics and numbers, which always appeals to hiring managers. However, the resume turned out to be several pages long and was not easy to format.

💡ZipTip: our experts recommend that your resume should be two pages long. Find out why (and what to include).

Is My Perfect Resume free?

No. You must pay $2.95 to download or print the resume, and then $24.95 every four weeks after that 14-day trial.

Visit My Perfect Resume

5. Resume.io

Resume.io resume builder website

Resume.io is a resume builder tool that boasts a job-winning resume within minutes. It’s a quick, user-friendly tool that will help even the most junior job seekers build a resume. Once you’ve entered your information, it’s easy to see it on various templates; however, you can’t format the templates. Some optional features can be toggled off in the editing process, such as skills rating and reference sections.

Resume.io resume template examples

There are a lot of template options, but few (if any) make good use of the space provided for your information. Decorative resume formats with multiple columns severely cut down on your keyword-optimized content, and including information like a full address or headshot will limit your real estate even further.

Is Resume.io free?

You can download one resume and one cover letter as a TXT document (no formatting or design) for free. To download your resume as a DOC or PDF, you must pay $2.95 for a 7-day trial, $44.95 for six months of access, or $74.95 for a full year.

Visit Resume.io

6. Kickresume

Kickresume website

Kickresume offers a resume, cover letter, and personal website builder. You can customize your personal information, work experience, and education sections or rename the sections with your own headings.

Kickresume builder template examples

The Kickresume builder has many features that are not best practices for today’s online resume submission process, but the features can largely be turned off. As long as you don’t include skills ratings, section icons, or the optional information such as date of birth and nationality, the free options are not bad. We wish there was also an option to download the resume as a DOC instead of a PDF.

Is Kickresume free?

Yes, there are free options. You can download one of the free resume templates as a PDF. Even on the free options, there are certain sections that you have to pay to add to your resume. Prices are $19 a month, $36 a quarter, or $96 a year. There is one free website option and two free cover letter options.

Visit Kickresume

7. Resume-Now

Resume-Now resume builder website

Resume-Now has several clean, basic interface. The company has been in business since 2005 and has updated their templates to stay current in today’s workplace.

Resume-Now resume templates

The resume templates from Resume-Now are mostly basic, clean, and organized: all aspects that a hiring manager is likely to notice and appreciate. The designs are simple but allow for pops of color.

Is Resume-Now free?

Yes, but very limited. Resume-Now has one free resume template and a library of 15+ additional templates for a price. You can buy 14-days of access for $2.95 or pay for a monthly $9.95 subscription.

Visit Resume-Now

8. Novoresume

Novoresume resume builder homepage

Novorésumé has 8 templates to edit and customize, with a great degree of formatting flexibility. The templates were designed with feedback from hiring experts. All options include color, clear section headings, and opportunities to create a unique resume.

Novoresume resume template examples

If you do pay for the resume builder tool, the resumes are well-suited for posting online. You can click around the templates to find one that displays your information well. This builder tool has many excellent tips for resume writers, such as including cities and states in your contact section (but not the full address), and including a short and engaging professional summary.

Given the PDF-only download option, the graphic elements are appropriate. If an ATS is sophisticated enough to parse a PDF, you don’t have to worry about the icons next to your contact info or the bubbles around your skills. Your other choice is to create your resume as a sharable link, making the most of the hyperlink options Novorésumé has.

Is Novoresume free?

Novorésumé is free with premium options. Its pricing is notably not subscription-based but is tiered at $16 a month, $29.99 for three months, or $89.99 for 12 months of access. The basic (free) plan gives you access to eight one-page resume templates and one resume download as a PDF. Premium access gives you two or three page resumes, multiple downloads, cover letter templates, and additional formatting options.

Our hiring experts prefer a two-page resume, which is only available with a premium subscription from Novorésumé. As Novorésumé recommends (and our experts agree), a resume should be tailored for each job application. With the PDF-only download option for free users, tailoring your resume is not possible without paying.

