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Whether you’re looking to find a great job at the federal, state, or local level, it’s often difficult to identify open positions before they’re filled. It can also sometimes be difficult to determine whether you’re qualified for the job. 

Fortunately, there are online resources that can aid you in your government job search efforts, including the best government job search sites we’ve identified and covered in this post.

15 Best Government Job Search Sites

Here are the 15 of the best government job search sites to help you find that perfect government job.

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Best Government Job Search Sites

Let’s take a deeper dive into each of the best government job search sites listed above, including how to access them and what they have to offer. 

1. USAJobs

USAJobs is an official U.S. government job site that includes openings for volunteer positions, internships, and jobs across the full spectrum of the United States government. At any given time, the site can include listings for more than 10,000 open jobs at the federal level to support your USAJobs search.

2. Careers In Government

Job seekers who use Careers in Government to locate open government positions will also gain access to key information about hiring policy changes, resume posting, email alerts, and other invaluable resources. Jobs can be searched by location, category, or government office.

3. Federal Job Search

Federal Job Search uses artificial intelligence to ensure that your resume gets matched to the best open government job positions. The site also offers access to a variety of resume enhancement, interview instruction, and related services.

4. GovtJobs.com

GovtJobs.com can help professionals find the best job opportunities at every level of government across the U.S. In addition to an easy user interface, the site provides a host of resources. Those resources include details about salary, job descriptions, qualifications, interview tips, and more.

5. CareerOneStop

CareerOneStop is one of the best government job search sites that serves as a source for career exploration, training, and jobs sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. This site includes resources such as the Veterans Job Matcher, job banks, and resources for military and veterans to transition to civilian jobs.

6. Indeed

Indeed is a well-known job search site that offers access to open private sector and government positions. Resumes can be uploaded or created on Indeed, but applicants should be prepared to complete any agency’s specific application process as well.

7. GovernmentJobs.com

GovernmentJobs.com is an easy-to-use portal that can help would-be public service workers locate job opportunities at the federal, state, and local levels. Using the search feature, candidates can find open positions and begin their application process. Detailed job postings include salary information, qualifications, and other relevant details.

8. RC Jobs

Sponsored by CQ Roll Call, which has been reporting on news related to legislation and legislative processes since 1945, RC Jobs boasts more than 3,800 employers and 17,000 job seekers on its site, with more than 8,000 resumes uploaded. You can search for jobs across 80 industries, including local government, civil service, nonprofit, and academia. In addition to its job search function, Roll Call Jobs offers a career planning portal that provides career advice and additional job search resources. 

9. Political Job Hunt 

Political Job Hunt was founded by Teagan Goddard, the founder of the political website Political Wire. Political Job Hunt focuses on jobs for those who want to build a career in politics and includes the latest jobs in government affairs, public policy, and politics. 

Some of the jobs will take you to the employer’s website to complete a job application, whereas other jobs you can apply for through Political Job Hunt. In addition to locating jobs of interest, you can sign up for job alerts and access career advice through the site’s blog and email newsletter.

10. Administration JOBS

Administration JOBS isn’t solely for government jobs, but if you do a keyword search for “government” on their site, thousands of government administration jobs show up in the results. You can upload your resume to the site, and when you click “Apply To Job,” you’re presented with the option to either apply on the Administration JOBS job board, the employer’s website, or by email. You can also set up job alerts and search employees using the company directory. There is also a career advice section focused solely on administration jobs to review. 

11. PublicServiceCareers.org

PublicServiceCareers.org is sponsored by NASPAA, APPAM, and ASPA, three of the most well-known organizations in the professional public service and education space. The site is broadly used by individuals seeking jobs in the public sector, including government, consulting, nonprofits, NGOs, and academia

You have the option to create an account on the site and upload your resume, making it easier for employers posting on the site to find you. Or, from PublicServiceCareers.org, you can go directly to the employer’s page to apply. 

You can also set up job alerts and access a company directory to search for jobs for specific companies of interest. In addition to job listings, the site offers career planning tips and insights, as well as access to a list of career coaches. 

12. Idealist

Idealist is used by job seekers to search for jobs in the government sector, as well as jobs posted by nonprofit organizations and community groups. You can search for jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities based on keywords, geographic location, work location (on-site, hybrid, remote), job function, issue areas, education level, experience level, job type, organization type, language, and date posted. 

13. ICMA.org

If you’re interested in jobs with the local government, ICMA.org is one of the best government job search sites for that purpose. The ICMA (International City/County Management Association) job center provides a current database of open jobs posted for local governments that span across several areas of expertise, including finance, administration, human resources, and engineering. 

You can search by keyword and state to get a list of results for your specific job types and locations of interest. For each job presented in the search results, information about the job – including requirements and qualifications – and how to apply are listed. Additionally, when available, salary and benefits are also included. To apply for jobs listed on the ICMA site, you’ll be directed to the employer’s website or application process. 

14. LinkedIn 

A common question is, “What is the best job recruitment site?” And, a common answer to that question is LinkedIn

Yes, it’s well-known that LinkedIn is a great site to search for jobs with private employers, but did you know that several government agencies also use LinkedIn to recruit candidates? Using LinkedIn to search for government jobs also allows you to connect with individuals within government agencies you’re interested in. 

Simply go to the LinkedIn jobs page and enter the keywords “government jobs” in the search field and several pages of results with open positions will show up. 

15. FBIJobs

Interested in joining the more than 37,000 people working for the FBI? Then FBIJobs is the site to go to. Though it’s a lesser-known government job board, FBIJobs is one of the best government job search sites to search for jobs within the FBI. They even have a quiz available on their homepage that will match you up with the most appropriate career for you out of the 1000s of career options they offer. 

Target your job search

By targeting your government job search to the best government job search sites, like the ones listed above, you’ll be casting a wider net to more quickly identify open positions in the public sector and secure the opportunity you desire. These sites also allow you to begin your application process online for different jobs across different sites, increasing your chances of landing an interview. That makes the above best government job search sites invaluable resources for anyone seeking a public sector or government career.

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This article was originally written by Caitlin Proctor and has been updated by Ronda Suder. 

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