How To Say 'Thank You for Considering My Application'

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It's always polite to say "thank you," but it is especially important when a new job is on the line.

If you've been in the heat of a job search, you know how it feels to show your appreciation and send thank you emails after an interview. The reason for these emails is clear: professional etiquette is still extremely important in any effective job search. You want to come off as polite and responsible. However, you also want to stand out from the crowd.

Let's check out a few ways you can say "thank you for considering my application" while making sure your letter helps set you apart from the competition.

Thank you for considering my application email

We know how it's played out. Everyone and their mother send the same "appreciate your consideration" thank you notes. But, of course, a proper thank you after an interview is always necessary. 

Since our goal is to set ourselves apart from the pack, we need to explore how to send this message in a unique and impactful way.

So, how do we say, "Thanks for your consideration" and "I really appreciate you taking the time" without using the same stale format as everyone else?

First, we have to understand what common, generic "thank you" notes look like. From there, you will discover critical elements to include and how to really personalize them to leave a lasting impact on any hiring manager.

Generic (boring) thank you note

Dear [Interviewer Name],

I want to thank you for taking the time to interview me for the [position name] position.

I'm confident that my experience in [relevant experience] and my proven track record in [skills] will make me an excellent employee.

Thanks again for your consideration.


[Your Name]

The above letter contains most of what is considered to be essential. It reiterates interest and reminds the interviewer of what makes you particularly unique. But it lacks any real substance and the key elements necessary to stand out.

Interviewers will read this note and forget about it in five minutes. Why? Because they've already seen 15 other notes thanking them for their consideration for the exact same job.

How to write a "thank you for considering my application" email that packs a punch

Sure, you can be lazy and stick to the generic note above. It's the bare minimum of effort but still technically polite and professional.

The thing is, a bland letter like that isn't going to help you stand out. It certainly isn't going to change or improve an opinion or help the interviewer remember you in a positive light.

So, why not spend a little extra time to make sure the company really knows that it can't miss out on you?

To begin, let's first discuss essential elements to include in your letter. 

Writing your "thank you for your consideration" letter

The boring letter above might include what's considered essential, though again, it lacks the qualities that will help you leave a lasting, positive impact. Here, we dive into the steps to create that "wow" effect. 

Always direct the letter to the interviewer

You always want to address your letter to the interviewer or interviewers. Suppose you met with more than one interviewer. In that case, it's okay to address them both in the same email communication, or, better yet, you can send separate emails to each interviewer, which is more personalized and preferred. The other option is to address the letter to the interviewer who arranged the meetings and mention the other interviewer(s) in the opening paragraph, similar to Example 1 below. 

Thank them from the beginning

The opening line of your letter should be a brief statement thanking the individual for the interview. Instead of being cold or rigid, you want the introduction to be personable and authentic. 

Highlight key points you appreciate from the meeting

Highlighting details from the interview within your communication shows you care and are truly interested. Think back on your interview and recall any interesting dialogue or responses to questions you might want to highlight. This could include information they provided about the company, the position, or even themselves. 

You can also acknowledge any valuable information or insights you gained. If a supervisor shared some important upcoming goals for the department or position, for example, you might share your warm appreciation for the information. In that example, you can also find a way to tie the goals back to the relevant skills and experience you possess that will help you succeed and support the position.

Acknowledge concerns or mistakes

If an apparent concern came up during the interview, you might choose to address it in the thank you letter. This is an optional element you can include if you believe it will ease the hiring team's minds and increase your chances of landing the job. 

Emphasize your skills and value add

Within the letter, you want to answer the question, "Why am I confident that I'm the right candidate for the job." Highlight your most relevant skills and accomplishments that indicate and remind the hiring manager why you're the ideal person for the job. It's also great to share how you see yourself growing in the role or with the company.

Confirm your interest

An essential element of your thank you letter is to clearly confirm your interest in the position. Though you might assume the letter in and of itself is confirmation, if you're not specific as to why you're interested, there's a chance you'll lose out to another candidate who is. 