Visit Novoresume

9. ResumeCoach

Resume Coach website

ResumeCoach doesn’t have an upload option, but claims it takes users an average of 12 minutes to build a new resume. The builder includes tips for job seekers either UK or US based, so US job seekers need to be vigilant not to include extraneous information common on UK resumes. ResumeCoach doesn’t offer formatting edits before download; there is no option to rename headers or break up lines of text.

Resume Coach resume template examples

Even the most simple options had too much white space and cut down on keyword opportunities. Columns and graphics on a resume are not only confusing for ATS scans, but are not preferred by the majority of hiring managers.

Is ResumeCoach free?

Yes, with limits. You can download your resume as PDF or a TXT document for free. To get all the features of ResumeCoach, you can pay $0.95 for 14-days of basic access, $1.95 for premium access, or $95.40 for annual access.

Visit ResumeCoach

10. Resume.com

Resume.com resume builder website

Resume.com has helped over 6 million people create resumes. It has 24 templates to choose from, ranging from stylized to bare bones. Some templates are labeled for “digital” use, while others are suitable for printing and distributing.

Resume.com resume templates

You can choose to download your resume in multiple formats, so we suggest a DOC for easy editing and online submissions. While most of these templates follow the organized and minimalist look hiring managers are looking for in 2020, we don’t recommend you use the Notepad or Dot Matrix templates, which both look heavily dated.

Is Resume.com free?

Yes. This is one of the truly free services on our list. You can build, edit, and download your resume for no cost. There is no limit for downloads, revisions, or versions of your resume with Resume.com.

Visit Resume.com

11. Resumonk

Resumonk resume builder website

Resumonk offers flexible layouts to display your information on recruiter-friendly resumes. The company is based in India, but US job seekers can remove information to make these templates work for other job targets. Brush up on the difference between a CV and a resume here, just in case.

Resumonk resume templates

Our experts like that your resume can have as much or as little information as you want. This service also has cover letter templates to correspond with each resume template–this is great for submitting a cohesive job application.

Is Resumemonk free?

You can download your Resumonk resume as a PDF without paying, but all the free versions will include a watermark. To remove the branding, you can upgrade your account to a premium subscription for $29 a year or $89 for forever access. A paid plan with also give you access to all 17 resume templates (compared to the 4 available without a charge), creating multiple versions of your resume, and customizing your Resumonk personal link.

Visit Resumemonk

12. Standard Resume

Standard Resume website

Standard Resume‘s hallmark offering is a LinkedIn profile upload feature. You only have to enter your full LinkedIn URL and give it a few minutes to work. It takes the information you make available to the public, so be prepared to either make your LinkedIn public or cut and copy your information.

Standard Resume template

This resume document is simple and would likely perform as well as any PDF in an ATS scan based on its design. It has a single-column format, standard headings, and includes the right information. The watermark is not ideal, nor is the fact that the resume is several pages long and your contact information is at the very bottom.

It is nice that Standard Resume allows you to include work experience in a summary and/or bullet points. This is a great feature for job seekers with unusual jobs who require some explanation in addition to their accomplishments.

Is Standard Resume free?

Yes, but limited. You can download your resume as a PDF for free. The pro option costs $15 a month or $30 quarterly. With pro, you can have duplicate versions of your resume, which is useful for tailoring your resume to different positions and tracking your edits. There are also more formatting options not available for free, such as margins and fonts.

Visit Standard Resume


Resume builder tools are great for organizing your information and learning more about what is standard on resumes, but the tools have many shortcomings as well. Many templates are not designed for ATS success. Since resumes differ from country to country, it’s important to recognize if a tool is prompting you to add information that is appropriate.

Resume builders can be a great jumping-off point for job searching success, but you still need to know what information should be on your resume and how to get the resume to pass an ATS scan. After building your resume, send it through our free ATS review tool.

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An average of 250 resumes are sent for a single opening. See how Zipjob uses professional writers and technology to get your resume noticed.

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