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Indeed Resume Builder

3 Reasons Not To Use Indeed’s Resume Builder – ZipJob

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Indeed is by far the largest job search site in the world. Indeed receives over 200 million unique visitors every month from over 60 different countries. If you’re searching for a job – you should certainly be browsing Indeed as many employers utilize their platform. You also should be uploading your resume to Indeed so you can both easily apply to jobs with a single click – and have employers find your resume in Indeed’s database and reach out to you directly. While Indeed has been innovative within the employment space – their resume builder is seriously lacking and could be costing you valuable opportunities. We’ll go through some of the reasons you want to avoid using an Indeed resume and alternate solutions that will bring you better results.


Should You Use Indeed’s Resume Builder?

I want it make it clear that you should be uploading your resume to Indeed – This article covers the reasons why you shouldn’t use their resume builder.

Indeed has a resume builder which allows you to input your information (skills, education, work experience,etc.) which it formats into a resume you can use to apply for various positions.


Using Indeed's Resume Builder


There are a few reasons you shouldn’t use the Indeed resume builder.


#1 ATS Optimization

Most companies today use what’s called an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). An ATS is used by most employers today to screen through resumes and pass the most relevant and qualified candidates forward to the hiring manager.  Nearly 75% of resumes are rejected because they’re not correctly formatted or keyword optimized. We’ll show you a good ATS resume format and how you can get a free ATS resume test.

While the Indeed resume builder may give you a resume that integrates well with Indeed – it doesn’t integrate well with other ATS systems employers use to screen candidates. When employers receive your resume from Indeed, they usually have it go through their own ATS system. Many people also use the resume they create on Indeed to apply for jobs on other sites – which is a problem.

The first issue is that it doesn’t offer a format that allows you to keyword optimize your resume.

The second issue is that it downloads as a PDF file which can be an issue for ATS systems to process. You should be sending a Microsoft Word document unless the job posting specifically asks for a PDF.

You can screen your resume through an actual ATS resume scan here. This article also shows you a good resume format that both stands out and gets past an ATS.


#2 Indeed’s Formatting is Boring

While it’s never a good idea to turn your resume into an art project, you do want a format that stands out. You can see that Indeed’s formatting is very generic and plain. When a hiring manager is going through hundreds of resumes a day, you want to stand out a bit to capture their attention.

Take a look here at Indeed’s formatting:

Indeed Resume Format


You can see that the formatting is just too generic to stand out.

#3 Limited Options

The last reason you shouldn’t use Indeed’s resume builder is because they offer very limited options when it comes to formatting. They use a simple chronological format that might not be suitable for every job seeker.

There are currently three format options that are popular in the resume writing industry, and with good reason.

  • Reverse chronological
  • Functional
  • Hybrid

Each of these format types has proved popular with recruiters. They are considered to be easier for software and human recruiters to review, and present information in a way that recruiters prefer to see. In short, they meet the target audience’s demands.

Which resume format is right for you depends on your work history, experience level and the position you are targeting. To better understand which option might be best for you, let’s take a look at each of them separately.

You can check out our post on the best resume formats here to see which one is right for you.


Closing Thoughts

You should certainly be uploading your resume on Indeed but we recommend passing on their resume builder. The formats are not optimized for ATS systems, they’re too generic and they offer little customization.

Zipjob offers resume writing services that help you stand out to a hiring manager and get your resume past an ATS. You can browse our professional resume writers here.


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