15 Low Stress Jobs for People With Anxiety

Elizabeth Openshaw
Elizabeth Openshaw

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Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems in the US. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA), 40 million US adults suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. That’s just over 19% of the population aged 18 and over. That’s a huge portion of the job market in 2023.

But does it mean that those people with anxiety can’t excel in a career or start up a successful business? Of course not. In this article, we’ll show you some of the most suitable jobs for people with anxiety.

Just a quick note: having an anxiety disorder doesn’t prevent you from becoming as successful as those who don’t suffer from it. Many famous business professionals, athletes, and celebrities have suffered from anxiety disorders. It hasn’t held them back, so don’t let it hold you back either. There’s bound to be one of the jobs for people with anxiety that will suit you, so read on and find out.

An explanation of anxiety disorders

Before diving into the details of what are the best jobs for people with anxiety, let’s first take a look at what anxiety disorder is.

It’s a mental health condition characterized by excessive or lasting worry. Of course, we all worry from time to time. That’s just natural. It becomes a disorder when those worries infiltrate into daily life, and become so bad that they stop a person from carrying on in a normal way throughout their day.

The main types of anxiety disorders are listed below, with each disorder having additional symptoms attached, but all with underlying issues of excessive worrying or fear regularly interfering with a person’s life.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

This is persistent or chronic anxiety with elevated levels of tension and heightened worry, without anything necessarily triggering it.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is a type of disorder where a person has intrusive and obsessive thoughts, paired with compulsive behavior. They’ll feel the need to carry out certain routines, such as hand washing or turning a light on and off in a certain way, to relieve the anxiety that is caused by these obsessive thoughts.

Panic Attack Disorder

People who suffer from panic attacks are suddenly overcome with intense fear, culminating in their heart racing, breathlessness, sweating, and feeling dizzy. It can be brought on by being in enclosed spaces or too many people crowding around.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a disorder that develops after a person has gone through a traumatic episode or event. It’s most commonly associated with veterans who’ve seen combat, but it can happen to anyone who’s been in a terrifying situation, such as victims of sexual assault.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

This social phobia manifests itself as feeling overwhelmingly stressed and self-consciousness around other people. The anxiety can be so intense that a person can’t interact with others on a daily basis without feeling anxious.

15 of the best low stress jobs for people with anxiety

Searching out positions that decrease your anxiety is key to finding a stress-free role. The triggers will be different for different people. So, while we’ve listed 15 jobs for people with anxiety, remember… they won’t all be suitable for everyone with either a social or generalized anxiety disorder. What matters is what suits you best, and how you can decrease your levels of anxiety, while finding a job that you love and can thrive in.

1. Dog Groomer

It’s a known fact that people with pets have lower blood pressure, so how about considering a job for people with anxiety where you get to play with dogs all day!

Main duties: grooming, bathing, clipping fur that conforms to the standard style of different breeds, detangling hair, drying the coat, checking for any skin conditions, and trimming nails.

Average annual salary: $28,730 in 2023

2. Writer

Possessing a skill with words can take you really far in a career as a Writer, as it covers so many different aspects, from blogging to compiling articles for trade magazines. One of the beauties of this job for people with anxiety is that you can be freelance and choose to work from home, lessening your interactions with others if that helps.

Main duties: researching, writing, and interviewing.

Average annual salary: $59,956, though this will vary widely, depending on your experience and ability level.

Resume example: Professional Writer and Editor Resume Example

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3. Veterinary Assistant

Another job for people with anxiety who adore animals! It can be very therapeutic work, nursing a sick budgie back to life.

Main duties: caring for sick animals in clinics and animal hospitals by performing numerous tasks such as assisting veterinarians in examining animals in order to determine the nature of the illness or injury, administering medication, sterilizing instruments, and scheduling customer appointments.

Average annual salary: $42,612

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers, like Writers, are often freelance and work from home, applying a creative eye to their work. It means they can deal with their anxiety without fear of being overlooked or stared at.

Main duties: designing and creating graphics that meet the specific commercial or promotional needs of a company, such as packaging, displays, and logos. Using a variety of mediums to achieve artistic or decorative effects and possessing a deep-seated knowledge of different design programs.

Average annual salary: $50,710

Resume example: Graphic Designer Resume Example

5. Security Guard

For one of the more suitable jobs for people with anxiety, you might want to consider  a career as a Security Guard on a night shift. It’s also an excellent choice for someone wanting to secure employment fast, without having to gain a college degree or a high school diploma.

Main duties: protecting assets, buildings, or property, investigating any disturbances, securing entrances and exits, writing up reports on any irregularities, and monitoring the comings and goings of employees and visitors.

Average annual salary: $36,352

6. Accountant

Accountancy requires attention to detail and absolute accuracy, where you can really lose yourself in the figures. This type of role often requires few social interactions as most hours are spent working alone. A minimum of a bachelor’s in accounting is required by most accounting firms.

Main duties: analyzing and preparing financial statements, interpreting accounting records in order to prepare financial statements, auditing, and evaluating statements.

Average annual salary: $55,621 in 2023

Resume example: Financial Accountant Resume Example

7. Mechanic

Whether it’s tinkering with cars, aircraft, or any other type of machinery, mechanics often work on their own, without having to interact with others that much. Many vocational schools offer accelerated programs where you can learn the skills of being a Mechanic in as little as six months. From there, you’ll need at least two years of on-the-job training to fully master the trade.

Main duties: inspecting vehicles for damage and recording findings so necessary repairs can be made, adjusting repaired systems to meet performance specifications, estimating costs of vehicle repair, conferring with customers with regards to issues, and performing routine and scheduled maintenance services.

