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A Mechanical Engineer Intern studies under Mechanical Engineers to learn hands-on how to plan and manufacture new products. Below is a general job description:

Mechanical engineers participate in the planning and manufacturing of new products by performing engineering duties and developing, designing and testing mechanical devices. Job requirements include either a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, a master of science in engineering, or a related degree. The EIT exam, membership in a professional society and specific industry-related certifications may also be encouraged or required.


If this is the kind of job you want or you have, you're in the right place! We have a resume example for you and three tips from our professional resume writers below.

Mechanical Engineer Intern Resume Example

Mechanical Engineer Intern resume

Expert Tip

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Mechanical Engineer Intern Resume (text version)


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Mechanical Engineer Intern

Dynamic, accomplished Mechanical Engineer Intern highly regarded for scoping and delivering broad cross-organizational projects end-to-end for F500 industry. Out-of-the-box thinker who champions innovative solutions to optimize for quality and time-to-market. Known as an excellent communicator and decisive leader with the capacity to lead teams, build productive relationships, and translate business needs into outstanding products.  Proven track record of excelling in fast-paced, multi-disciplined, ambiguous environments to deliver projects on-time and above all expectations. 


Mechanical Engineer Intern | New York City, NY  Year – Present

  • Drive consistently stellar outcomes in alignment with a multidisciplinary team, including Operations, Sales, Program Management, Account Management, and Product Management while operating under strict deadlines and heavy workloads. 

  • Ensure technical deliverables meet exacting standards of timeliness and quality while working in ambiguous, fast-paced environments; facilitate services which drive year-over-year revenues.

  • Received multiple promotions, orchestrate complex configuration deliverables for a top business account (F500) as well as other key designated accounts, ensuring superior service while quickly resolving any related issues.

  • Regarded as a resident specialist in providing solutions to FCA's issues, delivering clear, concise reports to leadership and escalating high-level concerns within a deadline-driven environment.

  • Deliver exemplary leadership through continued support and mentoring to Program Managers in managing small to mid-size implementations, including essential assistance with critical projects 

  • Maintain clarity, accuracy, and concision for various updates to management and key stakeholders regarding client activity, relationship management, and issue resolution for projects with multi-million-dollar budgets

  • Updated documentation with required information.


Bachelor of Science | Mount Saint Mary College

Technical Skills: List all technical proficiencies here

Honors and Awards: List all honors and awards here

Bonus: free resume template

ZipJob now offers a resume template you can download. The template is set up with an easy to read layout like the example above: clear section headings, modern font, and follows a reverse-chronological resume format (preferred by both hiring managers and ATS scans).


How to write a Mechanical Engineer Intern resume: 3 tips

Don't forget your volunteer work!

Including a section on your resume for volunteer work is a great way to showcase your experience outside of your professional work history. It's especially useful for recent graduates, people with resume gaps, and career changers.

As a bonus, more than 41% of employers consider volunteering just as valuable as other work experience. Including your charitable experience is a great way to stand out to employers.

Maximize your core competencies

Your core competencies, or key skills, are a powerful way to show an ATS scan that you're a great applicant. This section should change slightly for almost every job you apply for. You want to keep it highly tailored to the job description. For example, if one of your core competencies is customer service but the job description is looking for client communication skills, swap out "customer service" for "client communication."

To identify the best skills to highlight here, this list of 10 vital skills to put on your resume is a good starting point.

Always add a cover letter

Your cover letter is your chance to start a conversation with your employer. Your resume proves you have the skills and qualifications for the job, but your cover letter invites a further discussion. Whenever possible, use a cover letter to succinctly explain why you're the perfect fit for the role. You can also highlight your most compelling achievements from your resume--but limit yourself to two or three achievements. Finally, invite the employer to contact you by phone or email.

For more cover letter tips, head over to our guide: What A Good Cover Letter Looks Like


Having a great resume will help you land your next job as a Mechanical Engineer Intern. Use this example as a guide to what kind of skills and experience employers are looking for in this field.

Still have questions? Comment below or hire your own resume writer. Zipjob has over 100 professional resume writers with experience in all industries, ready to help you create your best resume. Click below to see our services:

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