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While software developer skills are in great demand, identifying the right job can sometimes be a challenge. Before you can apply for your dream developer job, you first need to have a way to locate potential opportunities. Fortunately, there are a host of online software developer job search sites that can help you simplify that process.

In this post, we will explain why these job boards are so important for technology professionals and how companies use them to locate top tech talent around the world. We will also provide some details about ten of the best job search sites for web developers.

Software developers continue to be in high demand

As technology continues to dominate nearly every aspect of modern life, the need for software developers continues to grow. In fact, reports suggest that these professionals’ skills are needed for almost every industry. That’s good news for developers, since the profession is expected to see tremendous growth in the coming years.

How much growth, you might ask? Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the coming decade should see a 26% rise in the number of software developer jobs in the United States. Tech jobs are expected to be created in a host of industries, including biotechnology, video gaming, healthcare, marketing, and more. And since the tech field is considered one that provides some of the best-paying jobs, a career in this field can offer long-term benefits for anyone who possesses technical skills.

What is a software developer job search site?

If you’re a job seeker who has never utilized online tools for your job search, then it is important to understand how job search sites work. Also known as job boards, these sites are websites that enable employers to advertise open jobs. The company creates these advertisements, listing the job requirements, potential salary, or other relevant details candidates will want to know. Job seekers can then apply for those positions.

There are many different types of job search sites, of course. Some attract tens of thousands of open position listings, covering nearly every industry you can imagine. Others are more niche, focused on specific industries like healthcare or software developers and other tech professionals. Many of these sites also provide options that enable job candidates to upload their resumes so that recruiters and hiring managers can quickly locate qualified talent and reach out to those candidates.

Why software developer job search sites matter

One of the things that established companies and startups have in common is the need for quality software to help them achieve their business goals. At the operational level, the right software can mean the difference between success and failure. The challenge for those companies is obvious: where do you find the experienced software developers you need to ensure that your team has the right tech skills to successfully pursue your business vision?

JavaScript developer job search sites and other software developer job boards provide an important tool for companies that want to make sure their jobs are as visible as possible for talented job seekers. These sites offer a simple way for companies to expand their candidate search, identify prospective employees, and expedite hiring processes. For job seekers, these sites provide greater insight into the opportunities that are available in their field and help them with their job search efforts.

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Best Software Developer Job Websites

As we noted, there are many different software developer job search sites that job candidates can choose. In fact, there are so many job boards online that it’s unrealistic to expect that most job seekers will use all of them. The good news is that you don’t need to try to manage that many job board accounts and profiles. Instead, you should consider creating accounts at one or two of the largest job boards and several niche boards.

We have compiled information about some of the best software developer job search sites, to help you narrow your search and create your online job board strategy. Each of the listings below contains some basic information about a specific job board, along with a link to that site that you can use to explore its benefits.

1.  LinkedIn

As the world’s best-known social media site for professionals, LinkedIn is a must-use site for any serious software developer, or anyone employed in a professional setting. You can search through available job listings, develop your professional network, and access a host of useful resources to advance your career. Some of the website’s most recent resource additions can even help you navigate career changes.

Visit LinkedIn

2. PowerToFly

PowerToFly is a company that focuses on helping their clients find and retain diverse talent to meet inclusion and diversity goals. In addition to maintaining a dynamic job board, the company’s site also provides information about events that include job fairs and conferences, as well as information about various employers. A resource page provides useful career advice to help job seekers successfully chart their career paths.

Visit PowerToFly

3. ITJobPro

ITJobPro bills itself as “the premier IT job board” and focuses on a relationship-based approach to matching job candidates with the companies that need them. The site’s job board includes a wide range of tech-based positions, from network administrator jobs to software developer roles. You can create an account and a profile to enable companies and recruiters to discover your talent, or simply apply for jobs without an account.

Visit ITJobPro

4. Indeed

Indeed is a leading job board that offers access to a huge variety of available positions, including developers and other tech jobs. You can quickly post your resume or conduct a search to locate the right job opportunities in your field. Employment listings include a wide array of information that can help you properly research positions before you apply, and the site’s resume submission process makes it easy to submit multiple applications quickly.

Visit Indeed

5. Dice

Dice claims to have roughly two million job candidates searching its site. Its simple search features enable you to set precise criteria to ensure that you’re matched to positions that fit your career needs. Dice job listings provide key details about positions ranging from Android developers to machine learning engineers. The company’s website also offers a variety of resources and advice for technology professionals, to help them successfully navigate their career journeys.

Visit Dice

6. F6S

If you’re wondering how you can get a developer job at a startup, F6S may be for you. It is a smaller, more community-based job site that focuses on startup needs. As a software developer, you can find a host of different job opportunities and connect with exciting new startups. If you’re looking for a startup tech job and personal connections matter, then add this site to your list of resources.

Visit F6S

7. Remotive

Remotive is a great site for software developers looking for remote work. It has a simple job search function that can quickly find the open positions you’re looking for. It’s not as comprehensive as some of its peers, but you’re almost certain to find some unique opportunities.

Visit Remotive

8. CrunchBoard

CrunchBoard is the TechCrunch jobs board and is widely used by many tech companies to fill their open positions. The site has an attractive interface and regularly updated job listings for software developers and other technology professionals.

Visit CrunchBoard

9. JustTechJobs

JustTechJobs is a tech-centric job site with a simple design and powerful search features. The site provides access to many job listings, career research help, resume and interview advice, and detailed estimates to help you identify your proper salary expectations.

Visit JustTechJobs

10. Android Jobs

Android Jobs is a great site for software developers who focus on Android apps. You can use it to gain access to a variety of exciting Android Developer positions. You can also sign up with your email address to receive instant notifications of new job listings as they’re posted.

Visit Android Jobs

The right job listing at the right time

The good news is that your job search doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. By incorporating one or more of the best software developer job search sites into your strategy, you can more easily identify job opportunities and land that next great job.

Before you can effectively use the best software developer job search sites, you need to make sure that your resume is ready to deliver a compelling message to potential employers. Get your free resume review from our team of experts today to ensure that you make the best possible impression on recruiters and hiring managers!

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