Affirm your appreciation

Close the letter with an upbeat affirmation of your gratitude and a future-oriented goal. There are many ways to do this. Here are a few examples:

  • I appreciate your consideration and look forward to talking more. 

  • Thanks again for the opportunity to meet with you, and I look forward to speaking with you further. 

  • I appreciate the consideration of working with you and your organization. I hope I get the chance to prove myself in the position. 

  • Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing the position further.

'Thank you for considering my application' letter examples

Are you ready to read two great examples of how to say thank you?

The following are from attorney and copywriter extraordinaire Matthew Platt:

Example 1: Amazing Thank You Note

[Interviewer Name],

I want to thank you again for taking the time to arrange for me to meet and speak with you as well as with [interviewer #2] this past Friday.

I am excited about the prospect of exploring a potential career with [Company Name]. Particularly because of the opportunity to expand my skill set to the broad spectrum of legal issues which [Company Name] manages regularly.

I want to thank you again for sharing your experience at [Company Name] with me and providing me with more information about the [Position Name] position.

I recognize that [Company Name] interviews many incredibly talented applicants regularly and want to express my sincere appreciation to you for inviting me into speak. I think my [experience type] experience aligns perfectly with what your team is looking for, and I hope to get a chance to prove that.

I look forward to speaking again soon. 


John Smith

This way of saying thank you is great for a few reasons:

  1. It mentions the names of all the people he met during the interview.

  2. There is a mention of how the role will help him progress professionally.

  3. The letter reiterates why he is a perfect fit.

Example 2: Another Amazing Thank You Note

Here is another great example of a thank you message after an interview. In this context, the interviewee only interacted with one interviewer. In addition, the discussion itself was a bit shorter. Notice how he still makes reference to the benefits the company will gain from his employment while also reiterating excitement and appreciation on his end.

[Interviewer Name],

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this past Friday about the [Position Name] position with [Company Name].

It was a pleasure meeting with you, and I truly enjoyed learning more about the role. After our conversation, I am confident that my skills and experiences are a great match for this opportunity.

I especially appreciated when you explained how [Company Name] would allow me to not only expand my skill set within the corporate and investment management area but also in many other areas of law as well.

My interview this past Friday confirmed my belief that I could be a valuable new [Position Name]. I am very enthusiastic about the possibility of joining your team and look forward to speaking to you again in the future. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


John Smith

While the above letter is a bit less expressive, it still successfully drives home the point. Instead of the generic "thank you very much for your time and consideration," this template details exactly why the employment fit is perfect. 

It goes into not only why the company would benefit from his employment, but it will also let them know how he plans on growing with the role as a professional.

Mentioning long-term goals or a future with the company is very effective. It shows the employer that you plan on sticking with them long term if given the opportunity.

Additional tips for your 'thank you for considering my application' email

To give you that extra edge, consider the following when you sit down to write your heartfelt "thank you for considering my application" email.

Keep it concise and brief

The fact that time is valuable applies in virtually any professional situation. Keep your thank you letter focused and brief to show respect for the interviewer's time. 

Be authentic

People tend to appreciate when others are authentic and genuine. Do your best to come across as truly thankful for your interactions with a prospective employer. 

Remain professional

Though your goal is to be authentic and personable, you also want to remain professional. Keep the communication on the positive side and above board. 

Thank you for your consideration 

Yes! Thanks for reading. By now, you should have a really good idea as to how you should replace the stale "thank you" and "I appreciate your time" email with an impactful letter that leaves a lasting impression. You can't go wrong with a specific, personalized message that checks off all the same points in a fresh way when writing your "thank you for considering my application" message.

Land the job offer with a "thank you" that stands out

To recap, here are a few key points you should hit in your thank you letter to really stand out after an interview:

  1. Remember to mention the names of every team member you spoke with.

  2. Discuss specifically how your professional skills align with the position's requirements.

  3. Explain how the role will help you grow professionally in the long term.

  4. Express enthusiasm and an understanding of the situation.

  5. Reiterate what sets you apart.

If you ensure your letter encompasses all the points above, your "thank you for considering my application" email will quickly change into a "thank you for the opportunity!"

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