The challenge of finding a job in 2019

Why Is It so Hard to Find a Job in 2019 and What You Should Do – Zipjob

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If you’ve been searching for a job for any serious amount of time, then you understand how difficult it can be to find a job in 2017. You might even wonder if you’re perhaps not as employable as you thought you were. Believe us when we tell you: you’re not alone. Millions of other job-seekers are experiencing those same frustrations. Sadly, many job-seekers expect that finding a job in 2019 will likely be just as difficult. Once you understand why jobs are so hard to find right now, you can take steps to improve your odds of success.


Why Is It So Hard to Find a Job?


It can be frustrating to look at job boards and see all those open positions, especially when your resume is being ignored. And it’s hard to ignore all those ‘Help Wanted’ signs you see whenever you’re driving through any town’s business district. After all, if there are that many companies in need of employees, why can’t you land those interviews you need? How is it that your resume is being passed over time after time?

First, recognize one thing: many companies have no intention of filling all those positions. Many promote from within.

Others simply solicit resumes on a regular basis to build up a reservoir of potential candidates they can turn to when positions do come open.

As a result, the job market may not be as wide-open as it appears at first glance. In short, don’t assume that your job search is any more difficult than any other job-seeker. The fact is that you’re all competing for a finite pool of available jobs.


Why Many Candidates Can’t Find a Job


Why is getting a job so hard


As you see from the graphic above – A typical job opening receives nearly 250 resumes. Out of those candidates, 4-6 will be called for an interview and one person will be given an offer.

Here are some other reasons why it’s so difficult to find a job.


Companies are Overly Selective

Hard to find a job because companies are selective

It’s also important to recognize that the job market has changed. Decades ago, employers would hire candidates with the intention of employing them for life. They viewed those hires as long-term investments. That meant that they could take a chance on a new hire, train that person, and get a return on their investment over time.

These days, that dynamic has changed dramatically. Most employees move from job to job throughout their career. Companies are no longer as loyal to their employees as they once were. Because of that changed relationship, employers need to get an immediate return from their hiring investment.

That’s led them to become ever more selective about who they hire. They need to know that you can provide immediate value to the firm.


Applicant Tracking Systems

Resume Trends - Make sure you write your resume for ATS systems

For many workers, the ATS may be a real obstacle to finding a job in 2019. These Applicant Tracking Systems are used to screen resumes based on keyword usage. Yes, it is a questionable way for humans to hire other humans – but it’s also an unfortunate reality.


ATS Resume Test 

You can see how your resume performs in an actual ATS scan with our Free Resume Review:

Free ATS Resume Scan


Job-seekers who are not sufficiently aware of how an ATS screens a resume may find it difficult to overcome that obstacle. Later in this piece, we’ll offer some ATS-related advice that can help you with this challenge.


A Reliance on Outdated Resumes

Stop using outdated resumes

For many struggling job-seekers, the problem is as simple as their resumes. Employers are looking for resumes that stand out from the crowd, so those old, outdated resumes are not the best option these days.

When it comes to finding a job in 2019, successful candidates will have resumes that effectively showcase their value as employees. Unfortunately, many of today’s job-seekers have no idea how to craft that type of resume!

For example, does your resume still rely on the objective statement to capture a hiring manager’s attention? If so, that could be a major mistake. Objective statements focus on what you want from your career, rather than how you can meet the employer’s needs.

Think about that for a second. If you were in that employer’s shoes, would that approach appeal to you? Chances are that you’d want to hear more about how that candidate can add value to your team, right?


Finding a Job in 2019: Improving Your Odds


Struggling to find a job? Here are some great tips to improve your job search strategy.


The good news is that finding a job in 2019 doesn’t have to be an excruciating experience. There are, in fact, many things that you can do to improve your odds of success. Most of them are focused on just a few key areas of concern, though:


Focus on Your Resume!

There’s no way around it: if you want to maximize your odds, you need a stellar resume. Sure, there was a time when resumes were all but a formality, but they carry a lot of weight these days. If your resume is mediocre at best, good luck finding a job in 2019.

