5 Places to Get Feedback on Your Resume

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Many job seekers want to get professional feedback on their resumes before sending it out. The problem is that many turn to the wrong sources. Friends and family are often not the best people to turn to for honest and detailed feedback on a resume. Avoiding spelling errors and having a resume that is aesthetically pleasing is definitely important, but there is so much more that goes into writing an effective resume.

We've compiled a list of the best places and sites to get professional resume feedback.

The 5 Best Places to Get Feedback on a Resume

1. Professional resume writers

A professional resume writer will be your best bet when it comes to receiving valuable and detailed feedback on your resume. They are up to date with the latest trends and understand what employers look for in a resume.

Just make sure that you're getting your review from a trusted writer or service. Check to see that they're located in your country and have the right credentials to review your resume.

Some services charge for a resume review but many offer it for free as way to show you what their service can do for you. ZipJob offers free resume feedback and you can get yours here:

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2. Forums  

Forums like Reddit or Quora are great places to get some feedback on your resume. There are many people on these forums with the right expertise to give your resume some quality feedback for free. You should try to find forums that are related to your industry to get a more detailed and tailored overview on how you can improve your resume.

Keep in mind that crowdsourcing feedback on your resume is not always useful. Some people will have hidden agendas or just want to start an argument. Take all the advice with a grain of salt, but keep an open mind for genuine critiques.

Reddit has a group dedicated to resume reviews which you can check out here: Reddit Resumes

3. Human resource professionals

Although this may be more difficult, those who work in HR and actually hire people are great for getting some unbiased resume feedback.

How can you get someone in HR to provide some feedback?

Reach out to friends and family and see if there is anyone who either works in HR, or is close to someone who does. You can even try reaching out to your old boss or one of your colleagues that has the expertise to give you some advice.

4. College or City Career Resources

Many of the college and university career resource centers offer free resume feedback for current students and alumni. Reach out to your college career center to see if you can schedule an appointment with one of their career specialists.

You can also check to see if there are local city employment programs that offer some free resume feedback.

5. Hiring managers and recruiters

This may also be difficult but it's worth a shot. Recruiters and hiring managers look through tons of resumes so they know what it takes to capture their attention.

If you've had a recruiter reach out to you, ask them what they think about your resume and how you can improve it. You need to keep in mind that recruiters work for companies that need help; they don’t work for would-be employees who are struggling to find a job. With this in mind, you might not get the detailed feedback you really need but enough to point you in the right direction.

Has a hiring manager emailed you to tell you that your application was rejected?

Thank them for their consideration and ask them if they can give you any feedback on your resume. You may come across some great advice but don't expect them to do a detailed critique of your resume.


Your resume is the most important document for your job search so knowing where to get professional feedback on your resume is important. Don't get advice from friends and family who know nothing about resumes. Have a professional resume writer or someone in HR take a look at your resume to ensure it's ready to be sent out.

Good luck with your job search!

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