How Much Do Resume Writing Services Cost in 2022?

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Hiring a resume writing service or professional resume writer can offer you just the boost you need to land a new job. Some studies suggest that a professionally written resume can get your resume noticed more often and increase your starting salary. However, researching resume writing services online will quickly reveal a new resume can cost anywhere from $5 to over $1000. How much should professional resume writing services cost?

The answer is that it depends on where you are in your career and the position you’re targeting. For the average job seeker, the average price of $200 is more than enough to get a quality resume.

The cost for professional resume services will change based on factors like resume writers’ industry, years of experience, certifications, and what services they offer in addition to resume writing. This article will break down what you’re really paying for so you can make the right decision for your needs.

Cost of resume writing service

Under $100

Any resume packages that are under $100 is a red flag and should really be avoided. It’s really hard to find someone to write a quality resume for that price. A lot of cheap services on the web also outsource their work to inexperienced or low-quality writers focused on quantity instead of quality. There have also been some junk services that were found to be outsourcing their resume writing overseas, leading to confusing and unprofessional products.

In our opinion, spending under $100 will usually be a complete waste of money. Ensure you follow best practices when you write your resume and avoid the common mistakes that could be costing you the interview.

If you really don’t have the money to spend on a resume service, you’re better off writing it on your own with help from guides and other trusted resources. There is a ton of information out there to support a DIY approach: head over to the ZipJob blog to get started!

Here are some resources you might like:

Between $100 and $400

This is the price range you can expect to pay for a quality resume writer. This is enough to find a quality writer who will help edit and optimize your resume.

Recent graduates or those with very little experience can get away with paying less ($100-$150), while those with more experience can expect to pay a bit more ($150 to $400).

From $400 to $1000+

There are many services out there charging these rates but is it worth it?

The answer is usually no.


A quality writer will usually spend a few hours writing and editing a resume. Spending $100 to $400 is more than enough money for most people to find a high quality resume writer with expertise and experience.

Although rare for the average job seeker, there are some instances where you can expect to pay a little more than $400. Executive resume writing services that focus specifically on high level leadership going for a major role (CEO/President) will charge a bit more.

These services are more time-consuming, involve multiple phone calls or information gathering sessions, and generally employ the best of the best resume writers. Executive resume writers are usually certified by industry-recognized organizations like PARWCC or NRWA. You’re paying for an executive resume writer’s time, the benefit of their certifications, and their years of experience.

Executive resume services are also usually bundled with additional offers such as cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interview coaching, or career advising. While these add-ons can produce a big price tag, this article is focusing on how much a resume should cost.

Anything over $1000 for only a resume is plain insanity.

Top 3 tips for choosing a resume writing service

We wrote a good post here on how to choose a good resume writing service, but here is a quick summary:

1. Do your research

Do your research to ensure you go with a reputable company. This is best done using third-party review sites and seeing what other customers had to say. Also, check to see that they have a contact number or live chat available. Not having a way to contact the company or the writer is a good sign that you’re going with a low quality or outsourced service.

2. Choose how to communicate with your resume writer

How do you want to communicate with your writer?

To collaborate on a high-quality resume, you need to communicate with your writer about your past work experience, skills, qualifications, and the type of position you’re targeting. If the process is simply submitting your resume and the type of job you want, you’ll usually end up with something that doesn’t match your goals.

Different resume writing services offer different communication channels. Many resume writers work through email or other text-based messages, but some offer phone calls, video calls, or in-person meetings.

Make sure your preference is offered by the service you’re considering before you buy!

3. Be ready to collaborate

Your writer can only work with what you give them. Many people make the mistake of thinking they can submit their outdated resume and sit back while the writer does all the work.

You need to keep in mind that you need to put in the effort to give the writer everything they need. A good resume writer should be asking you details about what you did and where you’re going, so be prepared to answer any questions.


As you can see, there are a number of different resume writing pricing options available. Be prepared to spend around $200 for a quality resume. A cheap resume is usually a waste of money and a quality resume shouldn’t empty your bank account. If you don’t have the money to spend, you’re better off writing it on your own. Do your research and go with a reputable company.

Warning: shameless self-plug ahead!

ZipJob offers affordable resume writing services, as well as cover letter writing services. We hire US-based writers with various backgrounds, and train them to meet our high standards of professional resume writing. We also offer three tiers of resume writing packages: Launch, Fast Track, and Premium.

We also provide an interview guarantee and offer the option to pay in installments. Job searching is already stressful enough. Our team wants everyone to have a professional resume designed to keep up with today’s job search.

Good luck with your job search!

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