(Hiring a professional resume writer can increase your chances of landing of interview. Check out our post on the best resume services.)

Your application is likely to be passed over time and again by other candidates with better resumes.

You can get a head start on improving your resume by checking out this post: Improve Your Resume: 7 Tips to Land More Interviews.


Use Keywords Wisely

Remember those ATS screeners we mentioned earlier? Do yourself a favor and learn how to use keywords in your resume.

That will help to ensure that yours gets past the machine and onto the desk of a real human. The third tip in that linked article explains more about this important subject.


Apply for the Right Jobs

Are you applying for the right positions? Too often, job candidates fail to choose positions that best match their skill sets. Other times, they fail to properly showcase the right skills in their resumes. Remember, most hiring managers only spend a few minutes on an initial examination of your resume.

If it doesn’t catch their eye in that time, it gets tossed aside. Make sure that your most relevant skills are the ones required for the position – and highlight them in your summary statement.


Network, Network, Network!

Don’t forget about your network. You’ve spent years building a network of associates and contacts in your industry. Leverage those relationships to get your foot in the door. Ask them for referrals. Proactively request news about new job openings that match your qualifications.

In other words, don’t just wait for a job to appear – use every tool available to you to land that interview you need.


Closing Thoughts: Finding a Job in 2019 Doesn’t Have to Be an Excruciating Experience!

While the job search experience is seldom easy, finding a job in 2019 doesn’t need to be a painful ordeal. The key is to recognize the challenges that you face, and take proactive steps to counter those obstacles.

With the right resume and strategy, you can find that job you deserve – and do it without much of the frustration you’d otherwise experience.


  1. Bob Jobseeker says:

    Because America is an overrated, delusional, empire in decline run by an ever more powerful corporate dictatorship?

  2. Chris says:

    Companies are too selective – is an understatement……

  3. greg says:

    job hunting makes me suicidal and it shouldn’t be like that

  4. Anonymous says:

    IT is a painful ordeal you have to either have experience n if you just came out of high school can be difficult

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is one reason suicide is on the rise. No hope unless you know people.

  6. Undisclosed says:

    Its easier to get a job right out high school because employers dont want to pay for experience. They would rather hav quantity over quality.

  7. 1/19/19 says:

    Honestly from my experience It was hard for me to get a job after high school I had no experience. I would get called to some interviews or none and still wouldn’t get hired. l got a seasonal job and now that I have experience in retail I have been putting my resume out there and still nothing. It is either me who really bad luck or it is super hard to get a job in this society. I am in need of trying to get a job and nothing comes up for me even with a resume and experience.

  8. Steve says:

    Actually this isnt completely true, it isnt just resumes , its online asessments thats the problem as well, the online assesments dont work.

  9. Undisclosed says:

    Thanks for this valuable information. I worked hard to get my BS in Business Administration. There’s a saying” you got the pilot license, now these employers want you to have the plane”.

  10. Ginny says:

    As an employer looking to hire good people, the number one issue I’m having is that majority of the applicants (like 60+%) just do not know how or even care to follow basic instructions when completing the application or following a few easy steps to do the interview. They have typos all in their email replies, cover letters and resumes. You can easily get someone to check this stuff before you apply. We even see people too lazy to change the job title or company name of a competitor when they apply to our agency. If you’re not going to pay attention to detail or follow basic instructions to get the job, then you’re sure not going to follow them when you get the job and get comfortable

    • Jean Kent says:

      As a former employer I agree. This is why I check everything in the job description along with resume and cover to make sure it matches. The most irritating experience I’ve had to date was going in person to a listed job as requested in the listing and being told that the position is not at that location after all and the hours are now pt. Am I qualified to do these jobs? Yes. And more times then not I can excel in that position. Many jobs are cleverly disguised as customer service when they are straight commission sifales. The turn over I see for companies listing the same position is frustrating. Wrong hires or false advertising? Sometimes it’s not the seeker..been unemployed for a short time considering- 2 months – and the bs staggering. Would have never put people through that process, very direct with my word. Leads me to wonder how these companies treat their customers

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