Can ChatGPT Write Your Resume? The Risk of Relying on AI Software When Applying for Jobs

Charlotte Grainger
Charlotte Grainger

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Can ChatGPT Write Your Resume? The Risk of Relying on AI Software When Applying for Jobs

AI is a mystical force that threatens to change everyday life as we know it. What was once the stuff of sci-fi novels is fast becoming reality, thanks to the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI). We’re at the start of something big - but we can’t tell where this journey will take us. What wonders can AI uncover and how will it transform the world?

We have so much yet to discover. And, thanks to the newfound availability of ChatGPT, it may be sooner than we expect. The program has taken the world by storm and is certain to shake things up. But can it help with your job search and should you create a ChatGPT resume? In the following guide, we’ll take a look at the software, how you can use it, and whether you should rely on it when you’re applying for new jobs. 

What is ChatGPT, anyway?

Chances are, you’ve already heard of ChatGPT. Released in November 2022, it’s an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that has been programmed to respond to prompts. The popular software is the brain-child of OpenAI, a company that uses technology to closely mimic real-life human communication. Okay, so to put that in layperson terms, you can ask ChatGPT anything - as a prompt - and you will get a human-like response.

The software is game-changing for a selection of industries, particularly those that value speed over human innovation. While the platform has only been available to the public for a matter of months, it has already become wildly popular. Companies have implemented this technology to help speed up laborious tasks. We have seen ChatGPT be used in: 

  • Translation services. Looking to swiftly translate a German article into English? No problem - ChatGPT has the knowledge bank to automatically translate content. However, when the translation is complete, you may need to edit the text. The AI translation may not be as accurate as a human language translation.

  • Solutions. Got a complex problem that you just can’t seem to crack? AI might have the answer and could be a real learning tool. The software can come up with answers to math problems, for example, and show its working out too. 

  • Communication support. Not sure how to broach an awkward subject with a coworker? ChatGPT can offer you some much-needed inspiration here. After giving the software a prompt, it will give some ideas of what you might want to include. 

  • Coding. ChatGPT is set to be a massive change in the world of coding. The software is already being used to help professionals to debug programs and even write entire sections of original code. Watch this space!

  • Resume writing. If you’re looking for a super-fast way to create this document, you may consider using ChatGPT to get an AI resume. However, there are many potential risk factors of which you should be aware. When something seems too good to be true, that means that it probably is… but we’ll get to that shortly. 

How does ChatGPT work?

As we’ve already covered, ChatGPT responds to the prompts that you give it. With that in mind, the first step the software (or language model, if you want to be specific) takes is attempting to understand what your prompt means. It then searches through its knowledge bank to retrieve the closest matching and most accurate answer to your quandary. 

So, where does ChatGPT get its information? We’re glad you asked. The system has basically been “fed” millions of texts written by humans. We’re talking books, articles, training manuals, dictionaries, documents, and anything else in between. However, it also sources a load of information from the open internet. That is important since - as any casual web surfer knows - you can’t trust everything that you read online. 

ChatGPT combines all of the above information and, essentially, regurgitates it to answer whatever prompt you’ve given it. Some of the time, that means you will get a decent and accurate answer to your question. Despite this fact, you shouldn’t rely on ChatGPT. 

Can I create a ChatGPT resume?

The short answer is yes - technically, ChatGPT can write your resume. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it should. Yes, the program can be used to do a whole load of meaningful work. It can help us to solve problems and reword content in an interesting way. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a “good enough” replacement for a human brain.

Relying on this program to create an AI resume is unlikely to give you the results that you’re looking for. Machine intelligence is not a replacement for the human mind. When it comes to getting a professional resume written, having a bot do it can be dangerous. First of all, there are nuances that the program is likely to miss when creating your resume. Secondly, AI lacks the industry knowledge that either you or a professional writer has. 

The risks of using AI when writing a resume 

Before you jump the gun and create a ChatGPT resume, you need to know the risk factors. When you’re struggling to put pen to paper, you have two available options: hire a professional resume writer or go down the quick route of using AI. The latter may seem attractive on the surface. It’s fast, it’s cheap, and it gets the job done. However, as we’ll delve into here, you do tend to get what you pay for. Here are some of the possible pitfalls. 

AI simply regurgitates information

Spoiler: the responses that you get from ChatGPT are not original. The language model is not capable of original thought (thankfully!) so it only has the power to repeat and regurgitate. When you go down the resume prompt route, you feed the program all of the information you have about you. The AI then rewords that in fancy language. There’s not much more to it than that. You get a string of buzzwords and phrases that sound right.

However, when you work with an expert who understands the industry, they can offer solutions to your problems and give you the tools to succeed. The writer can truly get to know who you are as a professional and what you bring to the table. Rather than sticking you with a one-size-fits-all approach, you’ll get a personalized service to suit you. 

There’s no room for human creativity

One of the most wonderful things about humans is that we are creative. We have the brain power to connect various dots and make something completely new. Unfortunately, ChatGPT and other AI systems lack that spark that makes us unique. So, when you use a resume prompt, the system has a limited amount of responses that it can give you. 

When you’re working on a resume, you want a real human voice, compelling storytelling, and a tone that matches the recruiter’s preferred style. Frankly, that’s a tall order for a bot. If you want a resume that says all of the right things, having a professional write it is key.

Mistakes happen… often with AI 

While human error will always be a thing, the chance of inaccuracies soars when you use AI to create your resume. One of the greatest criticisms of this type of software is that it often needs to be fact-checked after the fact. As we’ve already mentioned, the system sources a whole load of its knowledge from the open internet. That means that anybody could be writing content, publishing it, and somehow making their way into the AI’s brain. 

When you’re hoping to write an enticing resume that lands you more interviews, mistakes will not be tolerated. You don’t want to give the hiring manager any reason not to take you to the next stage of the process. Working with an expert resume writer means that there’s less room for error. You won’t have to check your document for inconsistencies or problems. Instead, you can trust that the resume you get will be well-written and true. 

The takeaway 

ChatGPT marks a new era in technology. The software is likely the first incarnation of what’s to come in the future. While it can help you to complete a bunch of basic tasks and answer questions, that doesn’t mean you should rely on it to create a ChatGPT resume. This is likely the most important document when it comes to your job search and your future. It’s well worth investing in. Working alongside an expert to create your perfect resume is a smart choice.

Looking to revamp your resume? Let ZipJob’s expert resume writers help you along the way. The human touch will get you far. Having your application tailored to your needs by an expert can make all the difference. Boost your chances today!

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