12 Best Jobs For People With Social Anxiety

Jul 14, 2020

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Written by Caitlin Proctor

Career Expert, ZipJob

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Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems in the United States. According the ADAA, 40 million adults suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. Of those 40 million, 15 million suffer from social anxiety disorder (SAD). Does that mean those with social anxiety disorder can’t excel at starting a business or a career? Absolutely not! We’ll show you the best jobs for people with anxiety disorder.

Just a quick note: social anxiety disorder doesn’t prevent you from being as successful as the “fortunate” who don’t suffer from it. Presidents, successful businessman, athletes as well as celebrities have suffered from anxiety disorders. Don’t let it hold you back!

Here are 12 good jobs for people with general or social anxiety:

12 Good Jobs for People With Anxiety

1. Web Developer

Web Developer

There is a high demand for web developers and an excellent job for someone with social anxiety disorder.

Most hours are spent in front of a computer writing and editing code and the pay is not bad either. There are tons of schools that focus solely on coding and within a year you can learn these skills which are in high demand.

Average Salary: about $68,000    

2. Writer


Writing is of course another excellent career choice for people with social anxiety disorder as most time will be spent researching and writing. You can choose to freelance from home or work for a company.

Average Salary: about $50,000   

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3. Entrepreneur

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Have you ever wanted to start a business?

Being an entrepreneur allows you the freedom to build a business where a lot of human interaction isn’t required.

Starting a blog, setting up an eCommerce website or even selling on Ebay and Amazon can be very lucrative. It does take some patience but it can really pay off if done right.

You can also always hire other people to deal with tasks you may not want to deal with such as sales and customer support.    

Average salary varies

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

This is another excellent opportunity and one that is in demand. Graphic designers, like web developers, usually spend most hours working alone with little social interaction.  

You do need to have an eye for good design along with knowledge of different design programs. Many universities and vocational schools offer graphic design programs ranging from 10 weeks to 4 years.

Average Salary: $46,000    

5. Security Guard

Security Guard

This is another position that’s great for people with SAD. Although there is usually a need to communicate with others, it’s often minimal. Many choose to work a night shift where there aren’t many people coming in and out.

The pay isn’t as high as some other jobs on this list but it’s an excellent choice for someone wanting to gain employment fast without a degree.

Average Salary: $32,000    

6. Accountant


An accountant is tasked with analyzing and preparing financial statements. This position often requires little human interaction as most hours are spent working alone. This is a good choice for someone with SAD and the pay is not too bad either.

For most accounting firms a minimum of a bachelor’s in accounting is required.

Average Salary: $51,000    

7. Mechanic


Whether it’s working on cars, aircraft or any other machinery, mechanics don’t have to interact with others much and the pay isn’t too terrible either.

Many vocational schools offer accelerated programs where you can learn the skills in as little as 6-months. You will need a couple of years of on the job training as well to really master the trade.

Average Salary: $39,000    

8. X – Ray Technologist

X ray tech

An X-Ray technologist arranges patients for radiological examinations and produces radiographs (x-rays) to aid in the diagnosis of medical problems. Prevents patient from being exposed to unnecessary radiation.

This is also an excellent choice for someone with SAD as little social interaction is required.

To become a X- Ray technologist an associate’s degree from an accredited program is required.

Registration as a technologist by the A.R.R.T is also required.

Average Salary: $60,000    

9. Construction and Industrial Trades


These trades are really excellent for anyone who likes to work with their hands and tools. It’s also really suitable for those with SAD as they require little social interaction.

The pay is also pretty good for these positions and you don’t really need a degree to get started. If you’re serious about advancing and increasing your earning potential, then a 2 – year degree and a license may be necessary.    

10. Chef


A Chef is an excellent choice for those who like to cook. Although some communication is required with your own team, most time is spent putting together delicious meals.

Being a Chef can be a rewarding and lucrative career. A degree from a vocational school is usually required for higher end restaurants.

Average Salary: $61,000  

11. Paralegal


A paralegal is another good option for those who want to work without too much human interaction. Most of your time will be spent alone conducting legal research, gathering information and drafting legal documents. Most positions require an associates degree. Getting certified through the Empire State Alliance of Paralegal Associations (ESAPA) is also a plus.

Average Salary: $50,00  

12. Anything That Makes You Happy!

Don’t let social anxiety get in the way of something you really want to do. If there is a certain career or industry you have in mind that requires social interaction, just go for it.

It may be a bit uncomfortable at first but it will get easier as you adjust.

5 Career and Job Search Tips for People With Social Anxiety

1. Remain confident

We’ve mentioned this before and we’ll mention it again: having anxiety doesn’t prevent you from having a successful career. Keep in mind that there have been many highly successful politicians, businessmen, celebrities and athletes with SAD.

Amazingly, entrepreneurs have a 50% higher chance of having some sort of mental health challenge, such as depression or anxiety. So if you have a founder or small business owner you admire, do a quick Google search to look for mental health advice. Here’s some from Tim Ferris, best selling author and angel investor:

“The fact of the matter is this: if you’re driven, an entrepreneur, a type-A personality, or a hundred other things, mood swings are part of your genetic hardwiring. It’s a blessing and a curse.”

12 Quotes on Entrepreneur Burnout And Depression, From Those Who’ve Walked The Path

2. Don’t completely isolate yourself

There are several options on this list that allow you to work from home, perhaps with minimal contact with a team or customers.

However, we don’t recommend you pick a career that will isolate you completely from the outside world. You may not want to be the center of attention, but being interacting with people occasionally will boost your confidence in social environments.

Try to find a job that allows for interaction you’re comfortable with, like only face-to-face interaction with your team, or mostly written communication via email or instant messaging. If you can’t tell from the job description how the company communicates, this is a great question to ask during an interview!

3. Practice your interview skills

Interviewing may be one of the most stressful components in the job search process for someone with SAD. The good news is that if you prepare properly, you’ll nail the interview no matter how anxious you may be. Start by preparing for the 10 most common interview questions.

Then, check out this article for tips on handling interview anxiety.

4. Network

Networking is the best way to land a job today. For someone with social anxiety, this may be a bit challenging. Start small: reach out to some of your friends, family members, and colleagues and let them know you’re looking for a job. You’d be surprised at how many people will be willing to help you out.

To take some of the anxiety out of the process, try one of these tips for emailing your resume to someone. The post includes templates, tips, and different situations so you can adapt your strategy with expert advice.

5. Perfect your resume

Having a well written resume is the first step for a successful job search. It helps you remember where you’ve been and what your goals are for your future. Your resume should also include your best accomplishments and successes, so reading it should make you think: “Wow! I’d hire me!”

Most companies also use a resume screening software called an ATS so you need to ensure your resume is formatted correctly and keyword optimized to get past these systems. This requires more effort and time to get right, but it is one thing that is under your control while job searching. Check out this article for how to set your resume up for ATS success.

The good news is you only have to perfect your resume once. After you’ve set it up for success, you only have to do some minor edits to tailor your resume for each new position. This process should only take about 10 to 15 minutes–not be a complete resume overhaul for each new job.


These are just some of the suitable jobs for people with anxiety. There are many other career opportunities that are available. Don’t be afraid to do something that you love even if it may put you out of your comfort zone. 

Good luck with your job search!

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