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LinkedIn is one of the most useful sites for your job search and professional networking. Most hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. Many hiring managers and recruiters will also view a candidates LinkedIn profile in detail before inviting them in for an interview. Many job seekers don’t polish their LinkedIn profile and it could be effecting their application response rate. It’s really important to spend some time polishing up your profile. We’ll discuss what to include in your LinkedIn work experience section and tips to really catch the attention of a hiring manager.

We’ll also show you a good formula for taking the work experience listed on your resume and making it suitable for LinkedIn


LinkedIn Work Experience Section

You should certainly be adding in a summary of your achievements at each position you’ve held. This is something hiring managers do look for when viewing your LinkedIn profile.

Many job seekers ask how LinkedIn is different from a resume.

Should you copy the work experience section from your resume and paste it into your LinkedIn profile? No!

A LinkedIn profile is very different than a resume. Your resume provides employers with the basic information they need to see that you have what it takes to land that job. In contrast, your LinkedIn profile is there to supplement your resume.


LinkedIn work experience section is different from your resume.


LinkedIn Work Experience Section Vs Resume

Your resume should contain detailed descriptions of your tasks and achievements which are relevant to the position you’re applying for. There is no need to include all of those details on your LinkedIn profile.


LinkedIn Work Experience Section Example


LinkedIn Work Experience Section Example


Let’s take a look at an example of work experience listed on a resume which was rewritten for LinkedIn. The formula to do this is listed below.


Director of Sales, Southwest Region Chase | Los Angeles, CA   

Led a team of two account executives. Together we managed a portfolio of 50+ clients and agencies. Our client base consisted of Fortune 500 companies from a wide range industries, including Entertainment, Auto, Technology, Fashion, Technology, and Travel.

  • Launched the company’s first app download campaign with a re-targeting strategy resulting in a two-day $500K package.
  • Managed risk by partnering with clients and other stake holders for a seamless campaign launch.
  • Achieved sales pacing of 70% for the year a 150% year-over-year increase in annual revenue to $7.5M.
  • Built relationships to foster better communication between the sales and operations teams, including weekly calls to collaborate on campaigns that resulted in a 33% increase in performance.
  • Streamlined client communication to be more responsive and timeline management that increased staff productivity.


Let’s now see how we can effectively rewrite this for LinkedIn:


Led a team that managed a 50+ client portfolio, launching the firm’s first app download campaign while partnering with stakeholders to minimize risk and streamline client communication. Increased annual revenue by 150%, and team performance by 33%.

Do you see the difference? Your LinkedIn work experience section doesn’t need to be as detailed as your resume. It should instead be a summary that highlights your main achievements.


LinkedIn Work Experience Section – Paragraphs or Bullet Points?

Another common question is whether the LinkedIn work experience should be written in paragraph form or bullet points.

Paragraph form is acceptable because you won’t be including a ton of information. Bullet points are great for a resume because they contain a lot more information which may be a bit intimating to read in paragraph form.

If you want to write a few sentences about the company or your role there and list some achievements in bullet points – that’s fine.


LinkedIn Work Experience Section Formula:

Here is a formula you can follow to convert work experience listed on your resume for LinkedIn:


Step 1 

Copy the work experience from your resume over to your LinkedIn profile.

Step 2

Select major achievements (quantifiable if possible) and remove the rest of the content.

Step 3

You may need to rewrite some of it but you should end up with a few sentences that highlight your major achievements.









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