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Jan 1, 2019

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Career Expert, ZipJob

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If you’re looking for a job or plotting your career path, it’s not enough to just hope that there’ll be a market for your given skills. It’s critical to plan and develop the type of skills that employers will want – now and in the future. To do that, you should stay abreast of the latest trends in the job market. We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 best and most in-demand jobs for 2019 to help you meet that challenge.

Which Types of Jobs Qualify as the Best and Most In-Demand Jobs?

First, though, it’s important to understand what we mean when we refer to these jobs as being the “best and most in-demand.” These are all career options that offer not only immediate employment opportunities, but long-term growth as well. A job that will likely be gone within a couple of years doesn’t really qualify as a great option. Instead, these jobs are all in industries in which experts are predicting continued growth in the coming years and decades.

Top 15 In-Demand Jobs for 2019

  1. Home Health Aide

    Home Health Aide - Best and Most In-Demand Jobs for 2017

    At the lower end of the salary spectrum, we find the home health aide profession. The job offers a median salary of $21,920, and is expected to experience 38% growth over the next seven years.

    Source: Glassdoor


  2. Physical Therapist

    Physical Therapist - Most In-Demand Jobs for 2017

    These therapists are in demand throughout the health care industry. With a median salary of $81,615 and projected growth of 35% by 2024, your career as a physical therapist could provide you with a comfortable career path and ensured job security for many years to come.

    Source: Payscale

  3. Physician Assistant

    Physician Assistant - Best and Most In-demand Jobs for 2017

    If you choose to focus on a career as a physician assistant, you can expect a median salary of roughly $93,090. As the demand for health care professionals continues to grow, PAs will make up a large portion of needed personnel. As a result, experts project growth to be roughly 30.00% over the next seven years.

    Source: Glassdoor


  4. Registered Nurse

    Registered Nurse - Most In-Demand Jobs 2017

    As an RN, you can expect a median salary of around $63,070. There always seems to be a shortage of qualified nurses, which probably explains why the analysts expect growth in this field to rise by about 16% through 2024.

    Source: Glassdoor


  5. Information Security Analyst 

    It Security Analyst - Most In-Demand Jobs 2017

    With hacks and ransomware and other cyber-security events in the news, you probably already recognize how important information security is in the modern era. Most experts anticipate that it will grow in importance in the future, which is why this occupation is expected to see 19% growth in the near future. These analysts can expect a median salary of about $82,467 a year.

    Source: Glassdoor


  6. Software Engineer

    Web Developer - Most In-Demand Jobs

    With its median salary of $95,195, this profession continues to attract technologically-minded workers. It’s a field with a lot of future growth too, as some expert expect the number of these jobs to rise by 19% before 2025.

    Source: Glassdoor


  7. Web Developer

    Web Developer - Best and Most In-Demand Jobs

    Web developers continue to be in high demand, and that’s not expected to change beyond 2017. In fact, the industry is expected to see growth of more than 24%. As a web developer, you can expect to command a median salary of $69,373.

    Source: Payscale


  8. Operations Research Analyst

    Operations Business Analyst - Most In-Demand Jobs

    Businesses are becoming more technical in their approach to operations, and the research analyst is part of that trend. As an analyst, you can anticipate a median salary of about $79,200, and sustained employment opportunities. In fact, estimates on future job growth are as high as 30%.

    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


  9. Financial Advisor

    Financial Advisor - Best In-Demand Jobs

    An aging population and an expanded and ever more complex array of investment opportunities makes sound financial advice a necessity for millions of Americans. You can expect a median salary of around $57,614 with this career. Moreover, analysts expect a 30% increase in financial adviser positions over the next six or seven years.

    Source: Payscale


  10. Truck Driver

    Truck Driver - Most In-Demand Jobs

    This job is in great demand right now, and will see continuous demand into the future. Many companies are looking to hire drivers as there is a major shortage in the market. In addition, a good driver can expect a median salary of around $62,902.

    Source: Indeed


  11. Statisticians

    Statisticians Best In-Demand Jobs

    Statisticians are in high demand and the job growth outlook is rather impressive at 34% through 2024. Statisticians gather and analyze data to help solve problems and improve functions. The median pay is also quite impressive at $80,500.

    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


  12. Genetic Counselor

    Genetic Counselor In-demand job

    A genetic counselor gives advice to prospective parents in regards to the chances of the child inheriting a genetic disease. They also advise on the options open to manage any potential issues. The median pay is $69,550 and this position has growth rate of 29% by 2024.

    Source: Salary.com


  13. Audiologists

    Audiologist - Best In-Demand Jobs

    An audiologist is responsible for diagnosing and treating issues regarding hearing and balance. The field is in really high demand with a growth rate of 29% by 2024. The median salary of $77,906  is nothing to complain about either.

    Source: Salary.com


  14. Optometrist 

    Optometrist - Fastest growing Jobs

    An optometrist is responsible for examining the eyes for possible defects and disorders. The job is in high demand with an expected growth rate of 27% over the next 7 years. The median pay for an Optometrist is $116,706.

    Source: Salary.com


  15. Hearing Aid Specialist

    Most In-Demand Jobs - Hearing Aid Specialist

    A hearing aid specialist helps select and fit hearing aids for patients. The position is growing really fast with an expected growth rate of 27% by 2024. Hearing aid specialists can expect to earn a median salary of $53,000.

    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

As you can see, there’s no shortage of in-demand jobs in today’s marketplace. Whether you’re planning your career or searching for your latest job, you should know which career paths offer the best opportunity for you.  That’s the best way to ensure that your road to job success is as smooth and fruitful as possible. Just pick any of these top 15 best and most in-demand jobs, and your 2019 job search is sure to be a success!

An average of 250 resumes are sent for a single opening. See how Zipjob uses professional writers and technology to get your resume noticed.

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