Average annual salary: $48,576 in 2023

Resume example: Mechanic Resume Example

8. X-Ray Technologist

To become a X-Ray Technologist, an associate’s degree from an accredited program is required. Registration as a Technologist with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is also necessary.

Main duties: arranging for patients to have radiological examinations, producing radiographs (x-rays) to aid in the diagnosis of medical problems, and preventing patients from being exposed to unnecessary radiation.

Average annual salary: $65,281 as of 2023

Resume example: MRI Technician Resume Example & Template

9. Archivist

Are you passionate about history, research, and delving into dusty old records? Becoming an Archivist is a great job for people with anxiety as it’s the type of job done on your own most of the time.

Main duties: Reviewing and preserving historical documents, including written manuscripts, maps, and old photos.

Average annual salary: in 2023 it's $53,290

10. Transcriber

Ideal for people who prefer to work in quiet and solitary environments, Transcribers can either work remotely or in an office. The act of listening to and transcribing audio can also be calming for those people with anxiety.

Main duties: converting video / audio files into the written word, listening to recorded voice files, then transcribing them into written text, and proofreading / editing drafts of transcripts.

Average annual salary: $43,238 in 2023

11. Paralegal

A Paralegal, or Legal Assistant, is another good option for those who want to work without having too much interaction with others. It’s worth getting certified through the Empire State Alliance of Paralegal Associations (ESAPA) for added credibility.

Main duties: conducting legal research, gathering information, and drafting legal documents, with most positions requiring an associate’s degree.

Average annual salary: $57,749

Resume example: Paralegal Resume Example & Guide

12. Gardener / Groundskeeper

Being in the great outdoors is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, so how about working outside? Being a Gardener can be physically demanding and means you’ll be working in all sorts of weather, but for some anxious individuals, being exposed to nature has a calming effect.

Main duties: maintaining gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces, by planting and pruning shrubs and trees, maintaining lawns, and keeping the soil in good condition.

Average annual salary: $32,429

13. Librarian

Shhh. A library environment invites quietness, so for those people averse to loud noises, being a Librarian is a great idea. While you will have to interact with customers on a daily basis, you’ll also be able to lose yourself in all of those wonderful books!

Main duties: organizing and providing access to information resources that meet community needs, filing books, and promoting the library through events in the local area.

Average annual salary: $57,512 in 2023

14. Personal Trainer

This is a great position for people with anxiety who enjoy being active and who use exercise to manage their condition. Additionally, being a PT gives you the chance to form long-term healthy lifestyle habits which reduce stress.

Main duties: helping individuals / groups learn how to correctly use gym equipment and do the exercises, assessing levels of fitness, and assisting clients with reaching goals by creating personalized fitness plans.

Average annual salary: $66,257

15. Janitor

Tidying up and cleaning can be immensely satisfying as you can see tangible results quickly, so how about giving this type of job a try? If clearing up messes doesn’t bother you, then janitorial work might feel soothing, with set routines of daily tasks to achieve.

Main duties: cleaning, clearing up, tidying, sweeping, and mopping, generally in a school or other type of public building.

Average annual salary: $40,183 in 2023

5 job search tips for people with anxiety

Remain confident

As we’ve mentioned before--having anxiety shouldn’t prevent you from having a successful career. If you can pinpoint what sets off your anxiety, then you can choose a position that avoids these triggers. It’s all about being confident in yourself, and realizing what you can offer the job market.

Don't isolate yourself

There are several options on the above list that allow you to work from home, with minimal contact with a team or customers.

However, we don’t recommend that you pick a career that would isolate you completely from the outside world. You may not want to be the center of attention, but interacting with people occasionally will boost your confidence in social environments.

Try to find a job that allows for the amount of interaction you’re comfortable with, like only face-to-face communication with your team, or mostly written communication via email or instant messaging. If you can’t tell from the job description how the company communicates, this is a great question to ask during an interview.

Practice your interview skills

Being interviewed is probably one of the more stressful components of the job search process, for those who suffer from anxiety - and even for those who don’t. The good news is that if you prepare properly, you’ll nail the interview no matter how anxious you are.

Check out this article for tips on how to handle interview anxiety. 

If you need more help, consider hiring an interview coach to work with you.


Networking is the best way to land a job fast in 2023. For someone with anxiety, this could be challenging. So start small by reaching out to friends, family members, and colleagues, letting them know you’re on the lookout for a job. You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to help you out.

Perfect your resume

Having a well written resume is the first step to a successful job search. It helps you remember where you’ve been and what your goals are for the future. It’s imperative that your resume includes your best accomplishments and successes, so reading it will make you think, “Wow! I’d hire me!”

In this article, we’ve included several resume examples written by our team of expert resume writers. Here are some more jobs that you can reference to see if your skills and experience are a good fit.

Most companies use resume screening software, called ATS, so you need to ensure your resume is formatted correctly and keyword optimized to get past these systems. This requires a lot of effort and time to get right, but is one thing under your control while job searching. Check out this article on how to set your resume up for ATS success.


These are just some of the suitable jobs for people who suffer from anxiety. There are many other career opportunities available. Don’t be afraid to do something that you love, even if it may put you out of your comfort zone.

Good luck with your job search.

Searching for and finding a job can be stressful at the best of times, so when you suffer from anxiety, that can double the pain. Take some of the stress out of your job search by letting the professionals take the strain for you. By uploading your current resume to ZipJob’s free resume review, you can receive an expert review on what you can do to improve your resume, and increase your chances of landing an interview.

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